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Elegon Tips
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies

So, we've been doing well in our raid group and have downed the Spirit Kings. We actually two-shotted that fight and we now consistently get down Gara'jal without running into the enrage timer or messing up our spirit world rotations. And now we come to Elegon . . .

In a lot of ways, this feels like an entirely different raid to me. Much more difficult. I have a few questions about him and since you guys helped us so much with Gara'jal, I thought I'd ask here.

1. Biggest problem we seem to have is that we consistently get a celestial protector as he phases and enters the draw power part. Our DPS has to down him and also focus on making sure our stacks are low for his aoe explosion when he dies before getting on our orbs and in position and whatnot. How do you deal with this mechanic? We've tried several ways of trying to time it where we wouldn't have one but it's still been an issue.

2. Tips for tanks getting back into position for Elegon quickly enough after the last phase? We've gotten gripped in several times after phase ends because the tank wasn't there quickly enough and it's quite a bit of damage as well as complicating killing the adds and getting back into position for this phase.

3. Any tips as to how to down the pillars at the same time. We seem to be having a hard time getting them down exactly at the same time and we've tried communicating over vent but it seems like we're wasting time trying to time it and slow dps on one side. How are other raids dealing with this?

Thanks so much for any advice!

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1. If you can't get Elegon to transition to the next phase without an add joining the fight, have DPS slow down or stop completely on the boss before pushing phase. Usually we have melee stay on the boss with ranged/the add tank on the protector, so two things happens: either we have to stop DPS to keep the phase transition from happening, or we have all DPS switch to Elegon to push him faster. The add doesn't take long to die with enough focus on him, so it depends on what feels smoother for your group in particular.

2. Usually we have all players meet near the console machine at the tip of his platform, and there the tanks do whatever AoE taunts they have to draw aggro before the Elegon tank charges in. We usually have a prot warrior so he'll use his taunt banner for the adds, while the other tank charges in to the boss.

3. Melee DPS will almost always have their pillars down sooner than the ranged will, simply because the ranged can stay on the boss a bit longer than the melee can. Your melee DPS should not be rushing to burn them down. My group in particular calls out the pillars once they reach 20-30% HP (execute range) so that it's easier to burst them down at roughly the same time. It is worthwhile to slow DPS down on the other pillars if it means getting them down at roughly the same time.

That being said, I haven't done Elegon since the recent nerfs to normal mode so some of the issues (protectors spawning quickly and needing to DPS the pillars down at the same time) may not be as crucial as they were.

Number three in particular is helpful. Waiting until that period where burst abilities are available to finish them off to get them down at roughly the same time is a really good idea. We've had wildly different times of downing them. We've tried switching some dps around to even it out but it hasn't worked out that well.

1. Fully seconding what Regen has said ^^ Make sure add is outside the sparkly floor when he goes boom and you're alright ^^ Our ranged usually blast the last 30% off that thing in less than 2 seconds O,o

2. We also all meet up at the console, though the Elegon tank doesn't really do much on his side of adds to hold aggro, I'm usually the addtank so we all group up and I spam swipe, thrash and tab anything that those moves haven't picked up to me, then its all kited to the side of elegon so that it can be cleaved down by the dps without losing uptime on the boss =)

3. You don't say how your raid is set up when you're doing this phase, but we have one dps to each pillar with the tanks and healers floating between to help out the DPS who struggle a little. We have the DbM part where it displays all the pillar's health active, and all pillars are to be left up at as close to 20% as we can get, before we have one person call out to just nuke it.
The better managed this phase is, the easier point 2 will become for you as well ^^ We only end up with about 4-6 sparks.

Fully Thirding what was said above. You have to pay attention to the health percentage and understand what points trigger phases/adds so the raid can be prepared. Have melee bring the add back to the ranged group who are sort of clustered to make healing better.

Thanks for the advice. I definitely agree it's just a matter of managing it better. I'm going to suggest we spend more time planning it with the tips you guys have provided. thanks!

1) It's been mentioned, but do what regen says. Get a good call-out when to stop dps or push the phase. If your DPS is geared/high enough, you can kill him during Draw Power and he'll explode before the Sparks come - we've done it a few times simply because the DPS is high. Healthstones and personal CDs are your friend!

2) If you have a Druid, Stampeding Roar is good for getting back into position. Heroic Leap. Roll. etc etc. Priests can lay down Feathers. I would also have a marker to denote a meeting place where everyone can come so the adds gather just before the cycle resets. The tank has to be fast in picking up the boss, so it's something they have to handle and it's not always everyone else's fault if they don't make it. The adds will follow them inside and can be aoe'd - they go down fast enough as long as you have the buff. I've seen the adds gathered at the boss for AoE, or kept outside the inner ring by the OT for AoE there.

3) As mentioned, it's a good idea to get the pillars down together. Not only is it arguably the 'proper' way to do it, it gives you an achievement! It's worth noting that the boss gains increased haste for each one that's dead [or something like that, need to check Icy Veins again] - so the closer they are in being brought down together, the easier it is to handle the adds etc.

Just a little tip that helps ranged dps and healers .... there is a "sweet spot" along the edge of the platform where you can clear you stacks simply by jumping. There is a ring around the platform that looks like bricks, the sweet spot is just at the edge of those bricks and where the sparkly floor starts. So much easier just to jump rather than moving forwards and back.

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