January 29th, 2006

looking for a new home

After a very difficult few weeks in my guild, I quit tonight. I'll post the details under a cut for those of you who care to read, but the short version is I had a falling out with my GM and I'm now looking for a new guild. There is one on my server I'm interested in, but I don't know if they are accepting new members. Any of you ladies play on
Eldre'Thalas? If so, know of any medium sized guilds still running places like strat/scholo/UBRS, and moving into ZG and MC?

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WoW in the New York Times

As if we needed anymore proof of how mainstream World of Warcraft is becoming, yesterday there was an article in the New York Times discussing it. Seth Schiesel interviewed Jeff Kaplan, the lead game designer, and amongst talk of where the game currently is (level 60 content, raid gear vs. non-raid gear, etc) they also got into the next raid dungeon, Naxxramas.

"Naxxramas is going to be the most difficult thing in the game until the expansion pack comes out. It will be the pinnacle, and it's absolutely massive. You'll see this big necropolis floating above Eastern Plaguelands. It's a 40-man raid zone, and it's bigger than the Undercity [one of the main cities in the game]. Things could change, but we're up to something like 18 bosses in there, and they are really cool, too. But it's going to be hard. Really hard. We're hoping to release it in the spring."

Kill the Big, Bad Dragon (Teamwork Required) It's a pretty interesting read ^_^
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Dom Monaghan

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Hello =) I ordered WOW on the 18th, and will most likely get it this week (Amazon said I'd be getting it in the begining of last week, but oh well..).

So, while waiting, I'm deciding upon races, classes, professions, names etc. I know my main will be a NE Hunter (that's what I had in my trial verison, and I loved it), and I know I want a gnome as well, but I can't decide which class. Would you mind explaining each class (Mage, Rogue, Warlock and Warrior) in your own words so I can decide easier? I've read through the official site and a few other sites as well, but I'd like to hear other people's view on the classes, what you like about it, what you dislike about it, how it works, etc.

Also, professions. I can't decide what to choose for my hunter. Whic ones are good for hunters? I don't care much about being the best player, having the best armor/clothes/weapons etc, and I want to do something that isn't too boring. Any suggestions? I'd really like tailoring, but I don't know if that's good for hunters?

Oh, and any suggestions on which server I should play on (I prefer PvE)?

Thank you in advance =)


this is one of those cute, kinda romantic stories that you wish would happen in real life...

As you know, the lunar festival stuff was going on in all the capital cities and there are fireworks and alcohol and such. The fireworks in Ironforge launch from the little pond thing in the Mystic Ward. I was standing near the pond when a guildie came running out of the nearby building and told me to follow him because he wants to show me something. So i follow him into the building, past the class trainers, and up a ramp. (i didnt even know that building had an upstairs!) The upstairs had a giant open window which overlooked the little pond and we sat and watched the fireworks alone. It was quite a moment.

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DotA Shaeldre Strong
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After months of slowly accumulating runecloth, I've finally done it!

The Ahn'Qiraj War Effort didn't help me very much, as the "best" option for me to farm was thorium, and the farmers have that on a rotation it would seem >_> (Skinners got it easy. Argh :P) and we were done with Runecloth very early. Sooo it was the normal 50 rep per turn-in for me.

But... my lovely Night Elf Priestess logged off last night after taking a ride for the first time on a lovely brown horse :)

(Hey, she isn't an epic mount, but after all that effort I wanted SOMETHING to show for it :))

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Idiots in IF

I know that this is just a game and that there are a lot of idiots out there, but I was just so offended that I had to log and tell this story.

So I got /laughed at by a ?? Horde when I went the wrong way in Arathi and ended up in Hammerfall (oops). I took rez sickness, because there was no way I was going back there for my corpse, and hearthed so I could repair and decide what to do next. Ironforge general chat had turned into, as someone put it, an AOL chat room. Some moron started it off by saying that "women only type fast because they go to typing school to be secretaries." Then someone threw in that women are bad drivers, too. A few girls started taking offense and rebutting, but it was futile. Eventually, it was stated that the only girls who play WoW are fat, ugly lesbians, and even if they weren't lesbians, no one would want to date them. And if they do play, they never get to 60. Someone said she was from Korea and she played, and someone said they saw her on a mail order bride list. UGH! I cannot even begin to catalog all the things wrong with that general chat! At least this doesn't happen to me very often, but still. I got a very bad taste in my mouth after that.

In other WoW news, my gnome mage is only level 36, and I desperately want to get her to 40, so she can have her mechanostrider. It's going very slowly. But at least I have Vent now, and two of my friends just started playing, so I'm going to start leveling my baby gnome warlock and human pally. :)