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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Hunter Pet Round up Post
salmastryon wrote in wow_ladies
Disclaimer: All this information has been collected and discovered by other people at the Petopia Forums. I try to give credit where it is due. The info here is highlights. I suggest you explore the source links if you want any depth. This is all about patch 5.2, so don't read further if you don't want to know.

The big news about pets this patch are the Spirit Beasts and the Dinos.
[Spirit Beasts]There are three new spirit beasts added this patch. A ghostly red, blue and green porcupine. The actual spawn timer on ptr currently is about 10 minutes, in all likelihood that is just for testing purposes and will be longer on live. Why do they need to be tested? Because all three of them are challenging tames. They all hit like trucks and need to be kited, but each has their own tricks as well.

Hutia - Casts a heal that needs to be interrupted.

Gumi - Requires cheetah since she runs so fast.

Degu - Has a brutal range attack she'll hit you with if you get to far ahead.

This information came from the Petopia forums in the "Where the Wild Things Are in Patch 5.2" thread. Head over there if you want more details. Kalliope has also put together a video showing the taming mechanics Where the Wild Things Are: Degu, Gumi, and Hutia.

[New Dino family]The first up in the new dinos is the new Direhorn family. Any spec can tame these as long as they have gotten the "Ancient Tome of Dinomancy" which is a drop off of dinomancers in the new area. Their family ability is Reflective Armor Plating which Deflects all spells cast in front of the Direhorn for 6 sec.

Image source is the petopia thread Direhorn size with hunter race/gender (IMG HEAVY). You can see them in motion Kalliope's Where the Wild Things Are: Dire Horns movie.

[New models for existing dinos]Devilsaurs get a some new looks to tame with the addition of the new Zandalari Devilsaur model which comes with five different skins.

Image source screen shot taken by Equeon in petopia on the third page of petopia thread Isle of Giants screenshots [Image Heavy]

More images can be found there and I also suggest checking out Devilsaur Family Values (IMAGES WARNING) thread. Kalliope has a movie showing them as well Where the Wild Things Are: Zandalari Devilsaurs. Be aware that many of the skins darkened in later PTR builds.

[Miscellaneous]This is other random stuff from the petopia forums.

Logue'nahak's jaw is fixed.(edit: right now on live he has lock jaw aka his mouth won't open) - Yea!!!
Petopia thread 5.2 bestiary lists the new animals entries which will be added to petopia. Be aware some of them are not tamable.
In there you'll see some beautiful new turtle skins. Kalliope has a video of them also Where the Wild Things Are: Slateshell Turtles.
What you will not see as tamable are the anklebiters. For those who were looking forward to taming one they are no longer tamable on PTR. :(
Grub and parasite will no longer be tamable, but looks like they will be gradfathered and shrunk to silkworm size.

If I missed anything, put it in the comments.

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Reallly liking the spirit beasts and the new dino models. What do you mean by the jaw fixed? Did you mean Loque'nahak or is Loguq'nahak something else?

Sadly I'm on a very high pop server and might not be able to tame the spririt porcupine. I had a challenge with even the other spirit beasts while crz hadn't come yet.

thanks for catching the type. It is Loque'nahak. Right now on live his jaw is stuck shut. Poor guy looks in pain or very silly when he does any animation where his jaw would normally open.

Omg I've wanted to have a triceratops type dino (i'm thinking there might be another name for that dino but can't think of it. It's driving me nuts. Triceratops is the closest thing I can think of but the horns are wrong) as a pet for the longest time!!!!!!!! *squees of joy*

Stegosaurus maybe?

edit! I feel like that is also not correct, now I'm looking at it more lol

Edited at 2013-02-08 08:44 pm (UTC)

It's not a stegosaurus. I plugged that one into google to check lol. I had a toy when I was a kid that looked like that model and I swear it had a different name. Though I could be so sleep deprived that i'm misremembering at this point.

That's it!!! That's the toy I had!! I'm not crazy! lol

Of all things, I remember those dinosaurs from this kids book called The Fantastic Dinosaur Adventure. The styracosaurus were recruited by a grumpy and eccentric but still well meaning adventurer and his nieces and nephews to form a dinosaur army in order to stop a time traveling poacher.

...And yes, it was awesome.

I think I need to go find that book, lol. I'll read it then send it to my friend's kids... maybe.

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You and kaysper have proven that I'm not a sleep deprived crazy person on this lol =)

(Deleted comment)
It seems to many it doesn't matter how many slots one has. I remember back when we only had 3 slots and you had to let one go when the new expansion hit in order to tame ones to learn abilities.

One of the first things I did when we got more stable slots was go back and get Cedric back.

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