February 8th, 2006

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First off, I want to express my deepest gratitude for those who'd given me advice on my last post. We're doing great now. ^__^

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to run SM until we hit 40. We found a likeminded group (all of us were 39 who desperately yearned for the 40 spot) at 2pm. We must've hit Cath 5 times, armory twice and library once and then a [pathetic] run at RFD. So with 12 painstaking hours of SM and three wipes of RFD (none of us had ever been there, much less knew what to expect), I dinged 40. ^___^

My guild leader, who also happens to be my boyfriend's brother, promised to pay for me and my boyfriend's mounts and training. *_*!! What a homie! So here's my Blumchen, in her level 40 glory.
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My night started off great!! I had done most of the onyxia key quest and was geting through with Jail Break which takes forever!!! Two minutes to go and ::BLUE SCREEN:: "Windows has encountered a critical error"
I immediately called my boyfriend and told him to play my toon but he was in BRD with a different group and was the main healer. I ended up failing the stupid quest that had taken us 5 hours to prepare for >.<
Then I got another group... possibly one of the worse PUG/guildie hybrid group I've ever had. We were doing so good except for the fact that I died like 8 times (no one else just the dinky little mage and it would have been more if I hadn't had ice block) and right before the end PARTY WIPES!! NPC dies, end of quest, start over.

On a lighter note... I got this today!!
Fire resistance is up to 60 unbuffed!
This is a picture of my b/fs character. I thought it was really pretty

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Hey there

Hi everyone!

I've been playing WOW since November and am addicted. A friend recommended that I find a LJ group with other woman to share rants and meet new friends. So I am here.

My main toons on DarkIron are:

Enyanka, Hunter, 33
Emik, Druid, 27- well soon to be ;)

Is there any easy way to find who is on what server? It'd be great to group and get to know you. If you are on Dark Iron say hello. Also anyone in the Bay Area interested in making a new WOW friend locally say hi.

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Well, here they are. Some collected screen shots of the past couple of my WoW playing months. Most are with DotH and DotA so I will be cross posting to the LJ comms where they would have relevance.
Included are my level 40 kodo mount and armor pics for Kouprey the Mighty Hunter! Also included are meet up and Nakky Coin Raid pics.

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Two more pets!!

I went on a 5-man to LBRS last night. Couldn't kill the Wyrm boss because we lost our fifth person (a shaman) who seemed to have gotten disconnected right after we finished the worg boss.

However, I DID get both the smoldering spiderling pet AND the worg pup last night! Yay!!!

I almost missed out on the pup, too. I forgot when we were in that corridor that the pups were in that little room. Everyone started attacking the dogs and I finally looked up (as a priest I sometimes don't even pay much attention to who they're fighting). "Oh, THESE ARE THE DOGS!!!" So I had to quickly open my bags, target a dog, then click on an empty cage. The first time, I started, and then with people attacking the dogs, the one I had targeted moved a little and it went out of my range! I had to step forward and try again, hoping he didn't die while I was still waiting for the timer to say I was done with the quest.

But now I have my very own! Happiness!!!

... so now I would like a jubling frog (from the faire; I have to go to the BRD instance to get the dark iron ale), and a hyacinth macaw. Those are rare drops from the Stranglethorn pirates so I have to decide if I'm willing to farm them (they hit in big mobs and I don't like them), or I just have to keep my eye out at the AH.
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Can anyone tell me and point me to the right place for addons for a druid?
I have only been playing for a lil over a month now..and really have no idea about any of the addons.

I'm not sure if the addons work for both pc and mac...
But just incase they dont I would need addons that would work on a mac..
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Me Portrait me by subvocaled@pearlseas
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How do you get those lovely closeups of your characters? I tried to do that to Tara, but couldn't get closer then you see on my icon here. Closer then that, and she goes see-through. So how do you do it? I am sort of curious here... :-P Sorry for weird question. :-D
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Vincent Valentine


Aah, I love this community. :) I love to know that there's other girls who play and I love seeing all your screenshots and seeing all your personal victories and guild moments and noob encounters and such. :D
The last time I posted I think it might have been about my giantstalker pants and core marksman rifle, but I've made a few additions since then, and seen a lot more of what the game has to offer. :O
(Lots of screens behind the cut!)
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Sorry for the screen spam, I got a little carried away :P

Relics live in 1.10

As I'm sure any Paladin, Druid or Shaman has noticed, you have a slot where a ranged weapon should go. But alas! None of the hybrids have the weapon proficiencies to use a bow, wand or gun. Moreover, this gives other classes an advantage, as many of these weapons have stats on them that the hybrids can't reap the benefits of. In what has been an issue for a while now, Blizzard is hoping to remedy it with the next patch.

As posted by Eyonix:

Below I've listed the description of three different relics (one for each applicable class). Idols are the Druid relics, Totems are for Shamans, and Librams are for Paladins. These relic items will be live in patch 1.10.


Idol of Rejuvination
Requires level 57
Equip: Increases the healing per 3 seconds on your Rejuvenation by up to 10


Totem of Rebirth
Requires level 57
Equip: Reduces the cooldown of your Reincarnation ability by 10 minutes.


Libram of Hope
Requires level 57
Equip: Reduces the mana cost of your Seal spells by 20

You can find the original post here.
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Hi, im new to this community!!!
I love WoW...as much as you guys do.
I have charcters on Dethecus(Horde),Moonrunner(AF),Drak'thul (Horde), Paranolde(AF) and my new addition on Darkspear(AF)
I was wondering if i could join someones guild on darkspear.
Im a female nightelf priest and im only like level 8, but if you guild wouldnt mind having me i would love to join.
PLZ only light hearted guilds apply, ive been kicked out of a few serious guilds before....:), and i dont wish to relive
the experience.

Glad to be in the community, and peace.

Looking To Join DotA

Hello! I've been posting here for a while although I haven't posted recently! I had started my own all female guild but because I have my main now on my husband's server I had to give up on the guild. =( But I would still like to able to be apart of an all female communtiy even if it's just an alt! I also have a friend that was in my other guild with me who would also like to join as well. She will start posting on here too. She just registered today to LJ as Femmesaint! She is a very active player and is VERY interested in joining an all female guild.

Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that you have to interested in DotA. We're off to start our chars now! Hope you don't mind the low lvls!

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Hey there,

This is for the alliance ladies out there: if anyone wants Echyakee as a pet on the Runetotem server, let me know.

Are there any alliance equals to him? Maybe we can trade off.
[tvd] damon pool

choose your char!

heylo :D i'm new here, was looking for a good group to join lol. all my guy friends play WoW, and my two girl friends in the group just got sucked into it and we were all going to start playing together so we could keep in touch more (two of us go to university lol). i haven't got the game yet because there's only one target up here where it's on sale for 30 bucks (damn all hell)...

...but I was just wondering what everyone's favorite race and class was and why? just to give me something to think about until i can make my characters lol. thanks!
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