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WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Experiences recovering a banned account?
ringoshiba wrote in wow_ladies

my friend tried to log in this morning only to find a welcoming message of her account being banned due to suspicion of gold selling. She's never done such thing. Does anyone have experiences on how fast the issue could be resolved and if she'll get her account back?

We suspect she's either pissed someone off and they've reported her for goldselling, or this has been caused by me letting her use my credit card to pay for a realm transfer in the past.

Thanks in advance!

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I discovered my account was banned after I returned from WoW after like a two year absence. Turns out, my account had been hacked (and all my stuff sold!). But after contacting Blizz it didn't take long for them to straighten it out. Just have your friend contact them and it'll get straightened out, I'm sure.

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