April 15th, 2006


So, after i got off work today i watched my little brother ding 40. he hearths to IF and gets a 'congrats on hitting 40' tell from someone who isn't in his guild or his friends list.

then the mystery well wisher asks my little brother what color mount he wants and proceeds to tell him that after he's out of DM he will post my lil brother the mount of his choice.

well damn. so my brother logs to let me check something and when he signs back on there it is, his white ram + the gold to train his riding skill.

apparently he had grouped w. this person before way back when they were nooblets and the person's guild all added him to their friends list and made bets on when he would hit 40. the person who guessed correctly bought him his mount.

at least thats how i understood it.

intriguing, eh?

it kind of seems like i've heard something about this before. any thoughts?

Adventures of a Happy Pick-Up Group

So, I had been on hiatus from the game for quiiiiite a long time, leaving Siara, Laiev and Feorain (my highest level character at 45) sitting on the shelf collecting dust for a while. I didn't have internet in my apartment, so I didn't see any use of having my subscription run since I couldn't play. Well, we finally got the internet, and so I reactivated my account. I was so excited, I actually got on Feorain and decided to grab a PUG - wow - for Uldaman. Well, it went extremely smoothly. We were all level 44 and 45, so we weren't sure if we would be able to down Archaedaes (sp?) or not. Well, the group was very orgranized with the strategy, we only wiped once on our way there, but we downed Archy first try! AND I got the blue drop, the ring of arcane resistance (plus 50 armor). So, for my first night back, it's been pretty awesome, and I had to share :)
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wtf's going ooon??

Has anyone else been having the problem of not being able to right click, there for accept/tturn in quests, or loot? At first it was only happening to some temp toons i rolled on some random server, but now it's moved to a server that I play on regularly, but not on my mains server, yet. Is anyone else having this problem? Logging out and logging in isn't helping at all.
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all the semi-recent talk on here about getting harassed or being treated differently because one is a girl got me thinking, and of course this includes an lj poll -- I hope this is okay, mods. :)

Have you ever been pestered by a guy just because you're a female?


was your character male or female?


if your character was female, did they know that you were a female IRL or were they just treating you oddly because of your character?

yes, they'd found out somehow.
no, I never mentioned it.

have you ever known a male IRL playing a female to get harassed / "sugar daddies" who randomly give them things, etc?

I have known a male playing a female, and he has been harassed to some extent.
I have known a male playing a female, and he has not been harassed to some extent.
I have no idea.

does the world of warcraft fandom have the same fascination with ticky boxes that the harry potter one does?


and something I just now thought of to ask -- horde or alliance?
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i decided to revisit my old characters on illidan and ohmygod... they're fun but does anyone else get latency in the 2000 to 3000 range? i'm constantly there (even in instances) even though my boyfriend (same server, same time, same zone) averages about 163 ms. -_- i don't know whether it's my computer, my internet or blizzard.

i got up to 7k ms at one point and got frustrated and just stood there. apparently if i spammed renew, i was still casting it on party members but i wasn't seeing anything move.

there's no illidan tag so i slapped it under technical... since it is a technical issue isn't it?
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I wish they'd let us buff while mounted. I'd buff a lot more people if I didn't have to get off my mount to do it. I'm sure there's some balance reason somewhere, but... *sigh*