May 6th, 2006


self congradulatory posting

my lovely nelf hunter, elthrinas both tamed her a shadowcat AND dinged 40 today. i have a screenie to share, but first a question for you hunters out there....

i love my shadowcat. i love the fact that he has the prowl ability. but he's in it by default. is there any way to make him come out of it, and only go back into prowl when i activate it? so far, all i can seem to do is take him out of stealth for 10 seconds, then he's right back in. it's somewhat annoying, because when i'm mounted and running, or using aspect of the cheetah, or just running normally, he can't keep up. so when i need him asap, he isn't there. :(

can anyone help out on that one?

anyway... here is a little ding! shot for all.

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wsg question

i know a lot of you pvp and such so i need to pose this question: i pick up the flag from a fellow party member and then what? no one will tell me. -_- so i usually end up standing on our flag base with the horde flag until a shaman comes and decides to play smack-the-gnome. how do i drop it and make it count?

i've only ever been in posession of the flag twice in my entire pvp experience in WoW.
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For The Horde

Dear Blizz...

It'd be great if you'd show the engineers a bit more love. As stupid as it sounds, I'd like to have something *worth* grinding for rep with my hunter engineer. She's good at it, much better than my mage (at least in solo) and it would be fun! But, all the *big* factions have zip for my engineer. Zandalar Tribe has head pieces. Whoop dee freakin' doo.

I guess I *should* be greatful not to have to rep grind, after all, it's boring, right? Actually, I think I'd rather kill furbolgs with my friend for four hours, talking about things all the while, than four hours beating my head against the latest boss wall, or worse yet, not making any progress at all in a raid.

Kel (for her hunter)

Dear Community,
Sometimes, playing this game can suck. Sometimes, you just want to strangle someone (it's a good think death through the internet isn't possible), sometimes you want to cry, and sometimes you wonder why you play at all.

And then, sometimes you have really, really good times. Sometimes, you have friends, either in RL or online, that make the game awesome. Let me tell you about one of those people: my friend, Shaa. I used to play Alliance on a different server. We had guild problems, things fell apart, and I felt very discouraged. I had some friends on that server who would basically just ignore me when I was online, and that hurt a lot. My boyfriend went to play on Burning Legion, and I had a 60 on that server as well.

The person who helped me through a lot of the fairly mundane stuff was Shaa. He offered assistance, runs through a lot of places, or just someone to talk to. What has he asked for in return? Very little, so I help him out whenever I can. Currently, we tend to go to Battlegrounds quite a bit, because my hunter (my second 60 on that server) is more fun to pvp with, but my mage raids.

No matter how frustrating both real life or game life are, I can count on him to give me plenty of online support, just like my boyfriend gives me hugs and support when I need it.

I hold that feeling in my heart, of all the friends who really stick around and help me out, and remember why I *do* like playing World of Warcraft so much. It's about people, and I'm not talking about the jerk who ninja'd your thorium vein or the rogue that ganked you in Hillsbrad.

Much Love,
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Hello all!

Once again . . . I ask help from you ladies. I should be paying you all for this, eh? *grin*

Our guild is off to a great start. I'm very happy with the current members we have. There's just one thing holding me back!

I CANNOT figure out what to name the ranks. Yesterday, out of pure frustration and the need to organise, I just assigned everyone circus titles. But they have to go! Does anyone have some creative ideas on what to call Guild Master, Officers, Alts, Members, and Initiates?

Also, don't be shy to contact me if you want in. I can't access the database that you all have here for some reason, so I can't look any of you up. x.x; So go ahead and whisper me in-game!

- Auli!
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Hallo, ladies. Long time lurker here, first time poster. (:

My name is Nikki. I'm currently a sophomore in high school in Atlanta. I recently moved here from Canada, and I'm unfortunately the only girl gamer at my school. I actually got World of Warcraft from an LJ friend for Christmas after I mentioned it on my journal (xD I'm so eternally grateful for it). Anyways, I played the game and instantly got hooked. I'm not really used to playing MMORPGs that have monthly charges, but this one was just so good! I only got a little bit of time to play it though, seeing as I ended up completely swamped with homework and exams from school. Now that summer's almost here and my year at school is coming to an end, I'll have tonnes of time to be WoWing.

So far, I've only been tentatively trying out the normal servers, but the roleplaying ones seem very interesting to me. I'm used to forum roleplaying, but I'm not quite sure how the World of Warcraft roleplaying is supposed to work. I've heard about downloading certain programs to show character descriptions when you click on someone? Anyone willing to give a few roleplaying pointers to a newbie?
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butterfly angel

Penguin love

I don't know what it is about penguins lately. Friends in real life have been talking about them, kids at work, now people in game. I came across this conversation going on in Org's general chat and just had to share it with you all. There were multiple people inputting on the conversation so I color-coded some of it to make it less confusing.
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What's the strangest, dumbest, or just most unusual PuG excuse for leaving or going afk you've ever heard?

A few nights ago, I was helping a guildmate do Dire Maul for her epic Warlock mount, with a PuG. About an hour into it, suddenly our tank says he has to go afk for about 10 minutes.

"Sorry guys, my mom is making me wash my hair. brb."

O_o We had a pretty good laugh over it, and we started making jokes when he got too quiet a little later. "Is mommy making you condition it now too?" ahaha
So, what's the weirdest thing you've heard?
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Guild woes :(

We're not a guild with prestige. Our guild website pales in comparison to everyone else's. We haven't downed Rag, Ony or Nef. Heck, we haven't even managed to beat Garr in MC yet. Nonetheless, I really like my guild. ^_^ I have so much fun with them, so many friends made along the way. But since we started doing MC and become an "end-game raiding guild," there've been so many issues about the way the officers handle loot and who receives them.

DKP is not an option. The GM and her fiance have both been jilted out of their hard-earned loot in their old guild. They've been jaded by the illusions of DKP and are staunch on never implementing that upon the guild. Keep in mind, we all know the benefits of the DKP system so please, spare the tutorials. With that said, the lack of DKP in our guild have caused several members to /gquit and even two officers (whom are the heart & soul of the guild respectively) have applied on rival guilds' recruitment forums. Morale is at an all-time low, but guild membership has been steadily increasing. We're reaching 350+ members. o_O

My boyfriend and I are soon to take the departing officers' positions and keep morale up. But the issue persists: what to do with epic loot?

Does anyone have any non-DKP loot distribution ideas? ;(

a big change for a little dungeon....

Earlier this week my fiance and I tried to do Blackfathom Deeps. The party we ended up getting together consisted of three hunters (plus pets) and a druid. Very strange. Anyway, we didn't make it all the way thru, but I did take a before and after shot.

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So, since Monday marks the two month count-down until the wedding, and I've got both that and WoW on the brain, can you get married in game? I know that you can buy a Tux and Wedding dress, but is there a ceremony or a place to obtain a marriage license? My friend offered to make a priest and marry us. :P Sorry if this is a silly question, just wondering if anyone has done it before...