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Gnomes of Anarchy Earthen Ring-US Is Now Recruiting
Gnomes of Anarchy
fluffy_cloud wrote in wow_ladies
Gnomes of Anarchy is a Gnome only, motorcycle club that is looking for some good (or bad, in fact, the naughtier the better) Gnomes to fill our ranks.  Do you love riding your Mekgineer's Chopper?  Do you love being a Gnome?  Are you tired of being laughed at and picked on by the taller races?  If so, Gnomes of Anarchy would love to have you ride with us.  The open roads of Azeroth calls!

Gnomes of Anarchy is a level 9 Rp guild on Earthen Ring-US.  Membership is open to any Gnome who has a Mekgineer's Chopper and is willing to use it as their exclusive ground mount. Level one characters can join provided they have (or will have) a bike at level twenty.  We are a gang of Biker Gnomes and having nine Gnomes show up to an event on their bikes and one show up on say, a horse would spoil the effect. We are a tiny guild at the moment but, if you're fairly mature and are as amused by the thought of an all-Gnome, biker gang as we are, we'd love to have you. 

In return, you will be joining a guild that doesn't take itself too seriously.  We know that Ur is an ancient Mesopotamian city, to which the average mom had never been.  And none of us thinks that spamming the word anal and linking a random skill is the highest form of humor.  Once we get enough members, I plan on holding events such as Biker Gnome Death Races. 

If you are interested, whisper or mail Fluffyclòud (alt 149 makes the ò), my alt Corret, or my husband's Gnome Misfitpixie.  If you are interested, please visit the Guild website

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This is awesome! Even more reason for my gnome warrior to keep up on her engineering, and to finally make a server transfer :D

We'd love to have you. /gnomish low five

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