January 27th, 2006


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So after attempting to sign on to a queue of over 300, I decided to start a new character on a new server... Noticed that there was a new RP server (Thorium Brotherhood) and decided on that (since I've been wanting to try out RP). Anyway, I started a gnome mage, who I am absolutely in love with. She's so damn adorable!!

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So if anyone decides to start up a new character on this server, say hello!

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So I was in Molten Core recently, and we had progressed up to the imps before we got to the Lucifron area. We'd had a wipe earlier because we had used a strategy that didn't work, so this time we clustered all of the warriors in one area to hold aggro on all the imps while the mages and locks cast their AoE spells at them. Worked like a charm, but for a short moment it was really hairy and you couldn't see a thing with the flurry of stuff falling from above.

Anyway, during one of these points where we're in the imp room, my husband said something to me completely unrelated to the game. I couldn't take my attention off of what was happening in the game, so I said, "I can't talk right now, I'm fighting imps!"

Well, I forgot I was on Teamspeak, and I didn't push the mute button ('cause you know, I was busy).

EVERYONE heard me. Apparently they thought it was hilarious.

So this morning, I'm reading my friends' LJ entries (who's in my guild), and I happen to go to view the person's main page, and what do I see? [Screenshot]

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The funny thing is, HE WASN'T THERE when we ran MC. So apparently he heard it from someone else.

Hahahahaha. I think it's hilarious!
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honor points

Alright, I'm just wondering if anyone else finds this at all odd. Two weeks ago, on a new character I got 38 HK's and made Scout. Last week on that same character I made 480 HK's and am still Scout. I'm on a PvE server (Bronzebeard). There are Generals and Lieutenant Generals on this server with around 16 000 to 20 000 lifetime HK's to put it in perspective. Doesn't that seem odd? Shouldn't I have at least jumped a rank to Grunt with that many kills (particularly as it's not a bad percentage of what it takes to get really high rank, particularly for only a weeks worth of pvp)? Or is that normal?

Edit: I should also add that all of those kills were from battle grounds, and I gained 3500ish honor over the course of the week from the combination of whatever it is that adds up to it (kills and battle ground scores I believe). Again that's good compared to the other ranking players on the server.

I know it's largely dependent on what everyone else does, but I also know people who made heaps less kills than me expected to jump a rank. As far as things go is there any guide at all to the points where you'd usually expect to move up in a PvE realm? I know that's probably an impossible question, but obviously I'd love to know if anyone has any idea, or even some sort of rough guide. I read something somewhere about someone (yes, very specific I know) trying to formulate an equation that works it out, does anyone know if anything came from that?
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Another call for suggestions

I play a gnome mage who is currently level 48 with an arcane/fire build. I haven't had to use much AoE spells yet because I haven't been in very many situations where they were necessary. So I was wondering if the other mages here had suggestions on their favorite AoE spells and tips for using them. I have a feeling they're going to become more necessary soon...
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As I think I mentioned in my introduction, I can't stick to one character because I get bored. Anyway, I randomly switch over and start working on a different character. I'm slowly building up a group of people I can play with, I've got three whole people! And that's good enough for me. I decided to work on my priest since, well, all their classes are offensive and can't heal.

Now on to my point. I just got to level 10 and am now thinking about what I should put my talent points into. Most people go with shadow, right? Any advice on what I should do or how I should set it up?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, yeah. I also made the server switch from Azgalor to Mug'thul. :)
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Full set!

After about five months of raiding MC, I got the last piece of my tier 1 set (Giantstalker) last night. It was the helmet (the guild killed Garr for eight months without seeing one drop, and suddenly we've had three in the last month! I have five pieces of tier 2, and this hat looks absurd, so I doubt I'll ever really wear the full set (by the time the helm dropped, all the guild hunters had the tier 2 helmet and most had the Crown of Destruction as well, so the people who got it to finish their sets weren't taking it away from someone who might actually use it.)

I popped a Moonglow and stood in the Mystic Ward for the screenshot...can't get it to show up here, oddly, but link is here.

Additionally, last night was lucky loot night in MC - we also got the spell power enchanting formula, which we'd never seen before (we NEVER get recipes in MC), and the second half of the Bindings for Thunderfury off Baron Geddon, so we can go be the second guild on the server to make it. You have to kill a 40-man raid boss in Silithus, as well as get 100 arcanite, a bunch of Elementium, etc. - which we have put together quickly, we just need to kill the boss - looks like that will be tomorrow night when I'm at work, so I'll miss it :( My boyfriend told me he would take pictures (of "GIANT FOOT", since he's a rogue and that's all he sees in boss battles.)
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Lunar festival elders - Horde

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Well I'm on Eu servers so we've got our Lunar festival starting.
I thought I would share the Horde locations of the elders I've found so far.
I will probally try to clean up this list a little better later. I forgot to write down the names of most of the elders as I went.
Feel free to add any i've missed. Or if you have an alliance list of them go ahead and add that on too. :)

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chinese new year = dresses!

Had some fun with the Chinese New Years gimmicks today, thought I'd share pictures of quest rewards since some of you may have not completed them yet or had any idea of why you should! I was pretty reluctant until a close friend of mine wanted to get a dress because he's a cupcake. :X The dog was pretty easy and is managable with only a few sixties if you kite it--some people kited it for an hour with a tier 2'd Hunter in our guild the minute the decorations came up since no one was on. He doesn't regen so it's not too bad, can always graveyard zerg if you can't get enough higher level help. You also don't need the tag or to be grouped for it, you just need to stand on him when he's dead before his body despawns, so you guys should all do the firework quest in your faction's capital city then teleport to Moonglade to kill or witness the death of the dog (who look awesome, by the way!). The buff he gives you is essentially Kings and it should stack, but it's bugged so it doesn't.

Also, if you get five coins from the coin NPCs, you get a really pretty dress in Moonglade. There's another dress you can get a tailoring recipe for that takes 20 runecloth, 2 firebloom and 4 red dyes that looks pretty neat too! You get the recipe for that from gathering many more coins.

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Im just wondering if anyone knows of any good female troll fanart, i had looked around the net even the offical site, ive found digital or that one cartoony one. If anyone knows of any itd be very happy! ^^
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Hello :D

Hello everyone! I've been lurking for a while. I finaly decided to make a post :D. Lastnight I renewed my acct, I have a lvl 12(aah~) Tauren Druid on Skullcrusher. I did Warsong Gulch for the first time today! ( I did it 3times) Each time it lasted about 30 min, almost everyone playing was 15+, I ended up with 45 HK though! Does anyone play on this server? If so, send me a tell! My characters name is Arillynn

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