January 17th, 2006

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Guild drama...

My guild just screwed me over. BIIIIG TIME.

My main and all of my alts have happily been in the Gorefiend alliance guild Pain Train for a while now. I've been an active member, helping out lowbies, donating stuff to the guild bank, being a constant presence on the forums and on instance runs and the like, but for some reason, a few guild members have built up quite an aversion to me.

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So my options are as such -- beg my way back into Pain Train, try to beg my way back into The Red Shirts, or reroll horde. :/ I don't know what to do and I'm really freaking pissed.
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FEE FIE FO FUM...wait, wrong boss.

We finally got through phase 1 of the Nefarian fight fairly cleanly tonight (one death), and of course it all went to hell as we were trying to position him, decurse the MT, take down the remaining draconids, and make sure the whole raid wasn't shadowflamed. On another attempt we managed to get all the adds down and just didn't have enough people alive to keep the MT up to start the DPS on him. This was our first big push at him since before the holidays, and we made a LOT of progress. We've got a lot of extra time blocked in BWL this week to do even more. Right now, it still feels like a chaotic pain in the ass...

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Put the fun back in the game.. please

First, let me start by saying.. I suck at pvp. I am by no means a good pvper, i'm much better at pve and i've never really gotten much of a thrill from "melting face." Then again, I'm a holy priest, so it normally is my face that is being melted, and i stand there watching as my comrades die and i've got a rogue sticking me in the gut making it impossible for me to move at all. I do however have fun PVPing on occasion when it's with friends.

I've done AV a few times with a mage who I really like. I normally just follow him around, and keep him alive long enough for him to melt about 2 times the faces that he'd normally get before i get ganked. Fine by me, because it's fun. I've also done WSG a few times just for a kick, like the time we got an only priest group to go in, and won.

I've seen the message boards a thousand times. It's always the alliance screaming about horde going afk. Now i'd never seen this before. Every battle i've ever been in has fought to the last breath, whether we were losing or winning. I'd just always chalked it up to the alliance whining because they lost. Had NO CLUE what they were talking about.

Then I hit 60.

Not sure about you other priests, but since i hit 50, i've had people screaming for me to make 60 so i could go to battle grounds. Sure, ok, i'll go. I've got a dozen people who have been talking about gearing me up and so on and so forth, and just taking me out so i can keep them alive.

So I went. Had a decent enough time at first. Actually, I take that back, after my first game i was almost ready to call it quits. Like i said, I suck at pvp, and everyone else there was so freakin good, i figured i was taking away from the game. Well i explained this to the leader of the group, and she hadnt realized i was new to AB, so she put me on a node. MUCH BETTER. 3 people, defending a little flag.. I CAN DO THIS! Shield, heal, shield.. shield.. DIE! wrinse, recycle, repeat. I died a bunch. But we were still winning. I got excited when i actually managed to come out with 1 death, and a killing blow. FREAKIN AWESOME!!! WOOOOT! The game is still going good for me. I'm dying, i'm having fun. Nifty.

Then we enter the last battle i think i'll ever have in AB. "EVERYONE FIGHT ON THE NODE. Group 1... blah blah blah" I see my favorite ever alliance Nalfien!!! WAHOOO! i now have the chance to keep someone alive long enough to melt his face. (i've been wanting his face melted for a long time, just cause i respect him as a pvper so damn much) So, it's a really tough fight, the alliance looks like they may win for once. it's 3 to 2. Gonna be a long fight. Then, as I'm getting stuck in the ribs by 4 rogues at the same time, and am trying to look for my team so i can get as close to possible to them so they get my spirit of redemption (hey if i'm gonna go down, i might as well heal as many people as i can) i notice i'm alone... all by myself. I had missed the raid party chat stating that we need to all return to the farm.

I'm confuse as heck by this. Return to the farm??? but ... but.. we've got... the mines left. WHY? HUH? Someone get up here and help me defend this!!!! So, I tuck my tail between my legs, and after I rez, I head on over to the farm, and watch everyone sit around. I message a buddy of mine.. ummm.. WTF is going on? He explains to me that in order for people to keep their pvp status, this is the quickest way to make honor. I can see the logic in this, but i still dont like it. I hate gold farmers, and honor farming just seems right up there with that one.

Basically what happens is this, the horde has less players than the alliance so it's easy as hell for us to requeue and start all over again on a battle that we can win hands down in no time flat. This goes against all of my "Play a good game, and even if you lose it's still a good game" teachings. Yeah, sure, you'll get honor, make it to legionaire, but why are you playing this game in the first place. I'm sure these are the same people who buy gold off of other people just so they can have better gear. Do they get any thrill in these places?

I've talked to level 60's who seem to be always in BG, trying to get them to join groups and always get the "I cant, i HAVE to pvp or i'm going to lose my rank" They're like servants to this game, and i cant see how any of this is enjoyable at all. I play for fun. When I play, no, I dont want some 60 to come run me through some instance, just so i can get all the nifty gear loot crap. It's digital anyway, and if i dont get it the first time, i can go again. I take my time, i read the quests, and have gotten a kick out of most of them. do you know how many references this game makes to other games?

In other words, i play this game in my free time for fun, but everyone else is not doing so. Sure they get a thrill everytime they kill someone else, but what happens when they die? They pick up their ball and go home like sore little children.

I honestly would like to see a game fought that doesnt end in 10 minutes. Hell i'd be happy with a 4 hour long game with both sides losing and winning back and forth, as long as it was fair and fun. Anyone else at all out there like that? Or am I the only one to have this issue?
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To Much WoW?

In a conversation with my daughter, just now, we where discussing her Vollyball Game tonight. It's an away game, in a near by town which I have never been to before. She asked if I knew how to get there, to which I replied "no, but thats ok, I'lll check Thottbot."


WTS [Can of Raid] PST

Not sure if these have been posted yet, so I figured I'd put the links up to screenshots of the new Ahn'Qiraj gear. It seems like a lot of people have issues with the aesthetics of the armour, but I happen to like it. I mean, it's made from bug carapaces, what do they expect it to look like? Besides, a Warrior in purple plate tickles me so. And it's made for DPS Warriors, yay!

The weapons are especially cool. Just check out the proc on the [Dark Edge of Insanity]. From what I understand, that eye blinks, too ;D

You can find the full item directory here and I've posted links to each separate armour set's stats below.

Genesis Raiment: Druid

Striker's Garb: Hunter

Enigma Vestments: Mage

Avenger's Battlegear: Paladin

Garments of the Oracle: Priest

Deathdealer's Embrace: Rogue

Stormcaller's Garb: Shaman

Doomcaller's Attire: Warlock

Conqueror's Battlegear: Warrior.*

*Note that, for some reason, most of Conqueror's is an "Unknown Item", but you can still see the set bonuses, and the greaves give a pretty good idea of what the stats are on the rest of the set.
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Hi all -- Sarahpolk here. With Triese's beautiful avatar, I thought I'd make the plunge and go ahead and set up a separate LJ just for Teniblue to keep life a little simpler to manage. So here I am. /wave
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Newb! Bare with me.

Heya, just joined here and was wondering if I could get the low down on this community. I read the user info but just thought I'd get a general consensus.

As for me, I play mainly on Darkspear (alliance) and Azshara (horde). Let me know if anyone else is on those servers too!

Well that's all from me for now.
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Back in the Game


I stopped playing WoW last summer and recently was loaned a friend's account so I can play again. I want to roll a character on a PVPRP server, but I'd like suggestions for which realm I should choose. I'd like to join a casual RP guild (I want to play a tauren and/or dwarf, preferrably). I just like to play for fun. A women only guild would be nice , but isn't a rule as long as it isn't rapent with misogyny.

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made by _sylphid



>< I'm really sorry. I know this has been asked and answered around a million times now, but this is such an active community, it's almost impossible to trace back to those posts.

Soo. Could anyone tell me a good program that would allow me to view my screenshots?

Something safe...I'm tired of virusis. :P

Then I can finally show you all my epic mount that your money-making tips helped me get. ^^


I really want a shirt that says Warlocks Do it Over Time in purple font. A black t-shirt obv.. If anyone can make one for me on cafepress, I would love you =p I wanted one with graphics of some kind.. so if you have any ideas.. that would be hot too. Otherwise just with purple font.. =pp
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OMG... I love my new Guild.

I changed to another guild a few weeks ago after repeated drama in my old guild where i was an officer. The situation had gotten beyond ridiculous when the GM - took his main to another guild to run MC, BWL etc instead of helping lowbies lvl and strengthen the guild to run MC ourselves.

Anyway my new guild is totally amazing! It's beyond amazing.
In the 3 weeks that I have been with them I have done about 8 ZG runs taking down everything up until the tiger boss which we will be doing this Friday and then Hakkar is this Saturday.

Last week we decided to do our first ever MC run - everyone was really excited but not expecting much. We entered MC and everything went beautifully. Just before the imps we had a core hound come up from behind us, which we had everyone wipe on except 5 people (i was the only healer up) and we took him down. Uber tank and uber heals FTW.

We rez everyone, re-buff and continue onto the imps, clear them first go and onto Luci. He is downed first go on our first run. Feeling good we continue to Mag and again success Mag is downed first go on our first run.

We decide why not lets to to Gehenna but after 3 attempts he had us beat.
So the next day he was attempted again and beaten to a pulp shortly followed by Garr.

Saturday just gone the first four bosses were whipped and Sunday we took down everything until Golemagg - we got him to 1% and our SS was not up as we wiped. The raid was called there as by that time we had been in there 6 - 7 hours (though it didn't feel like it) and we just didn't feel like going throw the respawned mobs. However this weekend I believe Golemagg's head will be hoisted proudly upon the spikes of the defeated.

I can't believe that in 8 days and 4 runs totally we have taken down every boss except the last 3. THat is just truley amazing.

The organisation of the guild is fantastic, the guild leaders listen to the members - even us new members and take our suggestions on board.

Oh, and we are currently recruiting So if your alliance a priest or a mage we need you on Sargaras. Guild name is Noob Slayers
Noob Slayers FTW

A proud NOOB.... and slayer of many lol.
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First LBRS run

I logged in last night as my druid, and immediately got bombarded with invites to an LBRS raid with some people I know. They had plenty of shamen but they didn't yet have a priest, and I've been instancing with them from back at Razorfen Keep.

Now, I've gone to BRD several times and well as to UBRS a couple of times with my nelf priest, but this was the first time I was doing LBRS.

I'm 59, and now that I know better (that is, do tons of raid instances, don't worry so much about quests, and start outfitting yourself in blue gear--although amusingly enough I'm already in all blue, I've only got two Devout items, for example), so I immediately said yes.

I phoneboothed into my priest, got summoned to Kargath, where they summoned a few more people and off we went.

They wanted a second priest, and I was able to successfully recruit a lvl 60 guildie. He's been a priest shorter than me (since I already have another 60 priest) BUT he's been doing way way way way more high-end content than me (both as a 60 mage on another server, and now as a 60 priest), so I got some good tips both from what he told me, as well as what he did healing-wise.

Let me say, I've messed up in my time but I'm glad I wasn't the one making goofy mistakes last night! We had a friendly warlock who was played by a color blind person, and he kept falling off places because he was having trouble discerning narrow walkways and stuff. He died falling into the lava outside the instance, he fell off a walkway inside, he got ganked by a pat while he was far behind us... and I guess it didn't help that he was only like 55.

Nothing great dropped that I wanted, and on the greed rolls I think I might have won one green but no blues. I didn't feel too bad though, since it was my first run and I am still very new at that place.

The people I ran with were terrific. They're very experienced (they've either done this many times as those characters, or have other 60s elsewhere). Other than the warlock dying 4 or 5 times and maybe a mage once, we had no other deaths. None.

Later on last night, I ran into one of the people from the raid up in the Western Plaguelands. I hadn't ever partied with him before, and we got to chatting while I helped him kill a Scarlet elite. He said he thought the raid was the most smoothest he'd ever been on. Yays!! It helps when the tank in charge is extraordinarily well-equipped an is a titanium brick wall who knows what she's doing.

I'm assuming it won't always be that smooth. But it was a very nice first LBRS experience for me.

More Trolly Trolls

This is for kestrelmas, who's love of male trolls inspired me to post some screenies of my fledgling shaman, Javic. He's currently level 30 and his home is the Frostwolf server. No guild yet, but he doesn't seem to mind. He's got a chicken. And I've got screenshots I took of him in Shimmering Flats earlier this afternoon.

Here he is! Just finished taking out a nasty scorpid.

And here's his travelling companion, Gerty. She's a chicken, but if Javic ate her, he'd be lonely.

"Hooray for mah cheeken!"

Here's a pose I thought would be a crowd pleasure: I caught him mid-flex and this is what it ended up looking like.

I love my little trolly shammy. One day I hope he looks like this. I've got to get my druid in his Cenarion stuff first though. ;)

Once I get Javic to level 60, I'm going to hunt down my ex-boyfriends Night Elf and pound her. Pound her viciously. That's why I re-rolled Horde on Frostwolf. :) Originally had another lowbie NE on there that I just couldn't really get into. Anyway, there's my story and my little troll shammy. Enjoy!
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Stat & Equipment advice

Hello all!

I've got a question. My Holy/Disc priest hit 36 today (woot!), and I've got something I've been saving in the bank for this level. I have the Geomancer's Jerkin of the Owl with 54 armor, +11 Intellect and +11 Spirit. I was all set to start using this!

However, last week, we finished Gnomeregan. Which means I've now got (and am using) the Civinad Robes. They are also 54 armor, and have +7 Stamina and +18 Spirit.

Jeudi, the priestess in question, is ONLY played in a group. She's the character who plays every Tuesday night with local (and not so local) friends and my husband, and the group consists of her, a feral druid, a mage, and a warlock. We're adding in a hunter friend since our original paladin stopped levelling at 29 and doesn't play anymore.

She just got the Illusionary Rod (but passed on the Robes of Doan, since the Civinad Robes are tons better). Her stats with her current gear are now are 31 strength, 35 agility, 73 stamina, 130 intellect, and 186 spirit.

Here's my question...do I abandon the robes for the jerkin, or do I keep the robes and sell the jerkin at the AH?

And since I am talking stats...should I just go ahead and sell my Monk's Staff of Healing (+20 healing spells) since I have the Rod? I'm assuming that since it's only + to healing it'd be better for me to keep the +int and +spi (and +sta) from the Rod. I already sold all my +healing gear since it had little/no stat buffs to it and was actually hindering my healing (I think) since I had less Int and Spirit.

I'd love to get your thoughts on this!
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