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furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
I was wondering...

Have any of you had trouble getting on the elevator in Mogu'shan Palace? I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. I've been in there several times on my priest and it takes multiple attempts to get on the elevator. It's been so frustrating (because, really, you know how LFG is with that sort of thing) that I've quit the group. This last time I managed to get on it and then it wouldn't let me off at the top. I mean, I've tried being right under the elevator and being just on the edge.

Q_Q I'll admit I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, and I will admit that I've probably died from falling off almost every elevator available to hordies, but still! D;

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Jump a lot until the elevator gets there so you jump 'on' to it, make sure you don't have levitate on and you should be fine.

I was. XD That's how I roll in dungeons. I'm a hopper. It still wasn't working.

Levitate will screw you out of many elevators (or you mean you were jumping). Other than that, I don't know :/ Have you looked at the official forums under tech support/in-game support/bugs?

Yes - it always seems to be slightly out of sync with where it seems to be. I've had whole groups sometimes miss it even though it was 'there'. I also have to jump Off the damn thing just before it seems to get to the top, otherwise I end up going back down again or falling. I thought at first it was lag, but it seems to be consistent, regardless of latency, character, or even computer...

Mmm, same. I was convinced it was lag first time I saw it happen to a friend of mine, and second time I was convinced the priest was hacking cause it looked like she was wall jumping. Then I blamed lag, before realising that I wasn't lagging in the least. But yeah, happens to me about every other time I'm in there. :\

Really? Oh, thank god! It's so embarrassing in parties, you know? But the out of sync this makes sense. The time I was there, the elevator came down and went up, and it seemed like it hadn't taken the party. Then the party sort of disappeared when the elevator rose about the entrance ceiling.

It's pretty terrible. It was even worse RIGHT when MOP dropped... for the first few days, it didn't even go all the way down/up and didn't even stop so you had to spam jump to get on at all. D:

I never had this problem on my shammie but then, I've just picked up my priest again since the start of MoP so maybe it's just coming to meet me now. XD But thanks! I've been feeling so stupid in LFG these past couple days. You'd think a girl could jump on a damn elevator, right? Ha.

It happens to me quite often, and I've had entire parties call me a derp because of it. One time they spent the entire rest of the dungeon yelling at me about it because they saw me try to jump on from the side and they insisted you have to jump from underneath, and I was like "I FUCKING ALREADY TRIED IT FROM UNDERNEATH AND IT DIDNT WORK GOD DAMN FUCKING EERRGGGHHHUUULGGGLLL". Frothing at the mouth.

I think they slowed it down a little because it doesn't happen anywhere near as much as it used to.

I haven't gone to that raid with any of my toons but it's good to know about the elevator ahead of time. Especially since in my guild we've had troubles with others. In fact in Blackwing Descent we named it the elevator boss and that's still an in guild joke:)

Mogu'Shan Palace is the 5-player dungeon -- the elevator she's talking about is after the second boss (the saurok with adds, where you have to kill all of them to win).

As for Blackwing Descent: there is a counter, on your statistics page, for deaths to that particular elevator. It's designed such that if you don't get on it at the top, you'll die trying to get on it after it starts descending. (Me, being an engineer... last time we were in there on a retro run, filling out achievements like heroic kills we'd never bothered with or annoying ones that we'd never bothered with when it was current progression/farm content, I jumped off the top, hit my goblin glider, and spiraled back and forth around the landing.

I had that problem the first few times I was there. This last time I got right on and off... either they fixed it or I somehow figured it out. But yeah, that is one bad elevator boss.

While I don't seem to have much of a problem with it, that particular elevator makes my hubby pull his hair out. And to add icing on the cake of suck, after finally getting past the elevator, he will get DC'd about half the time on the final boss fight. It's happened to me a few times, but between that elevator and the random DCs in the throne area, he sees that instance come up when we LFD and I have to beg him to not bail immediately.

I always thought it was a latency issue - most people in groups I'm in just stroll on it. I typically have quite high latency and standing there and jumping doesn't help me most of the time - I just wait until I see it's about to reach the bottom and then I run/jump on it (same thing at the top). It doesn't leave a very long window to get on/off, but it works for me.

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