lunanoir (lunanoir) wrote in wow_ladies,

Looking for a /roll sorting addon

Hi ladies!

Since my guild has stopped official raiding, I've been running pugs of 20 mans and stuff. This weekend I'm going to run a pug MC, and I'd love to have an addon that helps me sort through the /rolls. I know I've seen one in use -- it did something like announce "Linadel is the high roller with a 95" .... but that was prepatch. I checked out Curse gaming and I'm not sure what's new, what's old, and what sucks.

Can anyone recommend a relatively simple /roll organizing addon?

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Yeah. Hey, I got something accomplished! (checks off "post done")

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Morning. May we all have a little help when we need it.

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    I hope people in your neighborhood were respectful and rational with their fireworks, and didn't burn the place down around you.

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