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Sha Touched Weapons
The Dr. Hees!
cosmic_iris wrote in wow_ladies
My boyfriend and I were talking last night and he noticed that the int/spellpower sha touched sword (Loshan, Terror Incarnate) does not have any sort of sha graphic to it. All the other sha touched weapons have some sort of subtle sha influence to them -a little black swirly bits or some white gases. The sword has nothing though.

I'd like to post on the forums about this, but my authenticator is at home. Anyone have any insight on this before I go ask Blizz or someone?

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It has white sha-style smoke coming from the eyes at the end of the sword.

Oh I see it now... it blends in with the coloring on the lfr model that its near impossible to see. Add my windsong enchant over it ans no wonder I can't see it.

a couple weapons got updated with a more 'sha' look in a patch. but some of them still dont look that 'sha touched'. : /

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