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Beta Update: November 13, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Blade's Edge was a queer combination of interestingly forested area and lots of desolation. The night elf established baffled the heck out of me. All this Night Elven contruction... where do they get the purple Ashenvale wood for all this... in Outland? Blade's Edge is a 66+ zone, and I was level 64. So I was running for my life a lot. The scenery honestly reminds me of Southern Utah - barren desert with interesting stone formations everywhere - however occasionally punctuated with Burning Legion forgecamps full of corruption and demons.

Netherstorm was a tough nut to crack because I had two really big limitations on exploring it: 1. I'm level 64 in a 69-70 zone, 2. I don't have a flying mount. Netherstorm is a zone almost totally destroyed by the destruction of Draenor, and dropoffs into oblivion are everywhere. It's purple. VERY purple. There's obviously a heavy Naaru presence here, because there are Manaforges everywhere. What is a manaforge, what does it do, and what are they for? No clue. Possibly something relating to Burning Legion Forge Camps?

This is my Warp Stalker. There are many like him. But this one's mine. Hellfire is not an RP server, so for kicks and giggles I named him Riker. And why not - there are other Star Trek: the Next Generation references in the zone. He's like a big cute white puppy-dog lizard-thing with spikes on his back. He's so CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! Instead of charging or dashing to a target when you attack, he warps. He doesn't like meat or eggs, but he likes fish and fruit. Here's his stats screen, for those inquisitive hunters.

Next stop: Auchindoun. The first wing I could enter was the Mana-Tombs. Auchindoun is a big Draenei ancestral tomb that the Draenei have been using for thousands of years. But lately since the destruction of Draenor the final resting places of so many deceased Draenei have become the stomping group of Ethereal smugglers and even an big ol' nasty Eredar warlock. Mana-tombs is a wing of Auchindoun that's been taken over by Ethereal Smuggler groups who are all vying for control of it. Fighting in the instance gives you rep with the Ethereals group called the Consortium. The drops were... again... nothing special for a hunter in full T2 - certainly not worth writing home about.

Discovery: Shaman trainer in Stormwind! That dratted alliance won't listen to the poor Draenei trying to teach the ways of respecting the elements of the natural world. So she sits on the shore of the moat out from of Stormwind, trying to teach any poor soul that will listen to her. The alliance obviously needs a Shamanic Sensitivity training. Poor girl.

I took a visit to Kharazan. On the outside very little looked changed. THEN, much to my dismay, I discovered that all the ghostly residents were all level 70. There are 3 mages in front of the main door, neutral to everyone. All the entrances require you to be level 68 and have The Master's Key in order to enter. Instead of the normal purple instance gate like the outlands instances, Kharazan's raid portals are all green.

Point of curiosity. Someone asked if there were High Elves. They are still hooked on magic, but seek more... constructive means to curb their addiction. There are many in Outlands, but not as many as the blood elves running around. High Elves are still friendly to the alliance, just like that one from Theramore. The Allerian town in Terrokar is an alliance town with both alliance and Quel'dorei buildings (Same models as the blood elf buildings, but in blue/gold/white tones instead of red/gold/white). The High Elves also have far more normal and human-like eyes. But deep down inside their still snobby... even to their older Kaldorei cousins. I find it kinda weird that a Quel'dorei would treat a Kaldorei with the same loose friendly attitude they regard the alliance with. I mean... the Night Elves booted the High Elves out 7000 years ago and then stayed silent and buried in their forests - unknown to the whole world. For 7000 years no one saw Night Elves or knew they existed. Now, suddenly in the last 5 years Night Elves have re-emerged to fight the Burning Legion... and the High Elves just sort of shrug the Kaldorei off. "Oh hey I haven't seen you in 7000 years, wanna have a drink at the pub? Good show, mate!"


I don't get that. Someone please explain this.

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I love your commentary in the last paragraph. :D

I just squealed at the pet! I need to level my hunter up, so I can get it. ^_^

By the way, is it more an offensive one, a defensive one or a well-rounded one? I can't really tell from the stats. :(

So far he seems pretty well rounded. He tanks well. He does fair damage. He hits at an okay rate.


I want a warp dragon! Maybe they come in pink? I'll name her Serendipty. XD

Well, while the Night Elves would remember the exact day, the high elves wouldn't, since they live about 400 years at max, and the night elves were immortal. Also, why be rude to them? It's not like it'll help them at all. They've been apart for so long, it'd be like being rude to the english if you're from one of the original american colonies. It's just... silly.

Also, I'd imagine their lives haven't exactly been easy, what with the blood elves...

Also, that reaction is probably standard for all the races.

Aren't the night elves mortal now that Staghelm's attempt at raising a new World Tree failed? At least I remember something about the male /flirts mentioning life is too short to waste now that we're mortal or something...

High Elves are so pretty. I know it's the same as Blood Elves with different eyes, but like..their eyes are just gorgeous.

Word. I wish I could play a high elf.

Me too, I kept hoping they'd be an expansion playable race. Oh well, guess the Blood Elves will have to do.

For 7000 years no one saw Night Elves or knew they existed. Now, suddenly in the last 5 years Night Elves have re-emerged to fight the Burning Legion... and the High Elves just sort of shrug the Kaldorei off. [...] Someone please explain this.

I know this must be a shocking revelation for a Night Elf... but maybe it's just because you're not all that special. ;)
(Frozen) (Thread)

The WOW universe is very rich and varied. All the races have flaws, history, drama, and even good points. A discussion on lore is good. Faction bashing is not.

Now, back to normal discussion and commentary, thanks. :)

Poor little left out shaman trainers. I wonder what the guards say "Oh yeah her....I think she's over by the moat. Yeah those shaman people aren't very social"

I felt really sorry for her when I saw her down there by the moat, all alone.

I agree! Poor Shaman lady *nods*

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