Annie (ocannie) wrote in wow_ladies,

Help Please!

A minor frustration...

I wrote here several weeks ago stating that I had taken over leadership of my guild and inquiring if it was possible to change tabard designs (thanks to everyone who answered that post, btw). I had decided to hold a contest among the guild members to design the new tabard and ran the submissions from Nov 20th to Dec 5th.

The problem is that everyone was using the tabard creator on curse-gaming, and now that the site has completely changed, you can now no longer access that creator, nor any tabards created by it (all links to that page direct you back to the main page).

I suppose what I'm going to have to do is ask those who did get a submission in to resubmit, but curse-gaming doesn't seem to have a tabard creator at all now (except for the link to the one for TBC which designs banners). Does anyone have a link for a WoW tabard designer site that my guild members could use? I thank you all in advance!!

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Yeah. Hey, I got something accomplished! (checks off "post done")

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    Morning. May we all have a little help when we need it.

  • UI/Mod Monday!

    I hope people in your neighborhood were respectful and rational with their fireworks, and didn't burn the place down around you.

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