April 13th, 2006

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i love my guildies

I just did my first ever raid!!
My guildies took me to LBRS
I was kinda nervous of going since I am only lvl 54.

We were going to do a 10man..but we decided to go with only 9 of us.

I was mostly nervous cuz I was asked to heal the raid group with only 4 ppl in it.
I think I did alright for a druid who is Balance specced.

We had 2 near wipes and I died both of those times.

I walked out of there with some nice lewt!!

I am so happy my guildies took me!!
I hope to go raiding again soon!
mass effect (new shepard)

WoW Ladies IRC channel?

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but does this community have an IRC channel? Would be nice to chat with you girls, I'm on IRC all the time anyway since my guilds use IRC as their main source of communication. :)

If there isn't any channel, creating one would be no hassle. Just wondering how many here actually use IRC. :o

Edit: I made a channel just for kicks, #wowladies on QuakeNet (hostname irc.quakenet.org). It's perfectly fine to change the channel name/server and if the community moderators want ops and such, but we could at least see if we get people there. =)
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another little question about ct raid, since there seem to be a lot of posts about mods recently and I'm a little confused. I have ct raid installed, but i haven't been in a raid with it yet to try it out! My question is pretty basic.

What does it do with the interface that the Blizzard interface doesn't do? I mean, when you don't have ct raid installed, you can drag all the groups out from the blizzard interface, so you can see everyone in the raid. Isn't that what CT_raid does too? Or does it have some kinda fancy one click heal thing going on? lol.

I'm just curious as to why it's better than using the blizzard one, since they look pretty much the same. (alerts and emergency monitor aside)

the plural of staff is staves...doh!

Have you ever had a "doh!" moment, when you know something, but only remember it after someone tells you?

I flew all over Azeroth with my new lvl 10 dwarven priestess. I finally ended up in Darnassus, where I hoped to learn to use a staff I picked up. The trainer there couldn't teach me. I went all the way back to IF. Finally, I asked in /g "why the hell can't I learn to use a staff?" Someone told me I can learn to use staves, in Darnassus. I told him I didn't want to learn staves. He then reminded me that staves is plural for staff. LMAO. Sometimes I'm such a moron. All I could do at that point was laugh at myself and tell you ladies about it so you can laugh too. Looks like Bryghid will be heading back to Darn.
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