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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Aislinana wins the roll?!
Nicky Broken Men // me
riotlounge wrote in wow_ladies
I have unbelievable loot luck. Amazingly so, especially for a recent 60. So much in fact, that my guildies sometimes request in-game kisses from me to have it rub off on them. My most frequent luckee? 8/8 Wrath. For serious.

Every time I've run an instance for the first time...I get the most amazing mage loot. I'm serious! I don't know whether it's because I'm usually the only clothie/mage/newbie running, or it's because the LootTable God shines down on me with his benevolent aura of OMGZL3WTS!, but I am a 60 of maybe a couple weeks and I'm already decked out in a fine array of gear.

(This is not even counting the ONE time I've run Sunken Temple and got an amazing set of fire gloves and wand.)

First three runs of BRD:
Kindling Stave
Funeral Pyre Robes
Cape of the Fire Salamander
Kentic Amice

First two Scholomance Runs (These first 3 all dropped off Gandling at once, actually):
Major Mana Pot recipe
Magister's Crown
Magister's Mantle (Dropped off Ras Frostwhisper)
Clutch of Andros (Kirtonos the Herald)

First run of UBRS:
Dragonrider Boots
Flaming Band of the Owl

First UD Strat Run:
Magister's Pants

And then? Last night? The little stupid mage on her first REAL RAID who was dead by the end of Phase 2 for Onxyia?
Netherwind Crown

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I have amazing gear because I'm just like...blessed. I think. Sorry, just had to kind of gloat and you guys would be the only ones who would understand.

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My guild leader is like that, I swear the woman has loaded dice. She's gotten like 4 world BOE Epics! and STACKS of BOE blues. She does damn well in instances too, seems like if it's an all greed roll for anything she wins.

Wow, no wonder mapp keeps wanting to do Strat UD. Shansi's got 3/8 of the Magister's, and an extra one gets more stats (I think...).

Also, that's a lot of ph4t100tz!

2/8 is +200 armor
4/8 is +23 spell dmg.
6/8 is a procced frost spell
8/8 is like...a blowjob or something. :D

I rarely win anything. Even my leveling buddy thinks there's something wrong with my dice. I did run UBRS for the first time last night, though, and I got the Faith Healers Boots (or whatever they're called) so I was pretty happy (yay for being the only priest). ;)

Yeah that's the only luck my dice seem to have, if it's a healer item I get it but that's only cause I'm generally the only one there....Maybe they make it so if you are a needed class your dice stink more...

I have the kind of dice where I'll roll 99 on piddly crap that doesn't matter, like random green drop of the boar, and 1 on something I really want.

Roll hAXORS!!!

I kid, I kid.

I occasionally have great luck with loot dropping, but since I'm playing with annother druid I have to compete with his rolls to win. He's gotten some nice feral peices that I wish could have been mine.

And it seems that murphy's law of loot dropping is that when I do an instance without a cloth wearing person (two druid, paladin, hunter, +1 other person) all we get is cloth drops. Schoolomance was a big old cloth lovefest last time I was in there.

On the other hand one time I did a run of Molten Core where I recieved three cenarion drops. Granted I'm one of about three druids and I'm feral so it's not like I was competing big time for these drops nor was I thrilled about my zomgpurplz but it was pretty amusing. At then the stormrage leggings dropped off of ragnaros and the other druid and I agreed to roll off on it since I felt like such a loot hog

I guess it's good that some people are lucky, grats on the nice loot!

Generally, I am the opposite. I cannot even count the number of huntress kills I had to do in Dire Maul before I got my Padre's Trousers back in the day. Also, I think I killed the Magistrate more than 70 times, and to this day I have never seen a single Mindtap Talisman drop off him. A friend of mine told me once that if it ever dropped, I would have better. Now I have both Rejuvenating Gem, Shard of the Scale and Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon, so I guess it can safely drop if I ever go there again...

I have had some weird rolling days though. For instance, I once had five runs in a row where I didn't win a single roll. Then, the next run I win almost everything, and of course I am in a guild run, so I felt bad after winning several drops in a row and started passing.

My former guild also had horrible luck with Transcendence, so it took ages for us priests to get gear.

Ack, the "good old days".

The one really lucky roll I have had though, was when the Swift Zulian Tiger dropped in Zul'gurub and I rolled 100. So I guess that makes up for a lot of bad rolls, haha. Though I am also very, very glad that my guild is not using rolls to determine who gets loot, because I think a luck based system can risk end up being quite unfair.

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