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Valentine's/Dungeon Queing.
christy_elias25 wrote in wow_ladies
I get that que times can be obnoxious which is why I tank on as many toons as I can for the Valentine's Dungeon despite it only being my OS, but seriously if u come in qued as heals on a shadow priest and then tell me "Hey Im a shadow priest so make sure you selfheal and use cooldowns as much as possible" Im gonna get a lil irritated....if you cant do the job, dont que for it! end of rant

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Has happened to me several times now, both healers and tanks. Arms warriors and feral druids queuing as tank and saying nothing. Elemental shamans and shadow priests queuing as healers.

Last night i got a tank that just stood there...yup. We managed to kick him though, didn't know we cold kick someone in combat. Probably thought he could leech on us.

On time I got one of these feral tanks they did tell me beforehand though, and I got a /bow and "thanks for cooperating healer" afterwards though. XD

And as dps, the ques aren't so long that i have to wait any additional time after doing the "spray people" daily and maybe teh crushing the crown one or lovely bracelets.

People are treating it like a scenario seems like even though the fight calls for an actual tank and healer.

Had a ret paladin tanking for me earlier, and by tanking I mean I facetanked on my DPS monk while our ret paladin "tank" auto-attacked stuff.

Had a fury warrior come in as tank the other day. After he and both other DPS died, me (hunter) and healer got through the rest of the fight with my pet tanking. So much hate.

I remember one year when I got a druid in Balance spec who queued as tank. >.<

Fortuantely I had my tanking pet on me. That was for Coren Direbrew when he was level appropriate too.

I had a bear tank the other day who, after checking my resto shaman's gear, decided to switch to boomkin. I let them start the encounter and dropped group.

I can't say I've found it very challenging in most groups, so personally I've no problems with more dps and not much tanking or healing. A lot of people seem happy to ignore the mechanics and just nuke, so I'm fine with maybe paying a bit more attention to the fight and killing the bosses quicker, makes a nice change to have some element of a challenge to it. Either way, as long as your party doesn't fail then you're done with the dungeon quicker than waiting for a real healer.

Right now they'd be as well to have an instance that you join, stuns you for 5 minutes then gives you the prize box. Maybe with an ilvl requirement, so those 89s and recent 90s still have a challenge. Or blizz could use the challenge mode mechanics to scale the seasonal encounter to the party.

I've more of a problem in the opposite direction with the LFR setup which insists on waiting for 6 healers when often healers can 2/3/4-heal it (healers are what we always end up waiting for, generally only at 2/6 heals when all the other spots are filled). In that case I'd positively encourage people to tick the heals box and come dps, rather than having 20-odd people wasting an extra 5-15 minutes (along with the damage that does to party morale).

the hatter

i had to use word of glory and even my lay on hands there is damage in there my tank set is only 465 healer is necessary, and dont tell me to use self heals if u qued as a healer.

I'm not saying you can't feel upset about your group, what I am saying it that people play the game in different ways. Good players communicate and agree on something. Personally, if I was tanking but got few/no heals, had to use all my cooldowns, didn't die, didn't have to wait longer for a healer, and got my loot, then I wouldn't be too upset.

In previous years, I've also queued my spriest as healer, not because I wasn't going to heal but because I can heal adequately when the group actually require it, and speed the fight up the rest of the time. Since WotLK changed people's perceptions (ie. it no longer made keeping everyone at 100% a sane healing plan) a lot of people seem comfier with good-enough rather than OP healing.

the hatter

if you are an Spriest and can do the job then fine, but somehow im thinking if i was a holy [pally queing as tank you'd all be upset but its ok that its the healer and not the your roll or dont que for it imho

and as a tank i get insta que so yeah id like a healer that could heal

I have not done a single valentine's day boss so far, not one, on either of my characters, where I haven't had a boomkin queue as tank.

Ever gotten whispers in the Vday dungeon yet?

Healer: Hey
Me on DK: Yes?
Healer: Switch to Blood, tanks a holy pally

Another thing is I've seen people showing up that simply don't have a spec chosen at all. Did you not see the glowing symbols on your screen telling you to choose a spec?

im a holy pally who ques as tank, BUT i SWITCH to prot spec and SWITCH my gear lol even at 465 my tank gear is better than my holy gear im sure ;)

Only time I do a spec Im not queued for (tank on my warrior, healer on my pally) is it tank dies suddenly or is a dick and drops group mid-fight (it has happened) or if I need to step in and do backup heals on my Pally for whatever reason, but I would never purposely queue for either position.I suck at both except in emergencies.

That priest is silly. I have a disc and shadow priest and I use the same gear for both specs. With spirit as hit don't tell me you can't wing it with your shadow gear as a disc or Holy priest. I mean, how hard can it be?

I've been doing the holiday dungeon twice a day since it started and haven't experienced this... or maybe the runs still go so smoothly that I don't even notice, idk. If people don't stand in puddles, it's not hard.

not the point...dont que as something then not do your job...just as tanks shouldnt que unless they are really tanks and can do their job

It's not a huge deal bc the bosses are easy, IMO. Sorry you're having a rough time, though.

I was going to say that I've been doing the V-Day boss on four characters every day but I haven't seen this happen in any of my groups - or maybe it did and I just didn't notice it. Three of those toons queue as healers too, so.

that was the first time id seen it and the guy was really rude about it and i run 4 toons daily thru it, two tanks and two healers it just irked me that he thought he could be nasty about it to me

Yeah, I haven't encountered this in any groups I've done, either. Or, I just haven't noticed it.

Sure, it's a pain if someone does that but I'm only going to have a problem with it if the group wipes.

My main spec is heals and I queue as heals but I go into the holiday thing as dps. I always go with my husband as the tank and unless someone does something really stupid I found that there's absolutely nothing to heal in that place. Going dps makes it go much faster and if someone does stand in a puddle I stop dps'ing and throw them a heal. It's been working really well so far.

but u que as heals and u I have 3 healers and I dps most the time but I heal if needed and dont expect others to heal themselves :)

If I'm not in a guild group, I've ended up with some winners. Level 89 tanks, off spec tanks, just completely clueless ones. I just ignore them and smite all the things. Nobody dies and I typically out dps the rest of the group. Sad. If I'm on my hunter I'll out dps the rest of the group by a good 60k. With a decent tank, the holiday boss can be healed with a PoM (which can be done from shadow when glyphed), a bubble (same) and a VE. I've healed all the holiday bosses in dps specs. As long as the tank is half competent they don't even notice. If they need healing, off-spec heals are fine unless they're just awful. The bosses don't hit hard at all, even on an 89 tank. But of course I've also healed a tank in greens through heroics, a paladin who forgot his shield one fight, a warrior using Thunderfury at 85, a DK wearing crafted cloth gear (on purpose), a DK who was solo tanking heroic Marrowgar while off-line (at probably 10% nerf) and all sorts of other ridiculous things.

I will admit, I healed that dungeon at least three times in my kitty gear, though in healer spec. Nobody died, so I don't feel too bad. Heck I feel amazing that I managed it.

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