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New community: rp_wow!
Forsaken woman
nightfallpriest wrote in wow_ladies
Hello wow_ladies! Not too long ago I posted here to ask if there was any interest in a roleplaying community. Lots of people expressed interest, so I went ahead and made one.

rp_wow is a brand-new community for those who want to discuss roleplaying and character building, find guilds and walk-up rp, create storylines, meet new partners, and more. It isn't limited to in-game contact; requests for rp via e-mail, messengers, LJ, etc. are more than welcome. Pretty much anything goes at this point while the community gets up and running. My goal is that people will feel welcome to participate and make the community the resource that they want it to be.

Thanks for reading, and please check out rp_wow!

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I am so excited for this community! I joined already because now that hubby is done with his degree, we are free to play more, and I have really missed playing and RP both. I used to run an RP guild before it became too difficult for me to keep up with. (medical issues arose)

Very cool, I plan to participate once some of the holiday craziness is over. :)

I just joined myself, I play on both sides ,since I can't decide which I love more.I would love to get some more rp on my lovely Horde ladies, since they are sorely lacking for friends, though I will have more time once the holiday crazies settle down.

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