January 13th, 2006

Juliet Reconsiders - "Romeo & Juliet"
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Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello ladies! :o)

I discovered this wonderful community about a month ago and have really enjoyed reading your posts. So I figured it was about time that I stop lurking here and introduce myself via my World of Warcraft characters. ;o) I play on the Kirin Tor server.

The Firebirdsong sisters.
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Tier .5?

I just ran across this, and found it to be very interesting. Recently in an IRC chat with developers, there was talk of a new gear set. It would be a step-up from Tier 0, with some (not all) stats comparable to Onyxia/Molten Core gear. A Tier .5 set, if you will.

[15:48] Teleios: I find that 5 man instances can be the most enjoyable of all, and can be very challenging. Unfortunatly none of the current instances offer any rewards worthwhile to characters at level 60 who have progressed to molten core and onyxia. Are there any plans to add anything of that type in the future.
[15:50] Kalgan: Yes. We plan to introduce some cool new quests that introduce a new armor set that is a step above the current dungeon armor set. These quests will involve both solo and 5 person instances, with a few new twists.
[15:50] [BCM]Tyren: i can hear the gasps of surprise and joy
[15:50] * [QT]CantFaketheFunk gasps!
[15:51] Kalgan: Oh yes, and parts of these sets may be interesting to MC/onyxia players.

I for one, would be very pleased with this, as raiding isn't my favourite thing to do. I can only hope these "new twists" don't turn into more faction grinding.

You can see the thread on the official forums here.
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So I finally downloaded and used my first addon yesterday, the Titan Bar (yes... since patch 1.9.1 I've been able to log onto the game). I really like it!

So now a call for advice... are there any other addons that you find incredibly useful? Especially for a mage? There's an addon I'd like to get to use with my druid which is called Wardrobe... but I'm really ignorant to all the different addons out there.

Any and all suggestions appreciated!!
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wow...just wow...

Ninjas – it seems everyone is so quick to point fingers. The other day I got called a ninja for leaving a group. I didn’t even get any loot!

I was in a group where on memeber rolled need, they needed and could use the item. I passed. Two group members who could not even use the item had a fit over it and started calling the need roller a ninja. I was just shocked that two group members felt they had the right to roll when they coudln't even use the item and the need roller could. After a lot of yelling by the greedy ones and kicking out the so-called ninja, I left. One of the group memebers that was ranting about how the need roll was a ninja was a lvl 44 in a group of lvl 29-31's! How greedy.

I left the group because I was not wasting my time trying to fight a player 15 lvl’s above me for the same gear. I found them to be greedy and stupid. As soon as I hearthed out I was spammed with whispers about how I’m a ninja and they are going to let everyone know, and get me kicked out of my guild… heh.

I was amazing at how fast they pointed fingers and started calling half the group ninjas simply because they were stupid and greedy, anyone else have something similar?
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