April 12th, 2006

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Hunter epic quest

I'm sure this rant has been done so many times but I haaave to get it out of my system!
I was just starting my Hunter epic bow quest as I finally got my second sinew tonight.
I wanted to start with the winterspring one. I verify he is there, check. Start clearing at his lowest patrol part that is close to the road. Check.
Okay, I initiate the fight, going well till pow, a chimera spawns on me which causes me to die, okay that sucks but I have a soulstone, I run back to his spawn spot and lo and behold. Two level 60 alliance standing there waving at me after destroying my demon.

I need a hug.
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ebay 60s

I'm curious as to what you ladies think about buying an account/power-lvling services. I, personally, hate the idea. Mostly, I hate it because I worked to get my characters to where they are. Also, because of the stupidity that comes along with bought accts.

What sparked this? We've got a rogue in our guild (I'll call him D). D joined us as a lvl 60. A few of us started wondering if he purchased his acct. He'd ask in IF general if there was a market for Rockjaw Snappers (whatever those fish are that you get when you're skill lvl is like 10 in fishing). He'd ask what UBRS/DM/LBRS were (don't ya think by lvl 60 you'd know?). Once, he had 'accidentally' turned his guild chat off for a week. When he finally realized it, he told us that he'd been wondering why /g was so quiet. He asked what aoe/ae meant. Then, last night, as we were heading into strat live, he asked the warlock if he had aoe. Ummm... The point is, the guy asks a lot of stupid questions. I've only ever grpd with him once, and he was ok in combat. I finally asked him, after he asked another question that any lvl 60 would know the answer to (he asked how often a SS fails), how long he's been playing the game, if he's new. He told me no, he's been playing a few months. I said kk kewl. Just wondering. He then said that he knows he probably sounds like some noob who bought his character off ebay. I said "a little :p" He 'explained' that he's only ever played a rogue and that's why he doesn't know anything about other classes. huh?

Mind you, I have no problem answering any kinds of questions that guildies pose (that I know the answer to), but come on! At lvl 60, these are things you've already (or should've already) learned...whether you've played other classes or not.


/end rant

(wasn't sure what tag to use...accounts ok?)
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Fairly new to the game; new as in I bought the game last Friday. I've tried a few other characters but really am liking my gnome warlock the best, and I think I want to use her as my main (she's a level 8 right now). While backreading the posts here (because when I get involved in something, I get involved), I noticed a lot of talk about people not knowing how to "play their class."

Sooo... any tips? I saw this post for rogues, and thought you all could give me advice.

Thanks. :)


I thought, hey, I'll goto the Dentist's, come back and the servers will be working....


I wanna punch my computer....but I really need a Blizzard employee punch-bag.

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Boat issues..

I'm probably just spoiled, but I had, prior to 1.10, never been dropped off a boat. Since the patch, I've been dropped a few times (never died though, so it's still amusing for me). But the map screen that shows up when you're on the boat, now takes what seems like forever to go away and let me get off the boat. I've had to ride back and forth because it's been going again once my screen changed and it'd let me do something. I'm not sure if it's anything I've done, like any mod I run (basic cosmos, and I kicked a few out of date things off the list), and I really don't want to loose them, I've gotten so used to having them there. Anyone else having the same problem??

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so i scrolled back and i guess i'm blind or something but there was a thread about sheeping a few days ago, and i promised a macro.

this is the one me and the other mages in my odl guild used.

it basically sends a tell to whoever is targeting your sheep that you are about to sheep something.

i think its more useful that the uber simple ones that go in say or party/raid chat since many times there are mobs with the same name.

its also really useful in PVP

/script if GetNumRaidMembers()>0 then c="Raid" else c="Party" end for i=0,40 do if UnitIsUnit(c..i.."Target", "Target") then SendChatMessage("**Warning!!** SHEEPING your target!", "WHISPER", this.language, UnitName(c..i)) end end
/cast Polymorph

just copy paste it. you can change the message it sends, but you have limited chars...for example, mine says "BAAA!!! Sheeping your target!"

i hope this is helpful.

also, on the web, if you do a google search for mage macros, there are other sheeping macros, but i think this is best, i haven't been able to find it anywhere, only from the mage that gave it to me.
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Huh? I'm confused... wasn't there talk about a mini-patch on the US servers? I thought the European ones would get it, too, but I just logged on and didn't have to download anything...
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Hello all!

A noobish question for you all! I have a very bad ingame economy (because my rl uni student one is so great :P). My druid lvl 32 on Moonglade has about 5 gold while my lvl 33 druid on Deathwing got 15 g. I can't afford a thing except training and sometimes I can't even afford that. Since I should start saving up for mounts and/or just want to be able to buy whatever I find on AH my question is... how do I make money in Wow?

How do I make the most out of the AHs? I must do something wrong when I can't sell 20 (okay, 19) silks (cheaper than what's already on). I also don't know what prices to put. I managed to get a couple blue items that I can't use myself (sword, shield, gloves) and I think I should atleast be able to make something from them if I only knew how!
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