April 25th, 2006


Does anyone know...?

Does anyone know what the numerical ammount of aggro reduction each fade consists of? I'm currently trying to write a priest guide for a few friends and while it's not needed i believe having it there would give more of an idea on why it's important than telling them "Use fade because it reduces agro"

burning down the core

My guild made major progress through MC this week!!!

Wednesday - took down Luci, Mag, Gehennas, and Garr (Garr was a first time accomplishment for us)
Garr went down on our first try, with only one raid member dying.
Friday - took down Onyxia (ok it's not MC, but I love killing Ony!)
We wiped, then kicked her ass on the 2nd try.
Saturday - took down Baron and Shazz (both first time accomplishments for us)
The Baron took us 5 tries! That's right, 5! People kept wiping the line when they were the bomb, rather than running to the safe spots. Shazz wiped us out the first time, so we created more space around the MT. The 2nd time we had a bad pull that the hunter didn't see until it was too late, but the third time...he died!!!
Monday - down went Sulfuron and Golemagg (again, both first time accomplishments for us)
Sul gave us a few problems at first. We mostly had to work on positioning. Once we got ourselves in the right places, he died (3rd try). Golemagg worked us over the first time, but we showed him who's boss 2nd time around.

Now that we all know what to do, most of the bosses that gave us trouble last week shouldn't be so difficult to tear down this week! (though I have a feeling we're still going to struggle with the Baron for a while)

We now finally have the hands we need to clear all of MC. It sounds like we plan on making an attempt at Domo and Rag very soon.

It's been so much fun. Just last week I was still LFG for UBRS/Scholo/Strat, etc without much luck. This week, when we weren't in MC, I was almost always in an instance with new guildies, rather than spamming IF for a group (need healer? pfft...not anymore!!! wootz!). I even ran once or twice with some of my old guildies and new guildies in one group. That was nice...to know I can still hang out with them sometimes. As excited as I am about running through MC, I do rly miss some ppl from the old guild. It'd be so much better if they were running through it with me. Oh well, we can't have everything. There are some nice ppl in the new guild too, and I'm slowly making some friends. :)
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Why hunters should never feign death while fighting Fankriss


The story behind this is that we had just finished sultaro.. for the first time!!! And were working on Fankriss where we all whiped except the hunter who feigned death. Well, for some reason he popped while we were all running back in, and Fankriss killed him then started portaling us to him.. and this is the train we ended up with.
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I'm sort of interested in vent..or teamspeak...

But i know absolutely nothing about it.

Could anyone fill me in on how it works...and where to get it...and such?

I'm sorry...im a noob. :P

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Just a little survey because I'm curious. I apologise if its been done before but I checked history and didn't see anything. Hope you guys don't mind filling it out really quick. If you don't have a "main" just choose the character you've been playing most recently or something :O

Ty guys :D

Poll #716901 World of Warcraft Survey

What race is your main character?

Night Elf

What gender is your main character?


Do you like muffins?

Why is this here?

Anything else you'd like to say?

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Hallo, just kind of introducing me! :D I'm a Female Dwarf Priest on Crushridge server, same guild as Anastasia_Vixen, and I've been playing since early December, '04. I've got two 60s on Crushridge,a dn am working on my third, but I keep getting distracted by alts on other servers. Crushridge is the only server I actively play alliance on, I play a lot of undead and male taurens otherwise. ummm yeah that's pretty much it, I'm just kinda giggly-excited to have finally found a community for just wowgirls!
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Argh. *headdesk*

I've made a new character - a gnome warlock - on an English-speaking server and named him "Grifolo". I've made that character name once (for a story) knowing that with the ending, it indicates "Little Grifo". But I forgot about it because after some time, it became a "normal" name to me. And here I've been wondering why people keep whispering me and ask if I know/am Italian. *laughs*


I joined this comm a while ago, then went away and am now back. HIHIHI!! I have a sixty NE druid, a fifty-one NE warrior, a twenty Human priest and about 700 other alts on AlleriaO_o Also have an undead priest on Feathermoon.

I'm curious because I haven't run into many other womenz in- game that are playing on their own. I mean most of the females I know (in my guild, etc.) are playing with their boyfriends or husbands. It makes me feel kinda- ack!- lame sometimes. Like for women gaming is a couples only thing... Don't worry, I don't really think that! It's just, ya know, a thing. BLAERGH!

All of that, really, to say HOLA, MIS AMIGAS! (single and otherwise:)
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Just saying hi! :)

I thought I'd say hi, kind of introduce myself, and ask if there are any other ladies from Crushridge here? My main is Morisperis, a 60 Nightelf Hunter in Lucid. Nice to meet you all, and I love this community! I thank the creators of the community for putting it together, it's about time that we all banded together! Cya around WOW! :)
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c'thun's been killed

big news to gals in end game guilds:

c'thun's been downed by Nihilum on one of the European servers (not sure which). a freaking amazing feat, considering death and taxes and elitist jerks had all but given up on it.

here's a screenshot posted by one of my guildies:


not sure what this means for alot of hardcore american guilds...as far as i know, this is a game first. US got bbqpwnd by Europe, hehe.

since on the subject of meets...

there is a fantasy convention coming up next month (may) several of us WOW gamers shall be meeting up at. if anyone else if interested in attending and meeting fellow wow peeps too:
the website: http://www.opusfest.com/
may 19-21st in denver,CO

if anyone is seriously interested in attending you can also get ahold of me: kcylrua@yahoo.com.

im also planning on making us some nifty wow badgies. :)
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Ok, I've finaly got a couple of my toons to 30 or so, so now I'm looking for a good guild on Scarlet Crusade that would like a level 30 NE druid with the idea that eventually, I'll be trying to get into the endgame content. I'm more interested in RP though.

Anyone know some good RP guilds (with as little drama as possible) on that server that are looking for members?

X-posted, apologies if you get multiple posts :/

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Isn't this a cute idea...

pitting the female gamers from my guild, Truth, against the female gamers of a horde guild, Mist, in a little friendly pvp tournament... :)

of course, they'll kick our asses considering none of us PvP much (rank 5 *shame*)... but it's all in the name of fun, right?

My GM was waaay into it, going all 'no expenses spared to ensure u kick their asses' and all, with all the boys in the guild getting excited. Problem is, i think Mist has a lot more girl gamers than my guild - we only have 4 or 5...
Anyway, I just thought it was a fun idea, funny how guys really get into winning it all :P
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Best Guild Ever!!!

Okies, I'm Alliance side on Windrunner, in the guild Beloved of the Night. Today is my birthday. Its also a guild meeting night. Our guild leader, Shrith, who is also one of my RL friends, gave me a mic/headphone set for my birthday, so I can finally talk to people on vent, instead of just listening. So, we have the guild meeting, and this time Shrith asks everyone to meet in Darnassus, so we do. Turns out it was so we could have an online birthday party! For me!!! And everyone got me presents!! My friend Erynia, who is also on this community, even bought me a TOTAL armor overhaul AND a purple shirt! (my fav color)!!! It was SO cool, we all skinny-dipped and threw snowballs and everyone was really happy for me!! 'Tis why its the best guild ever. :D And Shrith is the best guild leader ever. :D The end.
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I have to boast a little.
I just achieved exalted with StormWind and was able to buy my poor man's pony; I am currently saving my gold to purchase an epic palamino.

From there I was able to talk to a guildie who has 2 accounts, so he jumped on his lvl 60 UD mage and helped me tame Sian-Rotam
in Winterspring.
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Becoming an Addict

Running an insta in the Barrens tonight.

We come running out. I am with a level 38 priest and a level 60 rogue (our guild master) and low and behold we run into a gaggle of 20ish horde. We start dancing, hugging, kissing, waving and the like. Havin a good ole time.

I stealth as we are going back into the insta. Yes I know I am unstealthed when I go through. It is just fun. Kind of like running and jumping into an insta to see where you get stuck.

Well the level 28 mage must not have seen me because he throws a fireball on our priest as he enters the insta. Well I was behind the mage. So yes he got ganked. But not by me. I did get in the first slice, well because he is now red. I cannot let that pass me by. The priest comes out and says "Did he just do what I think he just did" and slaughtered him. We then look at his friends and shrug in our way of saying sorry.

Well in about 20 minutes mommy showed up and we were all slaughtered. Again great fun. LOL
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