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Etch-a-Sketch WoW Maps?
Morgaine - 01
tamardia wrote in wow_ladies
Hello Ladies and Lurkents.

We all know these pretty maps on where t run where you want to farm this and that, or where this and that rarespawn mob walks... But to see them we'll have to alt-tab, and if you don't have a photografic memory around the heights of Lisbeth Salander, you'll have to do it a lot.

So my question is easy: Is there any addon that allows you to draw you own lines on your map/minimap? Kind of like _NPCscan Overlay but you draw them yourself, on whatever map you want and wherever you want.

Thanks in advance peeps!

Thanks for all the answers! I'mma try Routes and HandyNotes combined and see what they do for me!

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Back in vanilla before Burning Crusade there was an addon called AlSketchPad that let you draw on the ground in WoW. We used it in raids, and bored raiders would draw naughty things. I'm sure I have screenshots somewhere. However, Blizzard deliberately broke the addon because they have a certain plan in mind for how the game should look and the addon interfered with that.

Whether something else has been designed for the map/minimap I don't know.

The same type of addon was banned in Wrath, too. I forget the name.

AVR - Augmented Virtual Reality. :)

there is an add on called routes, but i am not sure if it has been updated lately. i had it working posts mists but friends sent me the "route" to input. anyway worth a shot

Routes does work, and I'd recommend using it with something like HandyNotes ( HandyNotes lets you put marks on the map, and then Routes will draw lines between them, and both can integrate with TomTom as well to give you a waypoint arrow with distance and time indicated, if you like. There is a HandyNotes plugin for the rare treasures of Pandaria, and it will take coordinate input, so it's relatively easy to copy from Wowhead.

I have been looking for something that lets you draw on the map too, and this is the best solution I could easily come up with. It does work, it's just a tiny bit clumsy sometimes depending on what, exactly, you're mapping.

NPC Scan Overlay?

edit: Oops, I see you mentioned this. *facepalm* Um. No, I think that's the only one I've ever found. :-\

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