April 18th, 2006

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My really good friend back in the states just got WoW on her new computer and I'm in Norway and we can't play together. *cry* Unless I get a usa account and pay for that but I dont really feel like paying for another account + starting over again. How crappy is that. :-/ Oh well. Guess I'll just have to deal with it. :P Darn it!!!


After many months of watching the goings on in WoW from a mournful distance (having been a Warcraft fan since about sixth grade), I went out five days ago with all my savings and picked up the $2 14-day trial from the local store. I haven't had any money for a long time, since medical problems have stopped me from getting a job, so naturally I was very excited. And yes, I have been loving every moment of it.

Well, today I dinged 20 on my female troll warrior. Sadly, that's the cap as far as leveling goes on the trial. But of course, that didn't mean I couldn't run WC a lot more times. Since I'm not currently in a guild, I had to settle with a PUG. What fun. The great thing, though, about being a warrior with a brother who plays a priest is that pretty much every PUG is still fairly balanced. That was never the problem. Certain people, however...

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If anyone wants to say hi or anything, I'm Abendaya on Lightninghoof. ^^


Oh my gosh I can't believe it! Two weeks ago, we got Rag to 6%. Frustrated, we were determinated to take him down. Last week, we got him to 2%. Talk about an infurating disappointment. We swore he was going down this week. Finally, after four months since the inception of our guild, for the first time, our guild took Ragnaros down with a resounding crash. :D Much screaming over vent could be heard, shaking hands, AOE from the locks and mages, general mayhem and excited babble. Even more so for me--I got the nemesis pants. :) heheh My first tier II piece.

Third Apex/Llane-Alliance
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Waiting for the servers to come back up, fingers crossed that I made First Segeant.

In the meantime, for those of you who have made Lieutenant General (or whatever AF's equivalent is), about how long did it take to get to that rank? I want me a PvP mount -_-


40 is looming over me(dinged 38 last night).... Almost time to get my mount. I've got the cash thanks to several friends and also several SM runs. But now comes the really important part... What color Raptor do I pick!?!

At some point I'd like to get my honour up and get a Wolf as I think they are cooler then the Raptors but I know that's something I'll have to work on.

I'm very excited about my first mount. The thought that I'll be able to move faster! So cool. Course I'm also going to have to pick a name too...


Anyone have any first mount stories they want to share to help get me even more excited?
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Another addon search

Can anyone recommend a good friends list extender/blacklist addon?

My friends list has been full since level 45. And I prefer not to put people on ignore (because I want to make cash off them if they need enchants). So I'm looking for an addon that will let me have more friends but also have an "unfriend" list of annoying people I want to avoid (but not ignore).

Any ideas?
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Guild Banks?

I volunteered/was assigned to build my guilds website with the help of my fiance. (We are both assistants in the guild). All is going well, but there is one thing I'm quite confused about....

A Guild Bank. I know it's a mod of some sort, but that's about it. How do I go about making a guild bank, putting it on the website, etc.? I've never used a mod on WoW before...so I'm scared, lol. I know that sounds lame, but I have this massive fear of mods messing up my game. Is there any damage this little mod can do?

Bah, I'm confused. Help please? Very much appreciated, thanks. :)
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what's the deal with mages?

I have a lvl 24 mage, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to duel or PvP with her. I seem only to be useful at a good distance, when I've got a friend tanking and I can just hurl fireballs at mobs over and over. I've never won a duel, because my most powerful spells take forever to cast. It probably has something to do with practice, and having a good strategy or technique, but still.

Those of you with mages, how do you kick ass? I can't figure it out!
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Resto Frustration

I'm frustrated with my druid right now. I am in full epics, but can't even solo a Silithus bug. So, I've been playing with spec.

I've been a feral druid (while levelling) and then went 39 into resto for raiding. Then I went a more hybrid spec with 8/12/31, then for kicks, last weekend, I went 32/0/19 (or something like that).

I'm in full Cenarion with Staff of Dominance (and Will of Arlokk for healing/regen). I find that I don't have mana problems in moonkin (I have about 6800 mana unbuffed), but the healing is just not "all that" in raids--I did run out of mana last night in Ony's lair in the first phase (we were also way low on healers).

The moonkin is far better for farming than even the balance spec I had. But I'm not loving it--to be happy with it, I'd want a LOT more +dmg gear, and I feel out of my element trying to raid heal. I also don't feel like bring much benefit to the raid (MC, AQ20, Onyxia mostly) with the moonkin spec.

I'm thinking about doing a 0/30/20 spec or even something like 11/30/10. What do you guys think? What other specs will let me work on my Cenarion rep and still raid heal?

Artisan Armorsmith

After my whining in two previous posts about the agony of the armorsmithing quests, I turned in the last bits today. I admit, I got fed up with mining and ended up really working the AH hard to buy a lot of the mithril needed to finish up the quests.
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I just discovered the Happy Fun Rock! I was running WC today with a couple of my guildies, and we were tossing them back and forth the whole time. At one point I had two, and I'd never seen one before! The name is utterly fitting! I ♥ Happy Fun Rocks. :D
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finally changed guilds

I finally left my old guild with the Asshat GM and the going-nowhere-but-someday-we'll-do-endgame mentality. Needless to say, it caused some waves, but I'm sure nothing that'll be guild-threatening if they're all as tight as they claim. Most ppl were rly nice about it and wished me luck. Some, however, are being jerks. Asshat said something whiney after I left. My bf is still in the guild and he quickly called him on it. Asshat then apologized then logged off. Meh...whatever.

So tomorrow is my first MC raid with my new guild. I'm a little nervous. The MT/Class Lead wants me as 1st OT (yikes). I warned him that much of it will be a learning experience, but that I can take direction well. :)

I'm missing a few ppl from my old guild already. Guild chat in the new guild is amusing, but a lil lonely since I only know a few ppl. I'm sure that'll change tomorrow night, so I'm looking forward to it.

No point to all this I guess...just wanted to talk about it.