February 26th, 2006

Tooty McBooty

whew I've been busy for the passed few weeks! I got Toots my lil gnome mage to 60 2 weeks ago and have been runinng end game instances and such. Took these in Molten Core tonight and thought you guys might like em!

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I broke the Trade Channel!

Okay, so randomly yesterday, my Trade Channel broke.

It was fine one minute, then suddenly the next, I couldn't talk in it. I tried to leave the channel-won't let me. When I zone to another area, the Trade channel won't go away. It's like it's haunting me! Even in instances, there the Trade Channel is, flooding my screen. (Especially fun since people tend to shout about other crap in it, and my ignore list long since filled up with spammers)

I log out, quit the game, reboot it, and come back. Nope, Trade Channel still broken. I decided to wait and give it a day and see if it was a server issue. I log on today, and BAM! Trade Channel works fine for 5 minutes, then I can't talk in it or leave it again.

I call a GM and after two hours, the guy gets back to me to tell me he sent me an email.

The gist of the email is:
"You realize trial accounts can't talk in the Trade Channel! Oh, and have you tried leaving the Trade Channel? And finally-if it's not one of those two, it must be because the UI you are running messed up."


Okay, I'm not on a trial account. I specifically told him it was only the Trade Channel messing up, not the others. I can use the others just fine.

I told the GM when I petitioned him that I had tried several times to leave the Trade Channel, but it wouldn't let me. I even told him logging out wouldn't let me leave it. For some reason, it's only the Trade Channel. The others work perfectly.

Finally-I am not running any *beeping* UI's. At all. (Much to many of my guildmates surprise...but this is WHY I never use any UIs-if they mess up, it's a hassle to fix and I'm lazy damnit)

*le sigh*
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Gender and Class (and Race to a Lesser Extent)

I could be completely wrong in my perception, but has anyone else noticed that women seem to more frequently select some races and classes than others?

I play on the Horde side, and it seems like female Undead are by far the most common. Furthermore, there seems to be a distinct lack of female rogues and warriors.

Am I off base on this one? I'd be curious to know what everyone else plays, and what their experiances are.
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So yay! I dinged sixty on the 22nd, but didn't post before because I was too lazy to find the screenie.

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Last night I was roped into a MC group as a pickup. It was this particular guild's first time in, though many were experienced at it on alts or from other guilds. We managed to down Luci on the second try and, I believe, Mag on the second try with like... 36 people. We were massively disorganized, the healers didn't communicate at /all/ and we kept having to switch out people with other pickups when they had to leave. I died within the first 10% on Mag both times *growls* and so couldn't help much with that fight. But we did it and had some very happy warlocks (two pieces of Felheart dropped that day.) We started clearing trash mobs once more, trying to get to the next boss but we had managed to pick up a person who was friends with a lot of morons who got them invited. After wiping about four times to a puppy my guildies and I just politely thanked them and hearthed. So... yeah. It was interesting.
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Long involved question.

I have a long way to go until I ding 60 [it's more complicated than you think], but I was just wondering, after eternal_jazz's last post-- how might one go about getting into endgame content, such as MC, without having one's own guild doing the raid? She said "roped into a MC group as a pickup"-- is that common? Or does one have to proposition chat channels and/or other guilds to get in on their raids? My guild is comprised of students at my college; I started a guild for us to give us a better sense of community and all that rot. Thing is, we range from lowbies to a single level 60 at the moment, and we only have about 20 or so individual members, plus their alts-- we'll never make endgame as a guild. But, y'know, at some point I would like to at least see MC. One of my guildies has a 60 main in another guild-- would my best bet be to ask him if I can get an invite once I hit 60 and tag along with his guild? Or is it simple enough to get in with a random guild raid accepting pickups?

Just... y'know, wondering. =]

Quick question

If I cancel my subscription to WoW how long do characters stick around? I don't have the fundage to pay for my account at the moment but I don't wanna lose my characters either. Thank you in advance for any answers.
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Rags is Dead Rags is Dead

So on our fourth try of the evening, on our 5th week into the Core, our little group of guildless and small-guilders managed it :) There was much celebrating, and a parade through Ironforge after.

(and, oh yeah, I got Transendence pants *g*)
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Minor RP assistance

I have an RP story (still in the works atm) on the server Kirin Tor.

Basically there are 3 (human) sisters. Orphaned at a young age and picked up by the SW orphanage. One of the sisters is picked up by Night Elves (bc they see some sort of potential w/in her-she becomes a priest taught by NEs). All I need is a NE (or NE family) to "adopt" my char. I don't even need RP interaction (although that would be nice *^-^*) as long as I have a real char to referance back to.

Why am I asking someone else to do this instead of just doing it for me? Well frankly I have way too many characters. And I'd like to get the ones I have to higher lvls and possibly make my main a lvl 60 (or even get to lvl 30)

This doesn't need to be immediate, I'm waiting until I get all 3 chars to lvl 10 before I start actually iniciating everything. (Right now I'm in the process of setting up LJs for them, as well as getting their stories in order. That AND trying lvl my main at the same time.

Thanks for reading *^-^*
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