January 6th, 2006

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Getting frustrated!

I haven't been able to log into WoW for about a week now. Actually, I have gotten on maybe 3 times... but I log on with a red latency bar and get booted after about 10 minutes. Most of the time I'm staring at the "Success!" box in login authorization or it actually pulls up my character roster and starts loading WoW... but stalls there until I get a disconnected from server message. (I'm in the US playing on the EU servers). I cannot even access the WoW Europe website...

Anyone else having difficulty or any suggestions? I'm so anxious to play!

Screenshots Hordeside

I know I posted pics of my Dwarf before so now it's time for pics of my Tauren :) This is also x-posted in my personal journal, hence the explainations for folks who don't play WOW and would otherwise have no clue what I was talking about ;)

So yesterday was a good day for my druid in WOW. She started to help out the war effort. She got some benefits from doing so. She feels all patriotic and stuff now. This is what happens when insects start making moves to invade your home you see ;)
She also submitted for some photographs. And believe me she was less than thrilled to have a photographer hanging around and bothering her and telling her to pose and such. But I assured her it was all for a good cause. We might use some of these on recruiting posters!!! Ok, maybe not but it sounded good at the time ;)

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I have an embarrassing problem. I have been playing WoW for about 2 weeks now. I have a level 11 priest, human female. And I can't for the life of me figure out how to use a wand. I have the firewand, but no matter what I do, I can't equip it. Can anyone help? I have done alright with just spells but that gets boring. Any help out there?

more me than you know

56 Priest LFG MC PST! (with picture links)

So after a guild-run raid of BRD (and a thorough trouncing of the emperor), we decided it would be fun since we all now had core fragments/were attuned to take a peek inside Molten Core. Then we decided it'd be fun to try and see if our 8-man (2 priests, 1 mage, 1 hunter, 3 warriors, and 1 pally) could take the first two giants guarding the path into the core. The clothies were all for it, while the plate-wearers were kinda standing back going 'uhhhh, you're kidding, right?' So 60 priest, 56 priest, and 58 mage led the charge and... died horribly. Eirik, one of our warriors seemed to think things went well, but I look over at the damage I took and say OW!

We are, however, foolish enough to swear vengeance. If not on Rags, at least on those two blasted giant elemental thingies.

(and yes, I know, terribly foolish. But it was good fun and we wanted the guild bragging rights to have died in MC. *laugh*)

for those *extra* annoying puggies/guildies


I introduce English Teacher...the mod that actually CORRECTS grammar and english...ermmm..."issues". Check it:

It does text replacement mainly for what I call "lazy words".

Example: "Wut r u gonna do wit dat?" (ugh!)

Changes to: "What are you going to do with that?" (yay!)

YAAAAYY!! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to wring the necks of guildies who can't figure out how to TYPE!

Draka all girl guild?

I know someone on here had started an all female guild alliance side on Draka, who was it and is it still active?

I'm looking for a place to start an alt to give my main's server some time to season. I know the DotH and DotA are on Bronzebeard so I am considering that as well. Other than those two anyone have a suggestion for a good (preferably) PvE server?

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More of a habit
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(no subject)

Just joined, making my introductory post.

So yeah, I'm a total nub. I admit it. I'm a baby to MMORPG's. my good friend is an SWG and CoH girl (has been for ages) and she had finally talked me into getting City of Heroes a few months back. I totally loved it, got City of Villains as well and when I got a better grasp on those games decided to go for it and get WoW (which i was honestly afraid to play because I KNOW how intense people get about their WoW, heh). I got it for christmas and I am already in love. It's so much better than I expected.

So, feel free to flame the noob, for I am the noobiest. One day, girls, I'll be as awesome as you. For now, I'm studying as much as I can on my character(s) so I can get good.. sooner than later.

until then, woo, WoW ladies, glad to be aboard.
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friggin' realms

I don't know how many of you are on Silver Hand/RP servers for that matter, but haven't you noticed how Normal and PvP servers have been catered to when it came to making new realms once the population fluctuated again due to the holiday season and RP realms got nada? I mean, all the RP realms have been saying FULL for months now and yet they don't even get -one server- to lighten up the loads of new players. What's up with that?

Plus SH has been going down again due to "performance issues" and whatnot, bleh. This reminds me of the days back at release, except not nearly as bad.


Hey there :)
I've got a question concerning Addons - specifically Chatlocalizer - and the new Patch.

So, I found Chatlocalizer just recently and I find it really helpful. For those how don't know what it does: If you got a german client but are playing on an english server (or vice versa), it automatically logs you into the right channels, so you can talk in the english channels though you have the german client!

My problem now is that after Patch 1.9 it won't work :( I activated the old version in the charavter lists screen but when I log in, chatloc does nothing... well it says "here I am" but when I type in /chatloc de_en (the command for the channel change) nothing happens... usually it says "blabla logged into General... logged into Traqde etc.." Nothing of that..

Anyone got an idea or suggestion? Wow without chat is soothing but boring :(
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