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furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
Does anyone know why, when I change specs on my resto shammie to ele or back to resto, I don't loose any mana but when I switch specs on my priest from shadow to holy or visa versa I loose all my mana?

Just ... kinda curious.

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Blizzard doesn't want to crimp Thral's style?

(Aka: Huh! That's odd. I hope someone knows why.)

Blizzard doesn't want to crimp Thral's style?

That made me laugh so hard...

I've noticed that myself. My shaman is the only one whose mana doesn't go away when she swaps specs. I have no idea why.

No I dont know why but I did notice that difference comparing my priest to my druid switching from boom to resto as well.

Yeah I've noticed that my druid doesn't lose mana but my priest does, I have no idea.

My Druid only loses mana from feral to resto, but not vice versa. I always assumed it was because of the mana difference between the two specs.

Yeah I'm going between balance and resto on my druid, so it's the same amount of mana in both specs. I only lose a negligable amount.

I'm so confused by all the comments here--I've always lost all my mana when switching specs (on mana using alts). Did Blizz change that and not implement the change properly, or is there a bug with some classes? I haven't played my alts much this expac but my monk certainly started at zero mana when switching to Mist when I played her most recently a few weeks ago.

I'm a rather slow leveler so I've primarily only played my resto/ele shammie this new xpac and from the beginning, I noticed that she didn't lose any mana when switching. Which was awesome because I was in the habit of switching spec when I first got into a dungeon and I was good to go. I am leveling a monk too but primarily as a mist -- even questing, so I haven't changed specs on her.

I decided to try and level my priest a week ago and this was when I finally noticed this difference. I thought it was just a nice change that Blizz made but maybe not. It's kind of a bummer.

I just did a very unscientific test of this: my mage, monk, priest and warlock lost all their mana when switching specs; my shaman and paladin both only lost 20,000 mana. Something has definitely changed cause my pally was my most played toon for a large part of Cata and she lost all her mana every time.

When I'm switching specs on my druid, I only lose about 20,000 mana, so I assumed it was just the 'cost' of spec switching, because I lose all my mana on my paladin, but it's holy -> prot, whereas my druid is balance -> resto and back. My monk, on the other hand, loses all but 20,000 of her mana (after I also switch to a stance that has mana). So I'm not sure what's up.

Just a curious theory here... It seems that most times you keep your mana when switching into Resto/Holy/Discipline/Mistweaver... Perhaps this is so that if tanks in a dungeon runs off in the beginning without waiting for respecs and drinks, you'll have at least a chance of keeping him up?

But my holy priest doesn't keep her mana. I only use shadow for leveling and she's 86 atm.

Ah, then that theory goes to the trash, unless it's supposed to work that way but it's randomly bugging out.

I feel like it has to do with the way the base mana adjustment buffs apply to hybrid casters (ie not priests)... My paladin loses approximately the full mana bar of a ret paladin when she switches to holy (which is minimal compared to holy.)

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