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Looking for Server Suggestions
spessartine wrote in wow_ladies
A friend and I are looking for suggestions about which server we should move to. We have a few criteria:

1. Our preference is for RP servers that are NOT Wyrmrest. We're willing to move to a normal server if it has a great atmosphere though - we care much more about a friendly atmosphere than actual rping. No pvp servers.

2. Decent Horde/Alliance balance.

3. Fairly populous - We're used to there being a lot on the AH, with decent(ish) prices, and a fair amount of pugs. So probably high pop.

4. Some raiding - not hardcore by any means, but happens!

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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I don't know very much about RP servers other than WRA> However if you are looking for a awesome PVE server, I have to recommend Hyjal. You can pug raids all the time and the trolls are not too bad in trade chat. Theres a fair amount of trade that happens. Also getting a sha group is super easy. I would be happy to give you my battle-tag and let you check it out. My guild is pretty awesome too. :)

Thank you very much! We're going to roll some lowbies and check Hyjal out I think, this sounds good!

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Thanks very much for this! It's on our list to check out. :)

I play on Wyrmrest, so I'm not really able to offer much by suggestions other than -

When I left Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance), it was getting to be pretty dead. The RP scene had completely died out. I am told Horde is slightly better, milage may vary.

Ditto with Thorium Brotherhood, although the atmosphere there felt less trollish than SWC.

I've heard some really good things about Moon Guard, just acknowledge that Goldshire is a lost cause and avoid it.

ETA- and by dead I mean, server population was falling off, most of the big guilds had left or disbanded, the server economy was garbage, etc.

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We're currently on Steamwheedle Cartel but it's much quieter than we'd expected - not a bad server, just dead. Thanks for this though, helps us cross some off the list! I dont' suppose you know what Earthen Ring is like? It seems to be pretty high pop for an rp server, and is fairly evenly balanced.

I've never played on Earthen Ring, but I've heard some very good things about it as a server! Same with Bronzebeard. :)

*shows up late to the party*

I know there are often terrible things said about Moon Guard, but that's where 11/14 of my toons are, and I love it. It's really about finding the right people and ignoring the bad. Like someone said, Goldshire is to be avoided unless you're looking for that sort of thing (which you're not), but the rest of the server is pretty great. There's lots of RP, lots of coordinating world-PvP and cross-faction RP, and even though all my toons are Alliance, I know lots of great Horde guilds. (Sunguard, Dominion of the Sun, Hand of Vengeance, KorKron Legion, etc) There are some raiding guilds, some progression guilds, and generally, just a lot of good things going on - even the pugs aren't that bad for things like the Sha of Anger. Just gotta keep the blinders on when you run past Goldshire and similar areas (I actually turn off Yell, Trade and General, because, reasons. Keeps me sane and able to focus on the right things.).

I'm an officer in a draenei-centric guild on MG called Shadows of Argus. My main's name is Glyllena. If you happen to switch over, don't be a stranger!

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I play on Earthen Ring and I love it. I transfered from Scilla (pvp) to be with family and I couldn't be happier. It seems to be pretty middle-of-the-road; AH is decently priced yet I made quite a bit selling my old enchanting mats. I mainly play late at night or in the mornings because I work overnights but ive always been able to get in a sha group even at 4am. Look up Saralai, Australys or Eyota if you decide to come over! Havent met any females that play on earthen ring yet other than my family.

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