March 9th, 2006

Surma and Raynard (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Phat lewtz

So first off, I want to say thank you to everyone who expressed their opinions on whether or not I should try out the Priest. I ended up rolling one on my main server, Stormrage - a Human Priestess who is currently level 25. I'm having alot of fun with her. :)

On to the main topic of this post - I've been raiding with my level 60 NE Druid for awhile now. Last raid she went on, she got the Cenarion Vestments, boosting her to 6/8 Cenarion. She also has the Stormrage helm and pants, though absolutely no Stormrage has dropped in BWL for WEEKS. So tonight I went along to my guild's run of Molten Core. Didn't expect to get any loot, was just hoping to get a little closer to being positive DKP and help out the guild. Well one of the priests or elites around Majordomo dropped the Cenarion Belt, one of the pieces I was missing. Since I was the only Druid who didn't have it, I got it by default. I was pretty happy about it. Then we defeat Majordomo and we pop his chest of goodies.

What's contained within it? Finkle's Lava Dredger. I was so happy with my Belt but my heart stopped when the raid leader announced this. I've been using a blue staff from DM North for ages, waiting for the time when I could get either Finkle's or Staff of Dominance. But I thought I would have to wait till everyone else who wanted it had already gotten it. So I wait. one one rolls...negatives. I suck in my breath. I roll. I win. SQUEE!!!!!

I'm so horribly negative in the DKP now (roughly about -400 :P), but dammit, I got my epic weapon! And I'm now 7/8 Cenarion!

Sorry, I just HAD to boast about it to people who weren't my guildies. ;)
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Fun in MC!

I've been going to MC 3-4 times a week with my new guild, and I've been with them for two weeks now. I got my tranq shot on my first Lucifron kill last week, and it was lots of fun to be on our hunter team for that. The GM sent it my way, because he "had a good feeling" about me. Hah. (Is this the bit about being a girl coming into play? I hope not.) Anyhow, that was cool.

When I logged in last night, I saw 10 hunters on and thought for sure I'd be one of the 4 who sat out. Not the case, I was the second one invited after the lead. When we were buffing up, I noticed that I was in Group 1 with the GM. The hunter lead whispers me "you're pulling tonight, and I'm backing you." YAYAYAY, OMG! That kind of thing makes me nervous, but I was excited, too. Last week I was back-up pulling, and assigned to some of the boss pulls. Anyhow, this other guy marked the pulls for me, and set them up, and then I executed them. I guess this is how they train new hunters to be lead puller, rather than just toss them in head first. We did that for clearing to 3 bosses - Garr, Baron Geddon, and Shazzrah. The tunnel pulls for Geddon and Shaz confused the heck out of me first. What, all I do is mark a target and then feign?? I kept thinking there should be more to it. Heh. It didn't help that I couldn't hear the other hunter on Vent. (BOO for bad mics!) After a minute, and a bunch of tells, I understood the set up and how it worked.

We hadn't seen any hunter drops at all, until Shazzrah. Then [Giantstalker Gloves] dropped. I checked DKP on all of the hunters in the raid before we started, and I knew that if the highest point holder passed, I'd be able to roll because I was in the 20% window of the next highest holder. And, that guy passed! I guess he only wants certain pieces of the set. Only me and one other guy had the DKP to roll. I beat a 31 with an 84. Which means... I won my first epic ever! I've found random world drops that I ended up selling, but have never had a purple item I could use. So YAY!

I was all excited about my win, and sort of lost my focus on pulling. After accidentally aggroing a group of four by getting too close for my pull, I asked my partner to take over. I felt kind of bad that we were going slower than usual anyhow, and I didn't want to go WAY downhill, or wipe us or something. The GM totally understood, and said that they often rotate hunters out, which is why they wanted me to learn. That way, we can keep moving quickly without worrying about accidents, or exhausting ourselves. It does totally change the MC experience when you're assigned to that. We went on to kill Golemagg, and got double DKP for one-shotting 4 bosses. (We're still new to MC, so he gives us incentives like that sometimes.) We were going to try Sulfuron, but wiped on a pack without having a SS up, so called it a night.
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Re: The Night Elf Eyebrows

Because this is a very hot topic for us it seems (by the large amount of comments on the previous thread) I thought I would say this. I'm making a separate post so that it doesn't get lost in the large amount of comments in the other one.

Yesterday in worldofwarcraft when this first came to my attention, I asked the question, why would they make this extremely large change without notifying us? I came up with two answers. First, they were trying it on the test realm to see how we would react. Second, they were reducing the number of polys rendered so that the test realm would run a slight bit better for the high amount of people trying to be there.

Either way, since there was no mention of it in the patch notes, I find it highly improbable that this change will make it to the real game. I'm sure the outburst in the test realms alone will be enough to stay Blizzard's hand. There's also the possibility it was a bug and they're trying to fix it!

Keep the faith girls! I'm certain our Night Elves will keep their wonderful unique appearance.
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Hiya all.

Greetings Ladies of WoW. I've been playing for a little over a year now and have been looking for something like this to do a little game venting, get tips and ideas from others like me, and just generally have some fun.

I have a number of character, I just can't seem to get past lvl 38 on any realm with either Horde or Alliance. However, I tend to favor my Horde characters for some reason. Just love those trolls, hee he.

So, just wanted to introduce myself and hope everybody has a peachy day.

Don't let my icon fool you. I am female but really love Full Metal Panic and Sousuke Sagara in particular.

I'm not sure about the tags things, so if I'm not doing something right, please let me know and I'll fix it.
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WOW: the Text Adventure -by Lore Sjöberg

I found this terribly funny as I could identify with it. Just wanted to share it with you girls.


Welcome to World of Warcraft: The Text Adventure.

You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building. Around you is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and down a gully. There is an elf with an exclamation point above her head here.

>Talk elf

"Alas," she says. "There is a great darkness upon the land. Fifty years ago the Dwarf Lord Al'ham'bra came upon the Dragon Locket in the Miremuck Caverns. He immediately recognized the ..."

> Click Accept

"Hey," the elf protests. "This is important expository. Azeroth is a rich and storied land, with a tapestry of interwoven ..."

> Click Accept

"OK, fine. Bring me six kobold tails."

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Nerdy Nerd Nerd

The guy behind me keeps talking about improving on BRD. And how he wasn't too familiar with BRD until he was brought into the group.

My brain keeps hearing "Blackrock Depths!!"

He's actually talking about a program we use in the office lol

Newbie post...kinda.

Heya everyone! ^_^

I *used* to be a part of this community, back in the day, but then I stopped playing WoW for a while...and I stopped really using LJ for anything except Daughters of the Horde and school, but now I'm back!

A bit about me...Collapse )

Sorry for the HUGE introduction...hopefully it provides a good read.

And now for a question...

I *know* there are some artists in this any of you take requests? I've been looking for some art of my wonderful main, and I figured this would be a good place to ask. I can provide a better screenshot on request. ^_^

Now do me a favour and have a great day.
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Janne da Arc

a dilemma

Ever since I've been playing world of warcraft (when it came out) I have belonged to one guild. The guild went through some tough times and eventually my bf came to power as the guild leader (and of course me with some power over the guild). Things have been going kind of arye ever since our hardcore members left and formed their own guild. We can't seem to get one bwl group to work out even though we run 3 mcs weekly, it just seems like all of our compitant leaders left. I like to do most of the endgame content, but I have been cutting back ever since our hardcore members left, because I was part of that group that left and it crushed me to kind of choose between my bf and my friends. The choice was obviously sticking with my bf of three years rather than going with some people I only knew online.

Recently I have been getting more involved with the game again, but I realized that the guild leadership thing isn't really for me, but I can't really escape it since my bf runs the guild and is constantly asking me to help with things, as well of his feelings of distaste for the other guilds rubbing off on me. But I'm not entirely sure what to do, I want to do endgame stuff, but I don't want to lead it (and since we have a lack of leaders and my bf is really ambitious, some of the leading falls on me). Do I just end up spending time in other guilds raids rather than my own guilds? I want to be successful in bwl/aq but should I abandon my guild to do it?

Anyway this is all kind of trivial because I will be attending school in Japan in 2 weeks from now and I'm not sure if I will even get internet in my apartment where I am living or whether I will just use internet cafes... I'm not even sure what kind of raiding schedule I can keep with school and being in a completely different timezone... Just kind of had to get it all of my chest...

Note- just my characters if anyone is interested
Yae- 60 warlock on feathermoon
Orenji- 60 priest on feathermoon
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(no subject)

@ CICATRIX of Deathwing (PvP) Europe!

:D I spotted you on the way to AQ-20man Tuesday night :) but I think you were either AFK or you didn't know who I was cos you didn't respond to my many /hugs and /pats etc ! :( Perhaps you thought I was a psycho gnome.

Anyways, here's a screenie i took of you, luv your mount ^^

Free Image Hosting at

Loot Goodness

Tonight I took out Onyxia in one try. And it was mine, and my guild's first time.

I was one of three warlocks there.

And I won the Nemesis Skullcap with a roll of 92.

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