February 6th, 2006


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So I hit 60 around three weeks ago and since then, it's been kind of interesting. Molten Core twice a week, then the other nights, I try to hit the instances (UBRS,LBRS,Scholo,Strat) for gear. I'm short 3 Devout items and I sure wouldn't mind getting a full set for the bonus (the smaller set bonuses for Devout are kind of lame).

But you know, that can get kind of dull after a while, so I decided I'm going to have a little side project: Pet collecting. I suppose I could just buy them, but for those that drop, I'm going to see if I can get them myself. I ran through Deadmines on my own hoping for a cat and bird drop (no luck). I'll have to do it again another time. And when I'm at Undercity, I hop over real quick to Ambermill to see if I can get a black cat. No luck yet. I'll keep trying!

Next LBRS raid, I am going to try to get a worg pup. Some people have sworn to me you can still do it in a raid, so I'm going to try. Those things are so cute!
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uhh hi there

my name candybobman112,

i was told to come here about starting out in wow i be playing in 2 weeks at my friend house. So being that i never played wow just watched my b/f and Majes_wander play at his house i was hoping to get some tips on how to play?

Thanks for your time,

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i took my druid out for a run-about around darkshore this morning. swimming back to shore from some sunken ship i noticed some fish swimming close to shore (you know those little schools that float around?). mousing over it i noticed that it wasn't just "school of fish" it was something like "oily blackmouth school". nifty. so i hopped on shore, whipped out the fishing pole and got to fishing. after a couple casts (her fishing was only at 2 when i started) i'd gotten 5 oily blackmouth and 1 darkshore grouper. i noticed that every cast that landed in the middle of the school ended up with a oily blackmouth. the school disappeared after about 15 minutes or so and the oily blackmouth stopped hooking.

just thought i'd make a comment on it since i remember having problems fishing up oily blackmouth before and 5 in a row with lvl 2-6 fishing is rare when your fishing is low.

is this new? i remember reading in patch notes somewhere a few months back that they were changing the schools of fish but i've never seen it before.

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Okay, so in my guild everyone has these cheesy signatures on their forum posts, so i got bored and made one.

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what do u think?

also, i wanted to rant about how my PVP guild does nothing but PVE now and its pissing me off to no end, but i'm not going to LOL.

life? don&#39;t talk to me about life.
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omg yay!

I'm so excited! Last week I posted on here asking for tips on where to farm golden pearls so I could make a mooncloth robe for my priest. Yesterday I finally resigned myself to it being a cold day in hell before I ever got one pearl, let alone two. Well, I just loaded up my priest because Jason (my fiance) claimed he had mistakenly sent her something he meant to send to one of his alts. I thought that was wierd because he doesn't have any alts whose names begin with an L, so I didn't see why the mail would mistakenly pull up Liese instead of one of his characters. I run to her mailbox to find that Jason's father (yes, his dad plays, has a 60 hunter) had bought me two golden pearls as an early birthday present! XD I'm so excited and happy! I'm going to go make my mooncloth robe for my priest now. :3 Yay!
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Your Skill in being dumb has increased to 109!

Oh my god.. I like, never post here. I mainly lurk but.. anyway..

I just started playing as an alliance character (I have two lvl 60 horde toons on another server) and I will admit I am enjoying all the goofy quests for cooking and fishing and buying people booze.. but that is not the point of this post.

My Nelf druid is lvl 25 so I am *constantly* getting guild invites. I was talking to my friend (who is in a raiding guild I'm not interested in) and this guy messages me to join his guild. I tell him the same thing I tell everyone, "Thank you so much for the offer but I'm not really into guilds right now. <3" and he said "kk" and I started talking to my friend again.. but the guy had messaged me a second time.. and I didn't notice?

So I am telling this guy about some quest that amuses me.. and he's responding and able to type and spell things correctly so it takes me a few minutes to realize... this is not my friend.

to my friend: oh my god i thought i was talking to you for the last few minutes but it was this other guy..
the guy: *says something else*
to the guy: but he could type and stuff so i didn't know!
my friend: hahahaha
to my friend: oh mt i am getting so many guild invites i cannot keep up!
my friend: did you just sent me your mt?
the guy: huh?
to the guy: oh mt! i am getting so many guild invites i cannot keep up!
to my friend: ./cries

so i talked to the guy a little more and wished him luck with his guild and just... logged out. XD I have a paper to write anyway.. but. Hahaha.. it was so fantastically lame. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Ding 60!

I created this character on launch day over a year ago now, but finally got her to 60 today - and almost completely on my own.  I think I've gotten maybe 4 levels total by grouping the whole way, so the vast majority of this experience is solo!
Collapse )  It's not the best pic, but I know what it is so that's all that matters, right?  ;-)
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Us vs. Eranikus

Tonight I was working on my enchanting skills and decided to go around to Silithus/Darn/Moonglade and wrangle up some of the vendor/limited supply enchants. I happened to arrive in Moonglade just as a couple of guilds were gathering to summon Eranikus! I decided to stay and help, and it was fun. :D I took a ton of screenies, and in retrospect they're not all that thrilling, but I thought I'd post them anyway. He went down pretty smoothly, I think, and horde and alliance stayed pretty focused on doing their job and not turning it into a PVP hellhole. Until afterwards. haha. even then, it really wasn't bad.

Oh yeah, these screenshots are sorta big. Beware.
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