April 4th, 2006


So... today i decided to do sunken temple for the first time ever. i got my favorite tank to come w. me and really, the group was good. we had no problems at all.

until shortly after we got into the round room w. all the dragonkin the rogue spams /farewell and /violin and im kicked. so is my tank. the rogue, the priest and the other tank were all in vent together apparently.

i dont quite understand. very random. they were all pretty friendly before that too. oh well, i had to get to bed anyways. its still annoying tho huh?

meh, i just wanted to get that off my chest. ive never been kicked mid instance for no reason. >.
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Quick question, I'm a resto druid with a very small mana pool (since half my gear is feral, because I was feral til I hit 60 and haven't managed to make a full set yet), and I'm looking to increase the mana pool.

I know it's based off intellect, but how much intellect = how much mana? I'm told I should be aiming for a pool that's around 6k. How much intel should I be trying to get?


Anyone else addicted to Battlegrounds?

I hated all pvp when I started. I originally started the game on a PvP server. It was okay until the honor system came out. Then people would gank and camp everyone anywhere. I quit shortly after that. That's when they introduced Warsong Gulch. Somewhere for people to get honor without hanging out and ganking easy targets.
Over the past year, didn't pvp much. Started fresh on a PvE server and loved it. Wanted to do more end game instancing than anything else. Still do for the most part...
But my best friend in game started seriously PvPing and bein' in battleground back in November. He's Warlord now (rank 13) and He'll reach HWL by the end of the month. In that time I gave up on my first level 60 and worked my Druid up to level 60. I love her lots. I started PvPing with her just to do the druid thing at level 48ish. I was rank 4 when I got to lvl 60.
Today I will be rank 7. (Started PvPing end of January).
I inspired him to pvp for gear. Told him that might be best for his hunter, because at that time I knew it was hard for my hunter to find a group, so he'd never get his gear either.
Now I'm inspired by him and his rank so I want to move up. I do definately want a Black War Kodo for my Druid, and a Frostwolf Howler from Alterac Valley. Hehe, mounts = better than anything.
But last week, once I saw him in his Warlord outfit, and once I got into the Hall of Legends and saw what my character would look like as Warlord... it got me thinking, should I go all the way? Rank 7 has been easy to get. It doesn't slow down till rank 9. I definately want rank 11 and Exalted with the Frostwolf Clan no matter what. Hey, epic mount for 90g! Not bad at all. (Frostwolf Howler = 640g + exalted with AV, no Wolf Riding needed).
I'm just pondering to myself if it'll be worth going to High Warlord for the hell of it. I mean my druid is resto, but I'm having fun!
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So I've started soloing pretty hardcore on my mage, trying to grind her up the last 10 levels or so to 60. She's about to ding 50 tonight. Yay, slightly less sucky water! ;)

Anyway, currently unbuffed she has about .. 1200 hp, and almost 3.5k mana. Buffed it's not much better, 1500hp, 4k mana or so.

I need advice!

Around lvl 50, aside from epics (raiding right now isn't an option for me. :< sad face!), what is the sort of gear/enchants/whatever you would recommend I start hunting/grinding/questing for? I would probably have no issue getting a 5 to 10man group together to grind whatever instance for whatever item, but I need a basic idea of what to shoot for and what worked best for more experienced mages.

Also, for those of you more experienced mages, what's more important to a mage for just basic mana pool + survivability? + int, + spirit (was told this is more of a priest thing?), + stam, etc?

I'm currently fire-spec'd since I have an 'eye of flame' I don't plan on giving up anytime soon.

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Due to many members of my guild going off the deep end (I am not kidding, a longstanding member was booted, and when people asked why, the GM said BECAUSE I CAN, DON'T QUESTION ME!) and the guild bleeding people and then all the nice people scattering and all the jerks reforming under a new name, I am now no longer raiding. But here's the problem: I actually LIKE to run Molten Core. I don't necessarily see it as only the stepping stone to newer and phatter lewtzorz. I see it as a fun instance.

I want to make what is essentially a MC pug. I want to raid however far we can get in Tuesday nights and Sunday afternoons. I want to post on the realm forums and announce it on general chat that I will be running a MC raid Tuesdays and Sundays. I don't want level 58s, I don't want china farmers, I don't want people in full boe epics who can't play their classes. I want people who either have had problems with their guild (I expect a few guildies to raid with me if I do this) or people who have alts who can't get into a raid or people who can't raid at their guild's time.

What I would do is make it clear that I am starting a group at 6:30 tuesday evening. Whisper me for an invite, if I'm not full on your class, you're in. No saved spots.

I want to roll for gear. If you win something, you can't win something else that night. It's not going to be the same raid every time so why keep dkp.

Does this sound feasible to anyone? Or am I lost in post guild drama delusions?

WoW from Japan?

Hello everyone! I'm new to the community and have been playing WoW since late December. I currently have a level 52 night elf druid on Kirin Tor, which I love to play even if I am still learning about the game and how to play my class correctly. I am posting here because it is very likely that I will be moving to Japan in August. Can anyone confirm that I will still be able to play on Kirin Tor from Japan? I've had mixed answers on this—some say I can play WoW but I will have to be on a Japanese server, but I can't see how that is possible considering I will have my computer there with me with my American copy of WoW on it. Similarly, I know people in Australia, Germany, and Chile who play on my server. All the information seems to point to yes, but I need to be sure! Any information or personal experience would be very helpful!
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K... so I am about to level a rogue. Love her. I am probably going to be leveling her faster than I have leveled anything. So any rogues out there for advice? Not about leveling... that I have a guide for... trust me on that. But on how to play her well? I am going to go look at specs and what not... but since we have a tight community here I thought I would pick some of your experienced brains. :P

She is 10 btw.
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My guildies get all the awesome loot hax.

I once saw a Dark Whelpling in Orgrimmar and fell in love.

When I hit 40, I made my way to the badlands, and somewhere along the way, discovered a little pass in the mountains that had little fire-breathing adorables flapping away and speeding around. I giggled with excitement and started the horrendous slaughter. My guild was informed that I was not leaving that spot until I had one for myself. Four hours later, I was 2 aquamarines and 3 gold richer, but still no whelpling. But the massacre was just on hold until I finished with some RL stuff.

Next day, I log into WoW, and find a guildmate loot linking a Dark Whelpling at me. "Hey me and XX both got one now!"
First jealousy, then disappointment, then "I want your awesome loot hax"

Today I log on, and find the other guild member online who said I had some mail coming my way. I thought nothing of it, since I send him potions and gear occasionally.



(The lucky guy had found 2 within 2 hours on the first day, then the third one within 20 minutes of hunting earlier today)
Good End

Never seen anything like it in my life.

So the other night, I was hanging out with my boyfriend. We were being complete and total nerds, just hanging out in my room. I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2, and he was off in Hillsbrad PvPing in this huge raid. So we're sitting there humming the Winnie the Pooh theme, when all of a sudden he, out of what seemed to be nowhere, yells, "OH SHIT." I look over and find that someone in the raid had aggroed every single Deathguard in Tarren Mill, and that they were all running towards the group as fast as undeadly possible.

So my boyfriend doesn't hesitate. He turns and hightails it out of there. The druid that aggroed went travel form and got the guards off of himself. The chase continues, and I return back to my mind-numbing PS2. A few mumbled, confused curses from my boy later, and I tear myself away from the 100 Acre Wood and look back at the monitor.

All of the Deathguards were beelining straight for his poor little warlock. Every. Last. One. One of the guys in the raid counted 13 guards. So what did I do? Like a good girlfriend, I leaned over and took a screencap of it.

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Incredible. XD


Our guild, Zerø on Burning Legion, just had the Swift Zulian Tiger drop, and its proud owner is our guild leader, Travistlo.

As a side note, that was possibly the best run of ZG ever. One shotted the Bat, Snake and Raptor boss, and on our second try we killed the Tiger boss, who dropped the mount.

*happy squeal*