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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Beta Update: Oct 19, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Servers were down most of last night, as the next revision patch was put on the 2 beta servers (PVE and PVP). This patch started fixing a great number of the bugs I've reported. For example - the  Male Draenei no longer laugh like baboons (male orcs), but have their own unique racial laugh. Female Draenei no longer laugh like hookers (female night elves), and have their own racial laugh.

For those of you saving up tons of cloth to get your epic elephants, you may all cheer for glee, for I just found: Dugiru - he's new.

MINERS! You may cheer for joy! This showed up on the AH today.

MAGES may now hump my leg and wet themselves. Found her in Shattrath City, Outland. She's new.

That's all I had time for before work. Silvermist Leafsdawn signing off for now!

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When I find one, I'll try it and let you know. I suspect it'll be made by engineers, but I have no proof one way or the other.

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