February 25th, 2006


Opening of the Gates

Llane opened the gates tonight. World Server crashed 5 times before it finally "stabilized" - ie, all the big raiding guilds went into the instances. I think we crashed once or twice before the gong was run, actually.

I have an assload of screenshots, which I won't even try to label, other than to number them in time order. Amusingly enough, I managed to be, because of lag, on the FAR side of the gates when they actually OPENED. Heh. If there was any movie bits, I missed them.

The guild I hang with decided to try AQ20, and we cleared the entrance and a good portion of the next room before people decided to bail/had to leave, but we never had 20 and we had only one priest and he was level 53(!!!). So we spent the rest of the time trying to tag Anubises (Anubi? Anubipodi?) for rep gain and phat loots. I passed on all the loots because it was a guild thing, and I'm not in their guild, and I felt bad about rolling on it. We first hung out in Tanaris at the Abyssal Sands crystal, then tried Un'Goro but didn't find a crystal, so we headed to Silithus, tried a few crystals and their mobs, then AQ20, then back to Cenarion Hold for the waves every 15 minutes. Managed to get almost 3k rep with Brood of Nozdormu, which is cool. Got killed A LOT and mind controlled even more. Our group was torn between sheeping the mind controlled people until it wore off and killing them DEAD. *laugh* We did find out that if you were on a mount and got controlled, it wasn't smart enough to take you off your mount so it did NOTHING. heh.

For anyone who wants to experience the event, I recommend a few things. First, is get to the Gates 24 hours before the opening and park yourself there. Second, log on over an hour before the guild opening the gates has stated they will do so. Expect to be disconnected, to find the world server down, and not be able to easily get back in. Expect OMG LAG. Expect when you DO get back in, you'll be where you were about 10-15 minutes before it crashed. Lastly, set your hearth to a location on the Eastern Kingdoms. EK is on a different server than Kalimdor, and you will not be experiencing any of the problems. If you're planning on an instance or a battleground, enter the instance/battleground from an EK city (ie, enter the queue in Undercity for BGs, or just go to instances on the other continent or expect lag when you try to enter a Kalimdor one or when you leave one.

Lastly, these resonating crystals appear in a number of places in Kalimdor. Tanaris has a number of them - including one RIGHT IN Gadgetzan. I flew through one in Southern Barrens south of Camp T while taking my second flight (remember what I said about being put back 10-15 minutes?) to Gadgetzan. I also saw one on the edge of Thousand Needles/Shimmering Flats. I know that Feathermoon/Feralas has some crystals. If you're not 60 and aren't in a good, solid raid group, go somewhere other than Silithus. I even heard that Crossroads was getting mobbed, but I can't confirm it myself.

It's truly a wonderful thing. We even tried kiting the Colossus of Regal, but just ended up dying (we had about 10 people on at the time. I died A LOT then). Take off your gear and go naked if you're worried about repair bills (I have no epics, some blues, and I think I spent between 6-8g in repairs from the battles/deaths). Fortunately, deaths due to being mind controlled don't do 10% durability damage. :)

I don't know that I'll be able to be there right at the opening on Bronzebeard on Sunday, but Tryna will show up to help her fellow Daughters (of both sides) at some point!

I know a lot of people bitch about the lag, and Blizzard, but it's still a really, really neat thing, and can be experienced by people of just about any level, which is the best thing about it, IMNSHO.

FOR THE HORDE! (and Alliance, I *guess*. *grin*)

ETA: My screenshots to the event are linked here.

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Hello! First post, but I've been in the shadows for a bit...
I have 3 characters. A lvl 49 troll rogue (Isuzu), a lvl 23 undead priest (druzilla), and a lvl 21 troll hunter (Abyssinia).
I'm having a bit of trouble with the new priest talent build. I'm not completely all with it when I look at the talent trees but I tried to make one with the new calculator.
Can you look at it and tell me what you think?

Holy/Disc talent build

Thanks a bunch!

And by the way, I play on the Bonechewer server if any of you are on there (^_^)
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I was getting freaking annoyed by getting swarmed by alliance with flaming swords and dieing in 3-10 seconds in WSG, so I made a few item upgrades and got a firey weapon of my own. I am rather proud of myself. It's a pitty I didn't have enough gold while I was still at 19.... Wah.

The potential for 120 damage on a single hit for a level 20 priest isn't half bad in my opinion. :)