March 13th, 2006

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An awesome guild

While I am not in the guild myself, I have been an ally of theirs for quite some time. When they were short high level priests I was filling in their raid slots in ZG and had a good time. But soon they had enough priests and there wasn't room for me. But now they've started up MC...

Last weekend on the first trip we downed Lucifron in two tries, but couldn't do much more without a second Tranq shot and core hounds respawning while fighting Gehennas. This weekend was our first big attempt at MC. Lucifron - down in 1 try. Magmadar - 2 tries. Gehennas - 2 tries. Garr - 2 tries. Baron - 6 tries. Shazzrah - 2 tries. Golemag - 1 try. Sulfuron - 2 tries. We stopped there because apparently we didn't have the right tools to continue with Majordomo. This group consistantly held 33-35 players up to Baron (killed everything up to and including Baron on the first day), and 38-40 on the second day.

The level of organization and maturity in this guild is amazing. A heck of a lot of people left happy (myself included - Belt of Prophecy). They've actually made end-game raiding something enjoyable which is something I never expected. It really is an awesome guild and I feel privileged to group with them.
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Major Domo

My my newish endgame guild has been doing MC for about 2.5 months now. Sulfuron gives us a little bit of trouble - he's the only boss we can't one-shot yet, and we haven't beat Domo or taken down Ragnaros yet. We've tried a handful of different strategies on Domo, and get a little bit closer each time. We got it down to three snakes (including Domo) and I'm pretty sure we would have had it that last time, if we wouldn't have gotten lava and flamewalker adds when we were kiting one of the last ones over the edge. Stupid respawns!!

I'm just curious– if your guild has taken Domo down, how many attempts did it take you the first time? What strategy works for you? Most of our guild is still in blue gear, but we have a few well armored tanks and plenty of each class.

On an aside, I got my 2nd Giantstalker piece last night (Giantstalker's Bracers)... two epics in 2.5 weeks! Not bad! I thought it would take much longer, with DKP and everything. :) As a guild, we've got 184 epic drops since we started working MC. Go us!
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Tiger Cutie


Hello women of WOW! I just found this community and I am excited I did. So many guys out there playing female characters, it's nice to see that there are actually other girls out there that play!

My name is Erin, I'm 26 (27 in June), I am the mother of a 7 month old little boy Liam Kegan (who usually sits on my lap while I play WOW in the evenings), and I'm from Phoenix AZ.

My main server is Windrunner
Name: Erynia
Member of Guild: Beloved of the Night
Alliance, Night Elf, Rogue, currently half way through level 27.

I haven't been playing terribly long, but I am told I have gotten the hang of the level grindage, pretty much been pumping about a level and a half out per day, though I am sure that will slow down once I get up into the 30s.

So that's me.....not too terribly interesting but oh well.


Hi Everyone!!! My name is Lindsay, and I was referred to this community by my friend Erin. and I am a total WoW Addict! lol! SO, i guess I will get right to the good stuff and ttalk about my character!

My main Server is Windrunner.
My main character is Gwendolyne, NE Hunter, 51, soon to be 52!
I have Thomasina, Human Priest, 32
Brunhelda, Tauren Warrior, 28
And Shaquandra, Orc Shaman, 13

Those are all my big characters, I have a few more, but they are all under lvl 10.

Does anyone else play on Windrunner?

Druid icons

I had to show these off a bit. :) I don't usually mess around with icons, but I wanted to play with these images some.

I wish I could figure out how to chain them together into one picture... I'll have to go play with Photoshop some more.

Kes is my lvl 60 druid on Perenolde. Having a blast with her--7/8 Cenarion, and I've got the Stormrage pants. I respecced recently from 39 resto/12 balance to being a more hybrid build of something like 8/12/31 (still resto specced).

At any rate, I love the class for it's different options. Those of you who have seen Alamo's guide to druids will recognize the words. :)



tanks gone wrong...

I've had an issue in a couple of PUGs lately (who hasn't, I know), and figured I'd pose this to the community...

I'm a 49 druid, specced Bal/Resto, 26/13. I use the dps and backup heal when I'm in a group with a Resto druid or a non-shadowform priest. I use the Resto almost all the rest of the time for groups/instances.

My question is this: How do other healers deal with warriors reluctant to actually freaking tank?

Lemme 'splain. My husband plays a NE warrior (47), and is all about armor and tanking. And I must say, he is learning to be a really good tank. He draws aggro well, keeps it, and I can keep him healed with very few exceptions. But I've recently grouped with a couple of different warriors who believe that dps is more important than armor. They act like a tank (drawing aggro, melee, etc.) but they refuse to invest in/wear their tank gear because they "do more damage with a two-handed sword/axe/mace/dual-weild". It turns into a marathon heal for said "tank", with a few smaller heals spammed on the others in the party as needed.

How do you express to them that if they're going to tank, they need to wear the flipping gear for it?? That it's not about dps for a tank, so much as armor, hence the term "tank"? Or am I totally off base? Warriors have anything to add? Help!

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The guild that I was in decided to make a leveling rule. If we didn't hit level 45 by the end of the week, we would be booted. Well, since my boyfriend and I play on the same computer, it is impossible for both of us to get 5 levels in one week. Especially since we have a small child and a life. LOL Anyway, we both got booted, along with many others. I think this is such BS. I logged on last night and gave the guild leader a piece of my mind. I told him that he had just lost an awesome healer and a bad ass rogue. Their loss. So, now I'm looking for a nice guild that doesn't have level requirements. I don't know where to begin, or who to ask. I play on Balnazzar (Alliance side.) Has anyone else had this problem before?

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So, do you ladies use programs to make videos of your WoW activities? If so, which programs?

I've tried fraps but it made my game lag horribly and the "only record for thirty seconds" thing was quite annoying. Any suggestions?
sushi, [chochajin]

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where can i lvl 38 alliance go to level?

i have a little gnome warlock that just hit level 38 and i don't know where to go get levels. finished the southshore stuff and went out to refuge pointe but all the quests there are elite and i can't seem to find groups. -_- personally i don't like stranglethorn much either. (sry. picky.) but if it all comes down to it, i might have to...
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Girl - Black Dress w/ Rainbow


Anyone on the normal realms planning on switching servers? Until Thursday they are opening transfers from Doomhammer, Icecrown, Proudmoore, and Uther to Muradin.

Anyone planning on doing this?