January 25th, 2006


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Ok girls, according to a guildie the Allahkazahm site is saying that there will be a 3 day server rollback to deal with the issues from yesterdays server maintenance. I don't have access to that site... so is it true or have any of you heard this? I don't really think they would do that, but if they do I loose 3 levels my Felhunter and my bloodrobe :( Anyone know? :)
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For any of you looking for a guild on Kirin Tor, I've created one. It's reasonably RP-intensive and goes more for casual levelling than power-gaming, although we will eventually be having guild instance runs when we gain more members.

It's called Diaspora (Greek, literally means "scattering of seeds," is supposed to indicate the common bond of the variety of races and classes that I hope will eventually make up the guild). If you're interested, send a mail or tell to Kerthann.