April 14th, 2006

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I get so mad at boys in this game!

Every Single Time I have fun questing and killing stuff with someone (a guy player), they completely change the next time I see them online, they /w me immediately when I sign on, and that seriously bothers me! Can't they at least give me one whole minute? And then it's just no fun anymore, because now they're not going to help me kill stuff and be fun. They're just going to be lame because I'm a girl or because, I play a girl character.

OMG. One guy even /w "You look really hot in those black pants." ...uhm, are you talking about Blizzard's nelf model? Yeah she's cute, but.. why don't you just compliment BLIZZ for that instead? (I'm not on an rp server. He's not like, saying this to be in character. It came out of nowhere, and him saying "You" when obviously not complimenting "me" was completely ridiculous.

But, this guy was fun in the beginning. He was a n00blet and I was on an alt, so I showed him where to go for this quest and helped him. It was normal, and fun. We quested for awhile. The next day, it's /w immediately when I sign on, and then he starts asking if I'm a girl IRL etc, and then from there it just gets stupider. And since it was fun the first day, I didn't really know what to do. I just replied in one word answers for awhile until he quit bugging me, for the most part. But it happens with a lot of people, and sometimes it's bad enough where I tell them off, sometimes not, but the thing is, I just wanna play the game. I'm not interested in being persued through a video game.

Now, it's gotten to the point that I have an alt/bank character who has all these people on her friends list just so I can go use her to check and make sure none of them are online before I sign on with the character they know. It seems to help with these immediate tells if I just don't sign on with my main while they're online for at least 2 weeks. What a pain in the butt.

Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
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Short story.

I logged in the other morning, bored, quest partner was still sleeping somewhere, so there wasn't a lot I could do. So I see someone in general chat /yell asking if anyone is a leatherworker. I'm a full leatherworker with nothing to do, so I whisper him asking what he needed. Said he needs lots of rugged armor kits. I later learn this is part of the Darkmoon Faire quest to get the Amulet of the Darkmoon. You have to turn in 480 total rugged leather kits. He had all the leather..just needed me to put them together. (I didn't know this is what he was doing at first..I was thinking quick one minute job). Half an hour later of turning his leather into kits and finding out about this quest and my partner finally signs on. So I tell him I've gotta go. (sometime during this, he'd called me 'Bro', and I said "I'm not a bro" and started calling me angel and baby the rest of the time). We finish up the last batch and he asks how much I wanted for all the work. I really had no idea..I've never done this kind of thing before..I said a few gold, maybe. He asked exactly how much. I decided to be brave and ask for 5G. He laughed and said I was a cheater and the work was worth maybe 2G. Slightly pissed. So he opens a trade..and gives me not 2G..but 20G..I looked at it like..that cant be right. He laughed again and said he was kidding about the 2G remark. I left to go questing and he said that I was now his angel and he was my hero if I ever needed help or gold or anything.

Meh. Don't really need an in-game 'sugar daddy' but still nice to get 20G for a half hour of work =)
(this guy's also 33 while I'm 22..and boyfriended..)
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Happy Guild story

So, I think I need to preface this with a little bit of backstory. I am active in a guild on Kel'Thuzad horde side, and have been in that guild for about 8 months now, and have become really good friends with alot of them. However, I had never come out to them as a transwoman, I did come out as bi, and they were totally awesome. So you think I would have known it would have been ok. They have been really respectful about my being bi, if they ever make any kind of remark, I generallly catch them and they apoligize. So, I finally decided to come out... again... as transgendered, and they have been completally awesome about it. It doesnt bother them at all, and this is kinda suprising for me, and makes me think that boys have a little more hope than I give them at times, seeing as how there are about 4-5 girls that are active in a guild that is large enough for MC and ZG and such. Ussually only 2 on raids, me and Shintry, a totally awesome hunter!. Anyways, I just thought I would share this happy story, although kinda nervous, as I am coming out again, and always is a little scary. So uh, yeah, YAY for my guild! I love them!
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