February 3rd, 2006

  • ocannie


My gnome mage dinged 50 last night! I logged in last night and had 5 bars to go, all on rest bonus, so I took my little mage rear to Felwood to kill some furblogs.

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Unfortunately no one was online when I hit (I play EU from the US so all my guildmates were off sleeping) so I had no one to celebrate with. But I was definitely very happy!
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Question for the feral druids . . .

Ok I am a 56 druid and I have 5pts on balance, 10 in restoration and the rest in feral. When I am in groups I do a bit of everything, tanking, rogueing, and healing . . I love my animal forms. :) I was going through the posts here and read about druids having 2 sets of gear . . . .I am in the proccess of finding the right good gear for my druid and could use some info. What is the healing gear and what is the other gear I should be trying to get. Can ya fill me in here?

Thanks in advance :)
more me than you know

I'm such an addict

Usually I avoid class forums for the evil things they are, but today I can't help myself.

Ever since I noticed something with big "PRIEST" letters in the WoW Weekly and Eyonix saying that he'd try and have info on 1.10 priest patch notes up by Friday, I've been peeking my head in to see.

Last night he was a busy boy posting on a couple tease threads (notably "/giggle" and "It's not Friday until I wake up!") which has suddenly added a lot of blue to the board and...

I have no willpower. *reload* *reload* *reload*
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Hi.. yes I am a warlock and I am ONLY in this zone to summon you and your friends. I have NOTHING else to do like questing or anything... PLEASE message me 50 million times and expect ME to find the other two local people to summon you!!!!!

Ok I feel better now

gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hehe
  • kemica

We're losing our main tank to Hugo Boss!

Aww the dream is over. It turned out to be an elaborate hoax for fun. :) They did it so well that the entire guild except the two who did i t were fooled! XD I'm amused, but very relieved we aren't losing our best tank. :D

I just thought this was so unusual I would post it. :)
The main tank in my guild on Hellscream EU is going to be leaving Europe to move to Miami to be a model for Hugo Boss.
I thought it was quite amusing to be able to say our MT was a model. It's a real bummer we're losing him though as he is a really great tank, as well as an all around great person. Will be sad to see him go. :(

Quoted from our realm forum: (Posted by Seiryu another guildie)

many may not know but Donhobo has been playing about with amateur modeling for the last few years and last week hit the big time. now an official hugo boss icon don will be moving to the states in hope of making it uber. good luck in miami and enjoy the high life dude, you deserve it. times we have had are awesome and we will miss your tanking man.


for the girls after don

Anyone else had a guild member leave for extraordinary reasons?
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Greetings! I am pretty new to this community... I was referred by someone from DOTA.

This is just a rambling...but people never cease to amaze me. I was in the wetlands doing a quest near ironbeards tomb. A lvl 7 nightelf whispers me and asks if I can escort him to IF. I was going to say no, but then I thought of the many times I have been helped at that lvl. So I agree and warn that its a pretty long journey and to make sure they had the time etc... So off we go and my lvl 7 friend decides to venture off the road to taunt some orcs 25 lvls his senior. So I warn "stay on road pls". We go through a few mountain passes and then he says " Im going to lvl for a bit...just hang out".

By that time it had been about 20 minutes of him straying toward Elites that I could barely handle etc...

*sign off*

This is pretty small compared to other things people have encountered, but even in a made up realm, there are still idiots.

end of rant