January 21st, 2006


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Probably small potatoes to you folks who've been playing forever, but I was very proud of my little paladin... I didn't even know this Harvester existed! Nice drop, too.

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Question about the actionbar...

Geez... I am sure spamming this community with questions, aren't I? :-P Anyway...

If you have the time to answer, I have a little question about the actionbar. I have seen on several screenshots posted here how some off you have kinda like an extra actionbar over the original one... How can I get that? Both me and my hubby would like to have that. How do we get it? Download something extra? For free, I hope? And from were if so?

Don't rember in wish post I saw it, but I know I have seen it in several posts here. :-)... So... Help?

Edit: Found a screenshot with what I mean at wowshots: Two actionbars, of sorts... . See what I mean? It has spells and stuff on top of the original bar. How do we get that?

Edit two: slyppi has just helped me. And explained so even me, a total beginner got it. :-D THANX!!! From both me and hubby! :-D
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Well, tonight was pretty exciting. I went into Molten Core with a full group for the second time, but in all honesty it was the first time because when we went on Wednesday, we had a server hiccup that kicked us all out of the instance. We got to Lucifron and tried killing her five times. We got pretty close once, getting her down to 5% health with half of us standing. Unfortunately a hunter got too close to the entryway and aggroed the imps and lava surgers from the previous room. But no biggie, nobody really bitched too much. We called it a wipe, but we're going back next Wednesday.

Afterwards, a group of them from the MC raid wanted to do UBRS, and I joined them because I had the Hydraxian Overlord guy's quest that required me to kill one of the bosses in UBRS. Well, this turned out to be a very fruitful instance. Lots of blue drops, as well as the purple carapace! People were stunned. Unfortunately, Finkel's Skinner didn't drop for the 300 skinner in our group.

All throughout the instance, I was just greeding blue BoEs but passing on blue BoPs that I couldn't use. I didn't even roll on them.

Well, we got to the end and killed Drakk, and what does he drop? A Devout Robe. YES. I realize I was already wearing a mooncloth robe and that it's a minor upgrade. But because I'm already wearing the Devout Leggings and Devout Belt, this would be part of a set! There was on other priest, who had already gotten blue pants earlier in the raid, plus she was trying to collect Dreadmist items... so although other folks said they wouldn't mind rolling on it, because I was the only priest who could do an immediate upgrade, I got it! Yay! I thanked everyone profusely.

I've been REALLY lucky. I got the Devout Leggings from the Baron in Strat, and it was my first real Strat run. This was not my first UBRS (only about my third, and this is only the first full one with this priest), so I consider myself very fortunate. Yay!!
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hi hi hi!

After long deliberation (mostly my boyfriend's gentle prodding), I've decided to step out of the shadows and introduce myself. Salutations! I'm Tiffany. I play an Undead Mage and an Undead Rogue on a PvP server called Dethecus. Population: Medium. Lag used to be a constant problem, but with the addition of new Auction Houses in every capitol, Orgrimmar doesn't seem quite as congested as before!
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Is it weird that I equate levels with age? Whenever I get invited to go to an instance, I always whisper back, "I'm sorry! I'm not old enough yet!" It's mind-boggling enough for me to know that Chuck Norris is around 60, so I have this silly image of him in my head wearing epic gear and roundhouse-kicking Fleeting Plainstriders.

Anyway, Blum's only 27 years old in that picture. She's sporting Arugal's robes (he must be shivering at night! Silverpine winter must be cold!) and his belt too. My boyfriend and his brother rushed me through SFK and I basically got first dibs on anything cloth, because they wear leather and plate.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hiii! *offers muffins*

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Hello. I go by Auryon (tauren hunter) on the Dethecus server.
First time playing through the game and wholely addicted.
Lv 36....can't frigging wait for 40 and get my mount.

So here's a funny story in the meantime. Last night me and my partner, Mitsuryugi, were trying to get a quest item from the yeti in Alterac Mtns. Now...if you were a lower level, like 32, and stumbled upon two higher levels, 35 & 36, would you really try to attack? Common sense says no. Three times last night did common sense fail some poor fools who would actually attack us. All died, of course. But come on..we're not the type who are out for blood..if they'd just run by we wouldn't have done anything except kill Yeti.

And here's some screenies.

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I really can't decide what I want... I started a new character on the English server Nordrassil - because it's PvE and English.

I'm not sure I like PvP too much - I probably would if there weren't so many so much stronger ones on the two PvP realms I play on that like to kill much lower ones for fun - especially on Destromath, actually. Corpse camping, hurrah. But the people I know (especially my boyfriend and his cousin) play on those servers and that's why I'm there, too.

Still, I thought trying out a PvE server couldn't hurt. And an English one because I love the English version so much more but I need to use the German one if I want to be able to see the general chats - and talk there, too. >.< I really wish they would let us join the correct channels again.

Anyway. I'm getting a new computer on Wednesday, most likely, if the shop has all components I need! *excited*

But what I had originally intended with this post is to ask: Is anybody actually playing on Nordrassil? Or on any other English PvE server? I don't enjoy playing too much if I don't really know anybody there... (yes, I know I'll eventually get to know people - but it just makes life easier... *g*). So far, I'm only at level 2 with my gnome mage and also don't even know if I want to keep playing her. ^_^ I could start another one somewhere else...

My main server's now the German Zuluhed - but I guess nobody else plays there, right? At least, I was the only one there when I last checked the database.

Mage Gear

last night there was much fanfare when Magister's Mantle dropped. it was me and my bf and a friend of ours (all from sun) and some other people (PUG). we ten manned scholo and wiped three times... thats how bad they were. and i say they because there was a 56 mage who aggroed the entire room with whelpings (among other things). anyway my bf is the master looter and when the mantle dropped so did two other things. he listed all three things that dropped and i was so excited i rolled, that made the other mage roll but we were rolling for nothing yet LOL.

she won that roll... the roll where we were rolling for nothing... i'm sure you can imagine where it went from there. my bf linked the shield, they rolled, then he linked the mantle and we rolled on it and i won. OH MY GOD i have never seen someone cuss so much in that game. "all of sun stick together" blah blah blah ninja this and that... zomg.

anyway, i'm a firemage and listed below is my picture which is linked to the descriptions of all my gear (the profile) anyway and all my extra sets of gear are in my bags...

i'm going to be running scholo and LBRS etc... so that i can get my robes and other stuff. the thing is that i hate giving up all the +dmg for the magisters pieces... any mages have any ideas about what they prefer to use?

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How humiliating.

I'm doing the first part of the Legend of Stalvan quest. I got as far as the house in Eastvale Logging Camp, but when I opened the chest, the Forlorn Spirit that came out TURNED ME INTO A SHEEP!

And if that wasn't bad enough, sheep!me was on the window ledge behind the bed when I un-sheeped, so now I'm stuck until my hearthstone cools down and I can use it again.

There are a pair of dwarves in the room, pointing and laughing and talking in Dwarf.

Am going to be one CRANKY paladin when I finally get loose.

Anyone else ever done anything this dumb?
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Where to go...

After a month and some days without WoW, without internet at all, I've finally gotten everything worked out. So I'm jonesing to play WoW, and after spending the evening running my hubby to The Hinterlands for his leatherworking trainer stuff, I realized I was bored. We've been running around in Arathi for the past month we played, doing quests, leveling up.. and now, at 36, all of quests for just about everything we have, are orange and red elite. To avoid the frustration, and repair costs (I'm saving everything I can for my kitty and training at 40), I'm not eager to rush into quests that are a bit too hairy for a duo, and pugs never, ever, ever work with me. I attract all the morons in the game, I think.

My whole point is.... where should I go level? The favorite has been Stranglethorn Vale since we hit about 30, but I've seen a couple places with mobs close to our range to go pick on. While I'd loooove to get good gear and weapons, I can accept simply gaining a level or so... any ideas where to head that's a little bit different to catch a level or three before we finish the Stromgarde quests? Thanks in advance.

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