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HOW could I have forgotten to make a post about this!?

Not only did the Elemental Mage Staff drop from a trash mob in Scholo [and I won it and it's amazing], but later that night, I dinged my first lvl 60 character! WOO!

Now to work on my alts? lol

I'm gonna get screenshots of Jeb with his new staff as soon as the servers are back up. ^^ He also has all but three of the Magister's set, and a Mageflame cloak, which I got virtually for free. [I traded 10 Large Brilliant Shards for that cloak].

All in all, I'm pretty proud of the gear he has for now, but I might start doing a little PvP for that HWL stuff. I just suck at PvP so I like to avoid it as much as possible, which is fairly easy, even on a PvP server. X)

And now...for a break from WoW. Kind of sad, but I've been neglecting my art commissions in favor of lvling to 60 so I don't get 3+ tells that say "lvl mor" every time I log on. haha

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Yeah. Hey, I got something accomplished! (checks off "post done")

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Morning. May we all have a little help when we need it.

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    I hope people in your neighborhood were respectful and rational with their fireworks, and didn't burn the place down around you.

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