April 2nd, 2006

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Today I rolled my new alt. I made a gnome mage and she is SO ADORABLE. I never realized how cute they were until I played one. She squeaks! :P Got her up to level 7 and am hanging out in Kharanos now, already signed a guild charter for a new guild that looks promising, and I'll probably be joining my main to that guild too. There's only 24 people left in the old one and no one is ever on.

Any advice on which trees to put my talents in? I was figuring Arcane and Fire but I'm not sure yet.

Also, for the pallies out there: I've got the first five Seals and Judgement (Righteousness through Light). What are your favorite combinations? I haven't quite figured out if I like it better for them to take damage every hit (through Righteousness) or if I want the chance to stun them or keep them from running or get heals. :D

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i love shamans but i'm pretty baffled when it comes to weapons/gear for them.

what's better, using a two-hand weapon or a one-hand plus shield? i mainly solo. my gear right now is sort of feral druid in nature but i try to have some int/spirit stuff and i run out of mana quick. if i drop two totems and use my shock spells i'm pretty much done for. the mana spring totem is a waste of my mana, it seems. my shaman is only 26 but i feel like i'm crippling her and she's not the omg awesome shaman she should be. all my points thus far are in the elemental tree. maybe that's my mistake, i don't know. heeelp! :( i like the idea of my spells kicking ass more than my melee kicking ass, but i run out of mana so quick and i feel strange not having any +agility or +strength for some reason..

sorry if i sound like a total noob, hehe.

Looking for Guild

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good guild on Feathermoon? Moderate RP, and helpful! I'm a l24 feral NE druid, and I really haven't found a spot I "fit" yet.

(ETA: forgot to mention I was NE :)