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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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UI/Mod Monday!
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
kitten wake up call

Last call - anyone still here? I'm on the point of assuming no one is still here, so the reason I was requested to continue no longer applies.

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Present. haven't been able to play nearly as much as I'd like.. but I'm here. :)

Sadly, this is the way all my communities are looking. :(

Same here. I haven't visited Livejournal for a few months, and now I feel myself like a character from some kind of disaster movie, "The X Days After..." type. I wonder — where is everybody?

hey, if someone's still here and wants these to pop up, I'll keep doing them. I was going to stop when it became apparent the community was pretty dead, but was asked to keep doing them because they've become part of a Monday morning routine. An alarm, of sorts. =) I'm cool to keep posting them as long as they serve a purpose. I just wasn't sure if they still do.

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