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Am I doing something wrong?
starsreminisce wrote in wow_ladies
Any spriests out there willing to see what I am doing wrong? Even if I had been playing shadow since Wrath, I'm back to the same position when I am bottom of the charts and everything. It's becoming discouraging to see myself doing 10-20k less than the other dps unless it is a multidot fight.

Are we just weak at the moment or is there something that I just seem to be missing?

Rotation: I try to at least have three-two orbs up before a pull. I typically start with a MB if only have two orbs or MF x2 to proc any int items I have, SF/Mindbender, DP, VT, SW:P, MB when it's up or when it procs, MS when it procs - I tend to cast MS over MB for the extra crit and no cast time. MF as filler. I recast SW:P when I have two int items up or when it's 5 secs away from falling. I apply VT when I have three int items up or at least 5 secs before it falls off. I tend to change talents a lot depending on the fight

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I'm not sure how much people can help you without a link to your armory and (even better) a WoL report. If you don't have that then at least tell us what your rotation is?

edited and thank you. derpderpderp

At a glance, your priorities seem ok and your activity is usually above 97% on fights where that kind of uptime is possible. The one important thing I noticed that you're not doing is gear-related: you're not at the 8085 haste cap. If you have any version of Light of the Cosmos, I would recommend using it instead of Essence of Terror - any purified gems you're using, replace with energized wild jade, and switch red gems to reckless (all of this might not be necessary - the LFR version of Light of the Cosmos has around 950 haste by itself).

To get a more complete picture of what you're up against I checked out your dps competition ... they all have Sha weapons and the other two casters both have Light of the Cosmos (your fellow priest even has the very weapon you need which would boost your haste a tonne). I'm not saying gear is the sole reason you're lagging a little, but Sha weapons/suitable trinkets are the most significant dps upgrades anyone could receive.

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