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What gear are you looking forward to?
ocelot_eyes wrote in wow_ladies
Let's be silly for a moment, and share screenies of our dream gear. :) LootLink is a wonderful addon for trying on stuff in the "dressingroom", especially when you have a particular set of gear you really want, and are getting discouraged thinking you still have a long way to go until you get it. Besides, it's not just the girls, I think everyone is pleased when their character looks particularly striking. I'm often amazed, actually, at how well even many mismatched armour pieces do look good in the end.

So this is my dream gear... It's mostly lower-tier PVP armour, because it will be a LONG time before my Rogue can /dance around in full Tier2, or even Tier1. :)

This isn't an uberific Rogue set, just a realistic aspiration. Most of the things in this screenie, I already have - Blooddrenched Mask, Shadowcraft Spaulders, Blood Guard's Leather Walkers, Blood Guard's Leather Grips. I just need the Rank8 chestpiece and leggings, which - hopefully! - I will get when I hit Rank 8 next week. (and my PVP grind stops there, I can't handle further ranks with work + school.)

The handblades, are my true dream weapons... they still need to be pried off the cold dead corpses of the Panther and Tiger bosses in ZG! I have faith that my guild can kill them, the bosses just have to drop 'em!

What's YOUR character's dream gear, realistic or not? What would you most like to get your paws on? It can be for stats, looks, whatever. But I am curious. (also curious what gear is out there, that my alts might aspire for, too.) :)

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The fist weaps are so sweet looking. I have Thekal's Grasp and just need the off-hand one at this point. :) I stopped my PvP grind at Rank 8 too on my rogue because to go to the next rank I would've needed something insane like 150-200K honor for the week. Good luck gathering the last of your dream gear! :)

they ARE, i have an obsession with fist weapons since AC2, lol, and these are the best looking in the game. :) Grats on your Thekal's Grasp!

and yeah, I've been climbing up through rank 7 for the past month slowly, been busy so the past 2 weeks have been in 5% increments. I've got a final 7% left and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll come back from class next Tuesday and find myself at rank 8. Then my Rogue is retiring from the PVP grind, because rank 9 gets you almost nothing decent, and aiming for rank 10 (or anything higher thank rank 8) would be a insane and impossible time investment right now. Maybe I'll save up pvp points in the expack... maybe. :)

My dream is highly unrealistic. No, it is completly impossible, as it's a uniue mainhand:

I would love love love love LOVE to be able to dual-weild Claw of the Black Drake (+firey). That would be the most awesome DW EVAR.

Pretend that says unique. :D

(Deleted comment)
wait, wait, Bonescythe is a Rogue set, why would the Warriors take the pieces first? :O Tell em to get their own if they try to bid on Rogue armour!

My dream would be to get the priest mace that you get from being exalted with the cenarion circle (it's never going to happen - I'm honoured now and that was painful) and the freaky offhand that Sartura drops (that could happen, we're killing her every week now).

Oh, and the faith hat and shoulders that looks like a halo and wings! (also won't happen, we won't be in Naxx when the expansion comes out)

Yeah the Cenarion grind is a paaaaaaaaaaaaaain :(

The fish weapons are sooooOOOOOOOOooooo cool! One of our warriors has them and it's so awesome when he transforms into a tiger. :)

Hmm, I actually just finished my dream gear set for now, full Striker's and rest Cryptstalker. :) But I guess full Cryptstalker would always be nice... I would die from happiness as well if I could get the Eye of Nerub and Soulstring. T_T

Yeah the fist weapons are awesome. I kinda wish there was the extra option - choose to transform into tiger, or panther :) Or tiger form for male characters, panther for females. rrrrawr, panthers. (Arlokk's Panther form also very much reminds me of the genetically-engineered Panther-like gargoyle from Disney's Gargoyles animated show.. damn I'm a geek.. lol)

And grats on achieving the dream gear set, woot! Post a screenie, show it off, you've earned it ;)

i am also going for the pvp (priest) set, i actually am 2% from legionnaire.. -_- not stopping there either, i don't think. i really am going to push myself to champion :O

oooh! Good luck on the PVP! I really wanted to try for rank11 but with school/work it's not happening, I'm going for rank 8 on my Rogue and Warrior though. Almost there on the rogue, halfway to rank7 on my warrior. :) I love the look of the PVP sets. The blue PVP sets are very close to epic in stats, just I guess they had to be distinguished from the epic set in the higher ranks somehow.

Congrats on very-much-almost-Legionnaire!

I'm working on my Nightslayer at the moment :)

If it wasn't for college, I probably would have hit rank 10 to finish my PvP blue set on my paladin about a week ago. I'd made it to rank 9, then my PvP time suddenly went out the window when college started and I dropped to rank 8. So I'm in 4/6 blue PvP set now, I'd like to finish it at some stage.

My dream gear... Avenger set. It's the only non-PvP set that's properly designed around a retri build. Judgement for healbotting, and because it's HAWT :)

Weapon-wise? The chances of me ever seeing any of my dream weapons are negligible... but Dark Edge of Insanity would rock. Also, Hammer of Ji'zhi or Herald of Woe. (I'm 31 retri, slow 2-handers rock) For my healbot set, Lok'Amir Il Romathis and Lei of the Lifegiver.

yeah i'm really looking forward to getting rank 8 so I can retire my Rogue from the PVP grind, and advance my Warrior instead of hoping each week that she at least stays at the same rank instead of dropping, heh. :) College is more important. I wish they'd completed the blue PVP set at rank 9 though.

And, very cool :) gives ya something to look forward to, anyway!

Image Hosted by

The alliance priest pvp set. So much nicer than the horde one. :(

oooh, it somehow seems to fit the troll aesthetic more, too :) I hadn't actually seen it before!

Amynnah thinks she's a shaman. /facepalm.
Example one
Example two

hee! Looks very cool on your char though! I saw a Paladin in a BG the other day with Shaman shoulders, not sure how he got them to drop, but they were the TV-antenna-looking ones. :/

Hehe, are you going to start a Draenei Shaman at expack?
I'm so very tempted to play a Draenei of some kind, just my main server is Horde and I'll probably be lvling my Rogue to 70, and trying a BE hunter and pally...

Eh, my dreams are simple... level up tailoring enough to make myself robe of the void. Oh, and, afford the recipe and mats. And get beyond level 50 (I'm kinda stuck right now.)

So, an impossible dream after all XD

Ah, you'll get there eventually. My husband's 60 'Lock finally got his Robe of the Void... it took us many many runs through Dire Maul to collect the Felcloth. *sigh* But my priest did get a Mooncloth Robe out of the deal too. :)

For PvP?

5/8 Nightslayer, 4/9 Bonescythe, Kingsfall and Blessed Qiraji Pugio.

For PvE?
Full Bonescythe
Gressil, Dawn of Ruin
Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph

Not getting anything of that, unfortunately. If I'm lucky I might get the fish from AQ40 before the expansion hits, though.

ooooh. ;) Well you never know, you might be able to get more of that than you think. Besides, it looks like the expack will have some uber quest reward gear that is better than the epics we know today..

My dream would be that guns would be just as good as bows, becuase now they are not. :-( I want to continue to use guns, but at the moment purple guns are simply not as good as purple bows. No fair at all. This the best gun I could find (damn cool looking to!) that I would really love to have: Dragonbreath Hand Cannon. But it is still not as good as Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers. Now where is the justice in that??? *grumble*

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