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Dream come true, finally!
penguinsane wrote in wow_ladies
A nervewracking few hours and 250k poorer, I finally have my baby...

omg!!! :D

I've been farming this guy for a year and he finally showed his face on my server's BMAH... SO WORTH IT!!

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Oh! Purty! Which mount is that?

Looks like the mount which Onyxia drops; incredibly low drop rate.

If you don't have a ton of cash you can farm it. My husband and I ran as a disc priet and a rogue pre pandas but he can solo it by himself now. I can solo it as a BM hunter. But yeah, stupidly low drop rate.

Onyxian Drake, rare drop from Onyxia 10/25. Wowhead says it's a 0.6% droprate, though I got lucky and found it on the BMAH.

Wow, huge congrats!! =D
Never get a shot at that on our BMAH >< All the mounts end up going for some crazy amount, last I checked the ony mount it was over 700k with long time left O,o

Thanks! I'm fortunate that it ended at 1:30AM my time, if it had ended earlier in the afternoon, it would have gone for at least double that.

Gratz! Man, I thought I had done well when I snagged a Fishing Chair off the BMAH for 17K ;-)

Thanks! I've seen some of the TCG stuff on there too, I really want some of it eventually. :D

So jelly!

I love love love the mount but even if I had that kind of gold, I would hate to use it on a mount. I've got a few level 90 characters capable of soloing Onyxia easily enough, so I'll just keep it in my weekly "to solo" raid rotation until the mount drops. xD

This mount is pretty much "the" mount that I've wanted since I laid eyes on it - now all I need is the Dragonslayer title to be truly happy, lol.

I honestly don't have anything better to do with the gold. I'm not raiding currently, so I just tend to fish a little and hoard money, lol.

Congrats! One day Invincible's Reins will show up, then they will be MINE.

I hope you're at gold cap or it ends in the middle of the night! Every time I see Invincible up, it's almost guaranteed to go 999k. :(

Yep! I'm ready, willing, and able to go to gold cap!

The one report I've seen of it on another server was only 400K, which boggled me.


I love the colour of the Drake and the spikes complete it. :)

Congratulations :)

I stepped back from bidding on this on my main's server when it got around 300k (I had been telling myself I didn't want to spend another expansion glued to the AH to make it back) ... when it came up on an alt's server I thought "well, I'll do the raid on my appropriate-level characters and if it doesn't drop I'll bid ... something" <- meaning almost everything. That very same day the mount dropped! So now I just have to sit on my gold until Invincible and/or Mimiron's Head come along ;)

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