March 21st, 2006

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Hi everyone, I don't usually post but I play a 24 Troll Hunter on Crushridge and wanted to share my new kitty :O) I love him, although I can't decided on a good name, I want to keep him until 60 so I need a great name!! Any suggestions? Anywho if you want to see him here he is!

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Another Happy Post!

Hello ladies!

I had a really enjoyable WoW experience last night, so I thought I'd share with the group. *grin*

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And that's my story... if you stuck with me through all of it - I thank you!


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Logistics, real life dinnertime and raiding schedules

Here's a wrinkle I don't think we'd planned on. I just dinged 60 on the server that my husband has been playing on since he started playing. Long story short, my first character was on a different server so that I could play with a female friend of mine. I'd made an alt type character on my husband's server but didn't play her much. When I finally got fed up with the server my main was on (the only decent person there was my friend as far as I could find) I moved over to Stonemaul permanently. I ditched my half-assed attempt at an undead mage, rolled up my druid and was good to go. Well, now months later I'm finally level 60 and my husband and I are both in the same guild. I'll be starting my raids with them this week actually.
The problem? We have two small children who need to eat dinner and raids start at 5pm. Ack! How are we going to make dinner?! There are no problems with the kids running around playing and such while we raid. They're already used to that, they play in the computer room and we can get them things that they need (you know, cups of juice, snacks, what have you) when we have breaks. Before it was easy because if I was running an instance and in the middle of combat my husband might be in a a space between pulls where he could safely go afk for 30 seconds you know. But now we'll be on the same schedule essentially. We both play support classes too (he's a holy priest, I'm a resto druid) so the guild ideally would want us to both be in a forty man raid. It's not like we can easily switch off any raid nights other than say, ZG and AQ20 runs.
It's more of a logistics problem than a real stressor. It's just that it hadn't really occured to me when I joined his guild that eventually we'd both be raiding on the same nights and thus on the same schedule game-wise. For tonight, since dinner is already thawed out, I'm just planning on eating with the kids at 4pm (about two hours earlier than our normal dinnertime) and letting them snack when they get hungry later one. We'll make a plate for my husband (who doesn't usually get home from work until just about invite time) to heat up and that will take care of tonight. But what about the rest of the week? The rest of the time I'm raiding. I suspect that it will be me who shows up to fewer raids, because I'm the mama after all and that's who the kids often want. Ack, who'd of thunk that the social problems of parenthood in America would follow me into Azeroth :o
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I can't believe I overlooked this post! I only saw it because I decided to click on the tag "triese's icons". >_>

Thank you so much! I love it. =D
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New servers

So has anyone else made a character on Steamwheedle Cartel, the new RP server that went up yesterday? I got an Orc Shaman (Lokana) up to level 7, despite the newbie starting area being totally overrun with other people... and I was invited to sign a charter for a really cool guild (Crimson Cloud) led by the troll Vae who is *dun dun dah* played by a RL female too!
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Okay. I don't care how cute he is. He's still a Troll. You can't kiss Trolls. Now someone try explaining that to my main. ;_;

.....yes, I've updated my screencaps... nothing spectacular... but some were nice. All the new ones are from February, and mostly AFTER I got my new video card (::holds it and pets it and pats it and squeeeeeezes it...::). So my screenies are now HUUUGE... but very shiny.

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So, a while ago I had posted about the guild I love, and that all of our 60s had left to raid elsewhere.

I was really torn as to whether I should stay put, or go elsewhere, too.

I stayed. And I am so glad I did! A full half of the 60s have come back after getting disgusted with the guild they were raiding with. AND, they're bringing others from the big guild with them!

They came back in the midst of forming a raid alliance with another small guild. AND, with the help of the fabulous ladynisa, I came to the officers with another guild interested in a raid alliance with us.

Last night, there were fully 15 of us on, the most we've had in more than a month. It feels like home! Yes, Bronwynne, there IS a Great Father Winter!

Thanks for all your help, ladies--I know I'll be back asking for more advice in the future (especially since they made me an officer--EEK!), but I wanted to letcha know that it was worth staying.

OwlSamantha- and her whole thing...

I'm more of a lurker than I am a poster. But to treat OwlSamantha as you all did (and I'm not meaning everyone, just those who were drastically rude). I hope you feel proud of yourselves. She was asking for help, some ideas as to dinner, whether it was in the slow cooker, a quick fix, whatever. I have never seen that amount of rudeness in the group. And I hope that it never happens again. We're supposed to be a community/family, and we don't treat other members that way.

Huh? What?

Just because it sparked a large discussion ( for some reason ) in guild chat, one which was VERY fun and entertaining, I'm asking all of you the same question. This is, I guess, for the more RP'ish characters.

We're not allowed to have homes in WoW, but what if you could? What would your charrie's room look like? How would s/he decorate it? What would be the main focus of the room? Etc, etc, etc.

It's a very in-depth way to look at another character!