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Beta Update: Novermber 06, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies

Items: Teir 4 is on Beta! Sorta.

Teir 4 showed up in a patch saturday morning, on vendors in Shattrath. It can only be purchased with a special token. Where this token comes from... we have no idea. There are also an assload of things you can buy from the Aldor and Scryers in Shattrath. And quests you can do to gain rep with either faction. Which side will you choose? I can't tell much difference between the two, except that Scryers = Arcane Resist, Aldor = Shadow Resist.

Now I ran out of space on my guild's server. We'll try this one and see how it goes. If this hosting site has issues... well I'm not sure what I'll do for hosting images. There's the folder... take a look through if your curious about the items I found.

AWwwwww cute!

I have discovered the cutest thing in Beta. I squealed at Lindele about it for a while. But I have found...

Draenei children!

Well actually... just one. There is one little Draenei girl running around in the refugee camps in Shattrath's lower city. And she is the cutest damn things I've seen so far.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Horde: Silvermoon to Undercity completed!

The McWeaksauce boys are gone - and in their place we have a fluffy new way to get from Silvermoon to Undercity! In typical blood elf style, why bother with boats or zepplins... when you can just teleport?

Picture 6
Picture 7

The Silvermoon teleporter room is behind the room where the high regent is, in the Sunspire. In Undercity, it's that new side room right off the top (ground) level. Can alliance use it to gain a back door to Silvermoon? No idea yet.

Lore: Are you Loyal to Illidan?

Something I'm finding in Outland very frequently are references to mobs in outland that serve Illidan.

Point 1: Illidan is in the service of Kil'jaeden. This was established in WC3x.

Point 2: Kil'jaeden is the highest ranking remaining leader of the Burning Legion.

Point 3: The Burning Legion is beseiging the Dark Portal in an attempt to gain access to Azeroth directly.

Point 4: Illidan's forces have seiged control of much of Outland, including the defeat/capture of Magtheridon.

A good example is I found doomguards with little Broken prisoners. I forget their exact name, but it had "Illidan" in the name, inferring that they were in the service of Illidan. Furthermore, a demon doomguard in Ramparts made reference to "his master will be your undoing!"

Hypothesis: Could Kil'jaeden have seized control of his upstart little half-demon/half-kaldorei power mongering Illidan and integrated Illidan's forces with the Burning Legion's forces for the purpose of the assault on Azeroth? Essentially... Illidan goes mad after his defeat at the hands of Arthas and the Lich King, and falls under the sway of the Burning Legion, becoming a lacky of the Legion? And possivly Kael'thas and Lady Vashj are either following in lock step with Illidan or resisting him. Which it is, I'm not clear on.

Anyway, that's all for now. Short and sweet. Look at the pictures! Go now! :P

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Oh my gosh! The little draenei girl is soooo cute. :3

Yes, alliance can use the teleporter as a back door into Silvermoon.

As much as it saddens my horde sensibilities, it makes sense. There's 2 ways into Exodar too- front door and the boat dock. Every capital city has two ways in.

I absolutely hate the look of the druid healing set, of T4.

It looks so poorly thrown together and ugly. Blargh.

Okay, I lied. I went off a really bad screen shot, that didn't have the helm piece on.


I love that little Draenei girl! I want to make a grown up Draenei and have it look just like her!

Those little girls look straight out of the shining. Weird.

I'd love to see kid versions of some of the other races- little goblins, gnomes (who would undoubtedly give a new meaning to the word anklebiter) trolls, taurens.

My theory about Illidan is that he's running around boinking Kael and recovering all the demonic artifacts and beating down the demon-corrupted orc clans, in part for his Draenei allies (the pinky, less pretty ones) and partly to gain more power. Illidan wants to kill the Lich King for sure, but he also doesn't want to be under Kil'jaeden's thumb. Instead, he's plotting to take control of the Burning Legion, so when Kil'jaeden comes back and goes, "Why haven't you killed Arthas?" he can go, "Because I'm going to kill YOU." And then eat Kil'jaeden's demonishness. And become stupidly powerful and quite possibly insane. But, it's a fanfic theory, so it'll show up in MY stuff, but probably never in the game.

IAWTC (especially the boinking part).

On the one hand, Illidan being a raid boss sort of suggests this might not be the case, but on the other hand Blizz really do love them some 'Dan, and his past actions sort of suggest that he's just kind of dumb, not actually Big E-Evil (and he certainly doesn't like 'working' for Kil'jaeden). I mean, pretty much every 'evil' character in the Warcraftverse has managed to redeem themselves somehow...

I'm totally waiting for someone to come up with some deus ex machina magic item that will 'seperate' the Lich King from Arthas. I think if there's one thing the Horde certainly needs more of it's super-powerful redeemed ex-leaders of bloodthirsty marauding legions. Huzzah!

Oh. So. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute *squee* Can I take her home? ♥

Awww I wanted to take her home! :)

Well... The new Warcraft Encyclopedia on the site has an article on Illidan, where it talks about his weird position in terms of allegience to the legion- that he sometimes seems to be flying their pennant but at other times opposes them... and the end is something along the lines of "well but Illidan is a special case so WHO KNOWS how long this will continue?" Dun dun dunnnnn! XD So i have a feeling we'll be seeing him again. possibly not without twenty-four of our friends though. :/ just a suspicion. XD

Who knows, by the time Bliz thinks we're powerful enough to take on him, they might decide to go back to 40-man instances.

Or they might make it a 40 JUST for him. I think that guy is powerful enough that he deserves more than just 25 people.

now I want to actually make a Draenei child as a character! Those are so cute!

I swear I've seen a bunch of little boy Draenei running around Shattrath, too... freakish things. They make me think of all those pictures of aliens people draw in abduction stories. >_

Yeah I found the boys. They won't stop running long enough to be pictures. Their not nearly as adorable.

Man, weaksauce Illidan story.

Of course, if he's busy being all insane, then his remaining troops are probably doing Kil'Jaeden's work in Illidan's name either way - it doesn't matter what Illidan has done, he's not here, and he's not doing. He never was the sit back and brood sort...

haha the dranei kid is about as freaky as the BE children, they both belong in that movie children of the corn XD

(maybe its just the whole glowy huge eyes to me >.>;)

The blood elven children are kinda cute too. :D One of them is named Nova. <3 zomg that means not ALL belf males are gay!

Oh and haha! Demonstalker. :P We were jokingly saying it'll be that in our hunter channel... I guess it's kinda logical though. *shrugs*

I think I just died from cutenss when I saw that draenei girl... Good grief... Suger-rush!

Hehehe yeah she did that to me too. :)

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