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Experiences recovering a banned account?
ringoshiba wrote in wow_ladies

my friend tried to log in this morning only to find a welcoming message of her account being banned due to suspicion of gold selling. She's never done such thing. Does anyone have experiences on how fast the issue could be resolved and if she'll get her account back?

We suspect she's either pissed someone off and they've reported her for goldselling, or this has been caused by me letting her use my credit card to pay for a realm transfer in the past.

Thanks in advance!

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks, I asked her and she has never heard of that addon.

We play on the EU realms and I'm still trying to find a phone number somewhere on the EU support site...

I'll just add to this that Blizz has just launched a chat system to reduce the load on the phone system:

I assume it's intended to cover the same issues people would call about, so I'd suggest at least checking it out before calling.

Argh, my comment was wiped when I opened a new tab on my iPad!

I believe your friend was likely a victim of a hack. None of the reasons you suspect would result in suspensions/bans. Blizzard doesn't care who pays for an account or services for it (as long as it's not a stolen credit card), and someone reporting another person for gold selling wouldn't cause this response unless it was true.

Have your friend secure her computer and scan it for viruses/trojans.

Yeah, it's possible the account actually HAS been used for goldselling, by someone other than your friend. Check her armory to see if her toons are still wearing all their armour, and take the steps necessary to secure your system just in case.

Wow_ladies has a really good guide on account recovery, here.

That's impossible, she has an authenticator and her account hasn't been logged in since she last logged out yesterday. I have her on Real ID so I can see when she's last been online. In fact she just got back from a couple of months long break about a week ago, so this is really crappy that she can't play when she just resubbed.

Though it doesn't sound likely that she was hacked, I do want to point out that it is possible for people with authenticators to get hacked, as it has happened to a couple of my friends.

One of my guildies had this happen last week and got it cleared up in a few hours after talking to Blizzard. In his case he probably bought something duped off the AH (gems, ore, all sorts of things) and got caught up in it. Not his fault and no way of knowing. Could be the same thing here. If she actually was hacked, it might take a little longer. If your friend doesn't have an authenticator, make sure she gets one!

I discovered my account was banned after I returned from WoW after like a two year absence. Turns out, my account had been hacked (and all my stuff sold!). But after contacting Blizz it didn't take long for them to straighten it out. Just have your friend contact them and it'll get straightened out, I'm sure.

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