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A Warlock question
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
I thought perhaps you experienced warlock players could offer some insight on Dark Apotheosis.

Can anyone recommend when this aspect can be used safely?  While its positive effects are very nice, it has that "threat increased by 500%" thing that is a bit of a turn off for a clothie.  So is there any time it can be used in any sort of safe way, or any way that massive threat increase can be mitigated?  Is there a particular spec that it is more suited for (I note I am primarly Demo and rarely use my other spec).

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It's basically to allow you to tank mobs - it also has spell & physical damage reduction, a damage absorb shield & soul shatter becomes a taunt.

Use whilst soloing or if the real tank dies.

You can only use it in demo.

Basically, in groups you only want to use it if the tank is down or disconnected (or completely incompetent.) I could see maybe popping into it and using a defensive cooldown if you know a big damage spike is coming, too, but that's more raid-ish minmaxing.

Soloing, you use it whenever you want to increase your defenses. :)

There's no way to turn off the 500% threat increase, but as long as it's not in the first 15 seconds or so of combat you probably won't pull if you're only in it for a short time to mitigate damage. (Assuming, of course, you don't taunt.)

It's not a raid-utility glyph, if that's what you're wondering. It can be useful if the tank dies in a dungeon (or really sucks), but, really, it's something to be used for solo questing, if you're not having your Wrathguard/Felguard/Voidwalker/Void Lord tank for you instead. Might have some use in PvP, but more likely you're giving up far too much damage.

While the positive affects of it are interesting, it doesn't really do enough damage to really be worth worrying about in a group unless you need to tank for some reason (tank died, disconnected, people are eating floor one by one to a raid boss at 2%...). It's really nice to use while questing, since with that active, you don't ever have to remember to turn taunt on and off on the felguard/wrathguard.

I think I've used it once in a group, and that was when the tank bailed and we were like "heck with this, we're clearing trash while we wait on a new tank".

Metamorphosis is so easy to manage now, it's really a blast to use, anyway. Since it's not a cooldown, it just uses up demonic fury, you can switch at will.

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