February 10th, 2006

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Here is Duerma.

Saribeth you are next.. but I have you listed as human and you sent me a NE shot. I may have gotten confused... I am a bit sick right now. Do you have a good front shot of whichever? If it is the NE I have one but her top is covered. :P
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Just had to post with my new icon

So, with the help of azrael_cryn I made my new WoW icon. This is my main, Mithryll. She's a Night Elf Priest, full holy specced, on the Shadow Council server. I figured since she finally dinged 40 and got her mount I should actually post something.

Hi all. I'm sure you'll see more from me when it's not the middle of the night.
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Had a REALLY bad LBRS 5-man attempt last night (not quite a PUG; I knew some of these folks but only in a larger raid setting). Warrior did not know how to build and hold aggro so the mob were all over the place. The warlock didn't know how to use her minions correctly so she just had her imp out the whole time and didn't do any crowd control with a succubus, and she didn't use any AoE once the summoned imps came out of the red portal. Then we had a druid who thought she was a priest. She did nothing but heals (mostly stepping over mine), and then when she drew aggro (because a) the warrior couldn't hold aggro, and b) she was not level 60), she didn't change to bear form to defend herself! She was ALWAYS the first to die. Even faster than me. WTF? She really sucked.

We only got as far as Omokk, then we just had to call it. By that time we'd wiped four, five times. That's just ridiculous.

After helping some guildies run Uldaman for their lvl 40s alts, I hearthed back to Kargath when I get a tell from a guy who wants to hire me for healing duty through an LBRS farming run. Not doing quests, not killing bosses. Two mages want desperately to get their hands on a Robe of the Archmage pattern, which only drops (a small percentage of the time) off of THREE individuals in the entire instance.

To sweeten the deal, they tell me they'll set it to free-for-all, and let me have all the drops except for any epic warrior stuff, and the pattern.

I'm already there, so I figure why not?

I got there, and it's one warrior, and two mages. The warrior is also for hire, but from one of the big raiding guilds. The two mages are from one of the main guilds.

I don't know how often they go, but zomg, they were like a killing machine!! The warrior was awesome. He'd charge in, grab all the aggro and hold them in place while the mages went at it with amazing, amazing dps. And the two of them were like Click and Clack, salt and pepper. Perhaps one was fire specced and the other frost specced. They played off of each other with such harmony it was a real treat to watch. It was almost like one was the right hand and the other the left, and they did different things but totally coordinated.

I might have ONCE gotten aggro. But then I'd shield myself and hide behind the warrior and all was well.

TOTALLY opposite from the earlier attempt.

It was so nice I volunteered to do it with them again since it didn't work after the first time. I didn't get any l33t gear, but I picked up a few stacks of runecloth and some minor green stuff.

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I think I am starting to be able to figure out the difference between a "hardcore" and "casual" player.

While hardcore players routinely play more hours than the casual, I don't think that's necessarily it. I've talked to people who do nothing but high-end raids, but they have a pretty set schedule. They go in and play 2, maybe 3 hours a night, and that's it. They don't have lots of alts, they don't spend all day farming, etc. But they are still in a l33t guild.

I think what differentiates the two is whether you are willing to play for the good of the group, or if you are just playing for your own satisfaction. The biggest difference to me, then, is that the hardcore players respec when they hit 60 so that they can maximize their class abilities. A casual player, on the other hand, may hold onto skills that continue to let them be good soloing.

Case in point: MOST classes have talent trees that allow for some fairly good soloing and dps. But most of them are not necessarily good in a party situation. Those who insist on keeping their soloing specs, to me, are casual. Their priority lies in the ability to continue playing on your own, participating in raids but being able to play the way you did as you were leveling.

Harcore gamers, on the other hand, may set those desires aside and respec themselves so that their character meshes better with the needs of the guild. They show interest in trying to attend a lot of raid, and so on and so forth.

I've come to this conclusion based on the way people play and the way they are specced at level 60 (new 60s, I should say).

Once you've been doing it long enough, even a casual gamer will eventually get outfitted in nice gear. It might just take them longer, but I think this has a lot to do with the difference.

My opinion only.

Teniblue's Zoo

I went out to Shimmering Flats and bought myself an Ancona Chicken on Wednesday.
Then yesterday, I bought myself a mechanical squirrel.

Late last night, after killing scalding whelps for what seemed like hours, and not getting any whelpling drops (because I know I need to be patient and continue grinding for like 5 days straight), I cheated and went and put in a bid of 90G for a dark whelpling. The buyout was 100G and I don't know if I'll soulbound it yet if I win. I can always resell it with a bid of 95g so I won't lose money. But if I kill more whelplings and it doesn't drop, I might. Those things are so cute, and I'm at a place where I don't have a pressing need for money (I already have my epic mount). [and not a cent of eBay money; this is all from me working at the AH.]

Bag space is starting to become an issue. I'm going to need to whittle down the bank slots.
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57 Priest

Ok, here's my deal. I have a lvl 57 priest (just dinged yesterday) on the Bloodhoof server. She's mainly shadow spec'd, with the exception of like 10 points which are in Disc. to get my focused casting.
Yesterday, I equipped her Truefaith Vestment (yes, my first epic :D) and this meeeean pair of pants that I bought her that have like +33 healing spells and +6 mana every Idontknowhowmany seconds. Good gear. In addition to these 2 things, I have several other healing-friendly things equiped.
Now, I've been raiding lately, something I never did earlier in my game. We've been doing BRD, UBRS, Strat live, etc. Obviously, this is only going to become a more and more frequent thing. But I'm not the most effective healer for a 10+ man raid. But I'm not sure yet if I want to go Holy :(
So, can I ask you guys for your advice?
When would be a good time to go Holy? Do I really NEED to go Holy? And if I do go Holy, what's a good talent build for a Holy spec'd priest.

Help a girl out ;)

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Finally started playing again!

Got my better memory and have been playing night and day! Well not all night and day but it sure made being sick much more tolerable to be able to pound the living hell out of pixelated punks. Here's some pics of my characters. Sorry for the less than good quality, my piccie program is subpar. I've almost got them all to level ten or above.

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Okay, so I dinged 50 (dwarf hunter) last night, and have a spot saved for me in a high end raiding guild when I get to 60. I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for how to spec my character, most of it is currently in marksmanship (i think, i'm at work right now so i can't look). Any suggestions?
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When I first saw the Disgusting Oozeling on Thottbot, I was gushing over it like it was a puppy, so my boyfriend spent the better part of a month farming on and off for one and he got one today! According to his roommate, who also has one, the main effect is to cause random people in IF to try and cleanse you. It also gives you a "disgusting aura" which reduces resistances and defense by 20, so it's not the kind of thing I could just have out during raids and the like (though the aura just affects the owner). Nonetheless, I think it's adorable, it just ... oozes ... along after you, and the green effect at least hides the bright purple of my Dragonstalker >_>

(There seems to be a bug(?) where if you take it out and then mount, it continues to follow you, but you stop being green, even after dismounting. I had to take out another non-combat pet and then re-summon the Oozeling to make the green come back. The debuff doesn't go away, though.)

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storage problem - OT

okay, so this is kinda off topic but I figured a lot of you might be in the same situation and have come up with cute, creative solutions.

my husband and I both game, me with one and him with about 3243902342837419. thus, we have the entire top of a closet and about 3 square feet of floor space in the computer room covered with disks, game manuals, boxes, etc. all relating to gaming.

I need a storage solution which will allow him to pick out the game he wants to play at will, but will keep me sane and my closet un-junk-ified.

bookshelves seem obvious, but they're probably not the best choice since I also happen to be a major book hoarder and any bookshelf brought into this house will be instantly and rather magically filled with books.

CD and DVD organizers don't really work since you've got all those keyboard maps and game manuals and such that come with the games, plus the PC games that we've kept the boxes for.

any ideas that don't involve throwing the whole mess in boxes and pitching them under the house (my first choice, his worst nightmare)?

um... 2 copies of WoW are in that mix, just to make it somewhat on topic. if it's too off topic, ignote just smack me and I'll delete the post. :)
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Bored at work...

Sorry to bombard people with posts today, but I am damn bored at work being that it's friday and if I start any more projects I'll never get out of here on time.

Anyway - anyone have any suggestions of places to go to grind/do quests for an Alliance hunter leveling at 50? I am trying to get to 60 as quick as possible.

First Post

I dinged 60 a couple of days ago, (yeah!) and I decided to help out a guildie with one of his alts. He was questing in Darkshire, so I helped him complete Bride of the Embalmer, fun times...

As we know, Stiches then comes and tries to kill everything and everyone in Darkshire. When my character was questing in Darkshire at the little level of 31, she was owned by Stiches. Two hits and dead. (She's a warlock.) So, when the Night Watch started yelling about Stiches, I had to get him back. I sucsessfully owned him, and when tell my friend about it, he said the most prophectic phrase I've ever heard.

"Revenge is a dish best served 20 levels later."

How true is that?

I have a warlock on the Midevh server named Crescendia. Anyone out there on Midevh, look me up. :)
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Latsyrk - my WoW character ^^


i know it's not that important but i just dinged 59 with my warrior about 10 minutes ago! i never thought i'd be this close to lvl 60 before...yay! haha. just 1 more level to go (and all of it is rested XP, w00t!). *is excited* ^_^
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