January 18th, 2006

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dual purposed post! :D

Hallo all! gossamerrain here. okay. so I halfway stole teniblue's idea and ended up with a char journal of sorts for my main (hehe. >.> i've had the name for years, cos i'm a loser :D but i cleaned the old stuff off the profile and whatnot. ^^) I'm gonna use this to monitor the communities cos I get confused if there's too much stuff on my friendspage. I'm keeping both in the comm (unless that's a problem?) so if the comments are, uh, interchangeable, please forgive me. XD Feel free to add it if you like; no promises about posting (though a friend of mine has a stopwatch on me, to see how long I can go before I start writing in character posts here. >:D)

Second, and perhaps less frivolous purpose: For anyone playing on Stormrage, raecee and I decided to set up a chat channel theoretically for our guild, but really so we can try to keep up easier communication with friends who aren't in it. ^^ So if you're on the server and feel like sayin' hi, you're welcome to /join cakeparty and we'll bug you if we're around. :D On that subject, if you're interested in joining a guild just for the heck of it (you know, to have a shiny tabard and keep people from askin ya to sign their charters ~.^) we'll be happy to invite ya. :D

Okay, i think that's enough clutter. Love and peace, all!
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Does anybody else ever wish there was a new server type where the horde and alliance could play together (i.e be in guilds, parties together and be able to chat).

I really wish that this would happen, so I could play whatever race I wanted even if my boyfriend wanted to be Horde.

The problem is, its him and his friend Vs. me.. so they always chose horde. I really want to play alliance though :( *sighs*.

A great guild UBRS run. :)

Just for fun the other night a few guildies were up so we decided to do a UBRS run. We did most of the run with just 10 men. We took down the beast no problem, we even took down the Rend onslought with out a problem though there seemed to be no breaks in the waves as they continued to hit us. We had three people with the UBRS key (ring?) that allowed them to help us out during the fight. One of them used it to and healed us all for over 97000 points as well as filled our mana bars. The second one called forth a large dragon that helped down Rend who dropped a nice BOE epic axe.

Towards the end just after we cleared the general's room save for the general himself a Rogue from an allied guild came on and joined us.

Group make up was thus:
2 Rogues,
3 Druids,
2 Warriors,
1 Priest,
1 Hunter,
1 Paladin,
1 Mage

We had done so well with 10 men that I figured it would be cake to take down the general with 11. So I captured us taking down General Drakk 11 man style (must have quicktime 7). There's no fancy music or anything and you'll be able to hear us over TS (not me though as I didn't have voice feedback turned on). Although I'm moonkin specced I decided to just heal in this fight as we only had 1 priest.

I've been in 15 man groups that have WIPED at every boss mentioned and especially here. This is why I heart my guild. Next time we are going to try to 9 man it. :)
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Triese Screenshots

:) I am putting Triese's screenshots here since a few of you had mentioned drawing her for me! I am excited! *glee*

Now there is Triese (hair down and mage) and Treise (hair up and warrior) - I play on a role-playing server so she is the same character and I consider her to be a warrior and a mage in one.

So go crazy. You can even give her a ponytail if you like.

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Newbie question: swimming

I'm on a quest where I have to retrieve something from under the water. I assumed I need a potion to let me breathe underwater, so I got that, but I still can't go UNDER the water. Can anyone help me out here? My manuals turn up nothing. *grumbles*


Thank you, everyone! I'd already taken the potion when I posted, so I had to quick do my quests before it ran out...was able to get both my underwater quests done inside of 30 minutes (which was good, that's when the potion ran out!) and as a result, my paladin's halfway to L21 after just leveling up this morning. Hurrah!
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Worried warrior thougths....

I love my warrior. I really do. In all roleplaying games I have played I have always played warrior or barbarian or what ever comes closest. Why do I love the warrior? Because it is the warrior that is always in the thick of it. Standing kneeheap in blood fighting for his/her cause. They always charge right in to battle without fear or second thoughts.

And so naturally I play a warrior on WoW to. First character I made and still play in a wonderful guild that (I think) is called Realms of Chaos. And I am having fun doing so. (Reached lvl 16 yester day! YAY!)

BUT! And here is the big worry I have. I found the warrior-forum on WoW Europe, and started to read what other, more experienced warrior-players have said. And what I saw what not fun. It seems that Blizzard are not being fair to the warrior-class, compared to other classes. Now I ask you, sweet ladies in this guild with all your experinces that I have not, is this so?

This is the threads I found on WoW Europe's Warrior forum:
Why are warriors so unbalanced?
Why blizzard nerfed warriors
Blizzard you started in the wrong end...

That is all thoughts I have for today. I would love to hear any thoughts on this from some experienced warrior players.
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Lightning's Blade FTW

Hello! Never got around to this so I figured now would be as good as time as any...

I'm Kayleigh! I'm on Lightning's Blade. My mains name is Axleigh. I'm in Atrophy, which will hopefully eventually get me into Entropy at 45. :) I suck at PvPing! I'm an undead mage tailor/miner working on getting a Kodo because they are soooo cute looking ^_^

I originally hated the game because my jackass ex dumped me to have more time to play, but that's ok now, because his parents cut him and his brother off from internet connection O_O

My current boyfriend got me to start playing because I originally played SWG but I had to stop because of the CU sucked so much that it became a fps. I hate fps'...


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Hey all

Just peeking in. My Pally is now a level 41.. Getting from 39 -40 seemed like it took a year although in reality it took about 2 days. I love my mount!! Yay!! Only took me a month to get my mount.. I'm guessing that to get to 60 it's going to be another month, maybe two.

I'm curious though.. Can we start a new character on a different server and still leave our current character where it is? I'd like to find another server that is not so bogged down. Garona is just getting insanly full and laggy but I have so many friends there so I don't want to move totally. I'm just not sure how the moving servers thing works.

Also when I do a screen shot in the game do I need to go straight to Paint Shop Pro to save it or is there a way to do it in the game?

Are there any other people here who play on Garona? I'd actually love to find an all girl server on garona where we can help eachother and do raids and such (when I get higher).

Also if anyone is happy being a pally and wouldn't mind giving me some advice on how to use my talent points.. I'd appreciate it. I'd like to focus on holy with some retubution.. but I really would like to be a healer more than a tank. But I need advice on my talent points.

I shall post pictures here of Moonhaze as soon as I figure out this print screen thing.
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(no subject)

Well, I know it won't be exciting to most people but I went on my very first Molten Core run earlier tonight. And I only got attuned last night. I was the only 59, but this was a network of smaller guilds trying it out for the first time together of many other runs together, so I didn't feel too bad.

I am still amazed that it's possible to get around 40 people together at one place at one time to do something. Such dedication. You barely see it in real life! lol.